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Call me Quill. I haven't visited this site for many moons now, but after a friend rekindled my interest in writing fanfiction I decided to stop on by. After uploading a couple oneshots and the first chapter of a multi-fic, I decided that it was time to update my profile.

I'm keeping the below sections because I like to look back through time and see how I've changed. It's strange, how much a single year can do to a person. You don't need to read it; it's mostly for my own reflection. However, if you like random silliness, go ahead and scroll down. c:

My interests in fanfiction thus far are concentrated on Zelda, Merlin, and Star Fox. I wrote a one-shot for Once Upon a Time, on the request of the afore-mentioned friend, but I doubt I'll be returning to that realm anytime soon. Unless someone has a specific request, anyway. I've been playing Zelda all my life, and Star Fox for nearly that long. I only recently became interested in Merlin, but I've come to love it with a fiery burning passion. I love everything about that show: the world, the mythology, the character dynamics and growth, the plotlines- everything. But I digress.

I'm going to be going off to college soon. No internet all summer. However, as I'll be sticking mainly with oneshots until then, I doubt that'll be a real issue for anyone.

EDIT: "I'll be sticking mainly with oneshots until then." I wonder how those two multi-fics are doing? XD

Warning: here be silliness. Again, you don't have to read this. It's mostly for my own reflection; but hey, if internet-bound ADHD squirrels are your kinda thing, go for it. c:

Monday, October 4: Added a period. So special. Put in disclaimer (below). Added section on ALIENS!!!! Put this in (didn't see that comin', did'ya?). Added the previous period (how wonderful). Exciting, no? I wonder; if I'm on anyone's Author Alert, do they get an email every time I click 'update my profile'? Hmmm... *click* _ (oops, gotta update again!) *click* Mwa-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!! *click* *click* *click*

Tuesday, October 5: Fixed the all-important signature. I think, was it already fixed? ...Meh. Added the 'bad things' section. They're the things that if, while reading this, make you perk your head up and say, 'hey, cool, I did that! :)' well, that's bad. They're things NOT to do. If you recognize yourself/any of your works, you've got some editing to do!

Wednesday, October 6: Waiiiiiiit... my dates are off... meh. Whatever. Today's the 25th, anyway. Added the SF section. I'm venturing out into the broader world of FanFiction (meaning that I'm going to start reviewing SF stories too)! Wish me luck! Oh, and I fixed a spelling error. Le gasp, I know. Added the 'Favorite FanFic pastime' section. Whoop-de-doo. Added more to the "Bad Things" section, which is my nice way of saying "These are the things that really * me off, and if you're doing them, you've got a serious problem" section.

Sunday, October 30: Submitted my Vaati fic, put info on it in the 'stories' section. It's a little different than what you might expect from me. Well... let's just say it ain't anything like Cliches. Heh. It's probably as far away from that happy-happy piece of art as anything can be. I hope you check it out. Enjoy... or rather, don't. As long as you review...

Sunday, November 13: Added the Hogwarts House section. 13 days into NaNo. Haven't died yet, thank the Light. Oh, I also put in the "SUPPORT OPERATION: MOONFALL" part. Or, at least, I just did. You know what's sad? I'm actually too lazy to put in these changes right now. So the changes were only to the 'changes' section. Sad, no? Well... later!

Saturday, December 10: Added the depressing section of truth and sadness.

Disclaimer: Because I don't wanna get sued: the pic ain't mine kiddies. Found it on Google, went 'awwwww!' and clicked 'download.' Got a problem wid' it? Deal!!! THERE ARE STARVING KIDS IN INDIA RIGHT NOW, AND YOU'RE SUE-ING ME FOR FANFIC PROFILE PICTURES??? ANGER!!!!!


GAAAAAH! How do people write these things? What, am I just supposed to ramble on and on and on AND ON about myself? Bla bla bla ME bla bla bla bla ME for page upon page upon PAGE??? No. Nu-uh. Not gonna do it.

I like LEGEND OF ZELDA, STAR FOX, SUPER SMASH BROTHERS, Pokemon, and Paper Mario. Yeah. Guess which of those are my favorites?

--New Topic--

Gender: Male (shocking, isn't it?)

Age: Really, with an attitude like mine, how old do you THINK I am?

Hair color: Link's awesome

Eye color: Link's awesome

Skin color: Link's awesome

Country: Remember guys, there's no 'me' in America! ...shaddup.

--New Topic--

Alright, welcome to the dark, depressing, yet serious and heartbreakingly sad section. Completely true. Go here: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3117921/Kiwipichu890 scroll down until you hit italics. Read it. Read the bold that follows.

--New Topic--

Favorite video game character: Uhhhhhhh... please don't make me pick... the others'll kill me!

Favorite FanFic pastime: Honestly, I do a LOT more editing than writing. I'm no Beta (yet!), but anyone who's EVER received any of my reviews knows that I'm pretty close to one. I write, too, but it takes a LOT more effort for me to sit down and write my own stuff than it takes for me to edit others. Having said that, I must say that editing is exhausting. Anyone who's ever edited anything (preferably other peoples' stories) knows what I'm talking about.

