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Kon'nichiwa Mina-chan (Hi Everyone) !

If you would like to read any kind of FF... I accept any requests!!

X.X Happy 2014 MINNA! X.X

INFO/ Notes from ME!

HeY! I am an ordinary person (Just like those of you who are reading this), I love to read/watch anime, (MOST FAVORITE HOBBY)! I also spend my time on MMO, on of my favorite MMO is Elsword (I am addicted to it). Other than surfing the web. I also spend my time on drawing and all the other things that humans do, like doing homework (maybe I am lying about that but oh well), sleep, etc... Ummmmm... ya that's about it!

One more thing! Below it is some information about FanFic updates and ME!

-Peace Out, Rin C:

ME ON FACEBOOK --> https://www.facebook.com/o0Rin0o

ME ON TUMBLR--> http://ellovers.tumblr.com/


Okay... So about the updates... I haven't been writing a lot o3o... I am sorta lazy nowadays, so you might have to wait about 1 month {Maximum} or 3 weeks {Minimum} to see the next update... SORRY DX

I will try to update my story about every week. If not then I might update 2 weeks after...

Sadness or Happiness : FINISHED!

There will be another Sequel to it >w

The symbols in Ch. 5 is sorta messed up... It's suppose to write something else. So it's not my fault it's the computer's XP In chapter 8 there will be a bit Rate M things... i know i marked it Rate T but it has a little bit M in there so... warning!

I know the characters aren't in character... my apologies... I want to make this a romance story but I may have push the personalities of the characters a side a little. Again my apologies!!

Sadness or Happiness II: Chapter 7: some time soon

The next chapter will be called 1 Chance, 2 Sides, 3 Worlds.
In the next chapter everything will be revealed (well not everything...) most of the things, like who is Alexia, what's her motive, and who is the purple haired girl that Elsword saw in the forest...
OH YA! And be ready it's a cliffhanger XD

I know people have been like saying "Why is it so sad and all?"
TRUST ME: it will get better!

Sorry for the long period of not updating!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Except for Azuma in Sadness or Happiness and maybe Alexia in Sadness or Happiness II (Not sure yet x.x) , I can't reveal anything about Alexia *yet* (It's either that I didn't think of it or I did and can't tell you...To me I guess I haven't think of it yet... XDDD!!

Here's My Profile:

Name: Call me Rin C:

Gender: Female

Age: Between 0-100 XDDDD

Me on Elsword!:
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Top 10 Favorite Anime:

1. Fairy Tail (On hiatus!!! MADDD)
2. Sword Art Online
3. Accel World
4. Ao No Exorcist
5. Kaze no Stigma
6. Shakugan No Shana
7. Tales of the Abyss
8. Toradora
9. Amnesia (kinda confusing, but good)
10. Inu x Boku SS (Just started!)

Top 3 Favorite Manga:

1. Watashi ni xx Shinasai!
2. Black Bird
3. Parfait Tic!

Top 5 Favorite Websites:

1. Crunchyroll.com
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Top 3 Things to Do When I am Bored:

1. Elsword!
2. Tumblr
3. Write FF!!!!

Aishiteru Minnna!!!! *I love you Everyone*

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