Favorite stories: Ugh. I've been on this site for a while (just anonymously), and I have to say that I've read a LOT of Legend of Zelda fanfiction. Seriously, it's what I do. Don't make me start a huuuuuuuuuge laundry list of my favorite stories. I've also read Star Fox stories (though not quite the same hugo-normous amount), and the occasional SSB fic (a lot of them are, uh, a little weird...). The only reason my Favorites list is so short is because I'm too dang lazy to go search sixty-odd stories and click 'favorite this story,' because then I'll have to review it too, and ugh. Way too much work. I'll get around to it eventually. Maybe. But if you want me to show you good stories, please, just ask, and I'll PM some good ones according to your preferences.

Favorite Non-Canon characters (that are mine): Hm. I have to say, I usually don't go into the realm of OCs. But... there ARE a few. NARRATOR from Cliches (or whatever it's called now) is, of course, awesome. He's probably my favorite non-canon character (not counting original fiction, of course).

Favorite Legend of Zelda male characters (excluding generic 'LIIIIIIIIINK' answer): Gonna have to go with Red, Vio, and Vaati. Ganondorf's awesome, of course, but he's not just bad. He's a total monster. As in; slaughter innocent children for no reason monster. Not putting him on my favorites list. And Sheik being, well, Sheik, it's probably best not to put that character on any gender list. Don't want the other fans to revolt...

Favorite Legend of Zelda female characters (excluding generic 'Zeld-uhhhh' drool): Of course this question's here. If it wasn't, I'd get sued for sexism. Saria's totally awesome, and Navi is BEYOND any awesome scale, but I never really thought too hard about anyone else. Tatl, no... Malon no (love the character, but tired of seeing her in exactly the same light every time), Ruto definitely not (LinkXRuto? Ewww). It's probably a tie between Tetra and Impa. Tetra's hilarious and Impa's... well... Impa.

Favorite Super Smash Brothers characters: Get ready for some serious nerd-ing. Basically, anyone I love in their own games, or anyone I don't hate whom everyone believes is horribly awful. I like beating people up with characters they considered worthless. Heh, other peoples' pain IS funny! It's the basis for all comedy, after all! There are, however, a few characters that I LOVE to use. They are (for Melee, in no particular order): Pichu, Jigglypuff, Young Link, Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, and Samus. You may be asking "I thought you loved Star Fox???" Yeah, I do. But not in this game. Here, they're all stuck up, overpowered, self-righteous pricks who claim my kills are SDs. I. Hate. Their. Furry little guts. In Brawl: Zelda/Sheik (always epicly awesomely cool), Ganondorf (G-man puts the 'pain' in... uh... LINE!), no Pichu in Brawl (grrr), Link (Toon Link is Brawl's Fox/Falco), Fox (he's better here), Jigglypuff (she's got the best air game EVAH), Samus (she's just plain awesome), and Kirby. However, in matters of CP Self Destructs, I call in Ike (my royal assassin). And to answer your question: YES, I am a huge video game nerd. I put way to much time into thinking about these things, and I NEED TO GET A LIFE. Well, as shown in my conclusion, if I get any MORE life, I'll explode.

Favorite Star Fox characters: I love 'em all. They're all so dang AWESOME!!!!!


--New Topic--

Favorite Twilight Bella pairing: *eyes mob of rabid internet Twilight fans* Rather not say... I WANT TO LIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!

Favorite Twilight creature: Oh Farore, here we go again.

Favorite Twilight character: Leah. Hands down.

Favorite Twilight crack pairing: All I'm saying is LeahXEmbry ftw!

--Back to Old Topic--

If you could have any power, it would be: Ugh. Cue me sitting at my computer for HOURS thinking of a response. Rather not. Ha. Too late.

Favorite genres: I like Adventure, first and foremost, because I like those plot-lines. Fantasy is my natural inclination because I'm fascinated by all the different theories on the manipulation of magical energy. I like Romance (as long as it's good), and my age-induced angsty-ness likes Tragedy and Hurt/Comfort. And, obviously, Humor and Parody.

[Insert boring question here: [Insert equally boring answer here]

What about ALIEN CONTACT?!?!? "Sure, they're probably other people out there. But let's look at human history. Whenever we meet someone less powerful than us, we take 'em over, usually killing them all in brutal ways. So I ask you; WHY THE HELL ARE WE TRYING TO CONTACT THEM?!?!?? Let's stop sending out radio transmissions telling everybody 'HEY! LOOK AT ME! WE'RE OVER HERE!!!!! Oh, and just in case you need help finding us, here's our bloody coordinates!' We should be concentrating instead on putting our heads down and hoping that the bloody blighters don't see us! Shhhhh!"

Your opinions on topics such as Politics, Religion, Money, Homosexuality and Skyward Sword's new art design: What part of "I WANT TO LIIIIIIIIIIIVE" aren't you getting?

Favorite LoZ pairings: Oh boy. Here we go. Better make a laundry list.

Mostly, I'm a ZeLink fan with secret SariaxLink tendencies (not... not that kind of romance...), but honestly, I'll take anything that makes sense and is done really well.

I never supported NavixLink. Their relationship is more familial (like a mother hen or elder sister) than romantic. Besides, the random 'I want them to make out so let's give Navi shape shifting powers' thing gets old after the first dozen stories that use it.

I'm a NavixJack guy meself (read 'Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels' for more information), but I gotta say; lovin' the NavixIvan thing goin' on in 'Totally Messed/Whacked/Bizzare'

What else...

Oh! WW Link (after reading 'Seven Swords,' which is TOTALLY AWESOME, I lovingly refer to him as 'Toony') and Tetra is always nice, but if it had to be anything else, it would be LinkxMila. Why? It just makes so much SENSE! And besides... I was converted by 'Winds of a New Beginning' (excuse me if the title's a little off)

I don't really support Vaatixanyone, really. Never really seemed that big into romance. But, I read this really good VaatixZelda story a while ago, so... I guess it'be that...

Moving away from LoZ

Fox/Krystal, of course! Duh! Although I do like Fara...

FalcoxKat, again, obviously...

There's nothing too unusual in my pairings, honestly... they're all mostly just canon pairings (except when it's with someone I really don't like)

Legend of Zelda vs. Star Fox

Oh wow. Legend of Zelda is awesome. I mean, that's a no-brainer. But Star Fox... Star Fox is different. It's serious, it's... sacred, almost. I can't go to the SF part of FanFic with the same attitude that I go into the LoZ place with! It's just... weird... but then again, maybe I will! It's just that, the SF stories are usually so much darker and cynical (destroying previously held assumptions on the world and humanity) than the LoZ variety. Of course, this isn't a blanket statement, just something that I've noticed over the years. I can't imagine reviewing a SF story with the same fangirly enthusiasm that I do with LoZ stories. Then again... maybe I will, just to see what'll happen!

--Bad Things--

1) Never bothering to capitalize correctly or punctuate properly. Is it THAT hard to use Spell-Check? Anything else is fine; that's what editors are for, but c'mon! This is grade-school, people! See the squiggly red line? Yeah, that means that you made a little 'oopsy!'

2) Mary-Sues. Oh, Farore, the Mary-Sue. She's got a partner-in-crime, too: the Gary-Stu. That's male, instead of, you know, female...

3) Yanking out a plot twist/character/whatever out of the blue. Put foreshadowing in, it isn't that hard!

4) Reviewers suggest things to you and you tell them to go hang themselves. You're ASKING for their opinions, and if you don't like them, explain in a kind and courteous manner why you won't do what they suggest.

5) Awkward summaries. Example: 'Link and Zelda go on their honeymoon together R&R please LOL! 1st fic, no flames!11' Disclaimer: that is my, not anyone else's summary. Well... not the Link and Zelda part, anyway... -_-;

6) Stoutlines. This is what I call a story that is little more than an outline. Basically, it skims over everything. EVERYTHING! While this may be good most of the time, it is NOT a finished product!

7) Telling the reader everything that's going to happen in a summary/first few paragraphs. It takes all the interest away. Yes, this still applies to over-foreshadowing.

8) Hugo-normous chapters. Love 'em as a reader, hate 'em with a fiery burning passion as an editor. It feels like climbing a friggin mountain trying to edit one of those mammoth sized behemoths that the ignorant natives call chapters. I actually ran out of space in my review because I used every single character up during one of these things! And the little scroller cursor thingy wasn't even halfway to the bottom!!! *faints* I actually had to PM the dude and say, "listen, we're gonna have to do this over PMs because I literally cannot do this is a review."

--Stories in progress--

1) Cliches with the Four Swords Team

- A story that makes the Fourth Wall huddle into a corner and cry. This is my main story (until NaNo rolls around, of course). It's a Humor story (with an Adventure-y plotline) about the Four Sword cast. Lovingly referred to as 'Cliches' on account of its first title. It may seem stupid, but when you spend so much time calling your baby something, it's hard to change it.

2) The End of an Age

- Nobody ever thinks about the Villain, do they? It's always about the Hero. Hero this, Hero that. Nobody... nobody cares, do they? Good vs. Evil, Hero vs. Villain. That's all I am to them, isn't it? A Villain, now and forever. As the icy steel whispers through my skin, I wonder. Will anyone think of me, as anything other than a monster? Will anyone... will anyone stop and wonder who I really was? Who I was trying to be? No. Of course not. Because no ones gives a damn about the Villain. That's all I am to them. A Villain. Now, and forever.

3) Tail of Two Cities

- Title still under dispute. It's either that or Pichu's Tale. Not sure yet... basically, it focuses on a friendship/family bond between Samus and Pichu during the events of Subspace Emissary. Really looking forward to doing this one.

3) ...All of the others are Original Fiction, although I might convert them to FanFic eventually... maybe...

--Planned stories--

The mere mention of the number of planned stories ruminating in the capacious depths of my cerebral cortex will undoubtedly overload your diminutive consciousness, sending you onto a one way ticket to the nearest insane asylum, forever condemned to eating chocolate jello in padded pillows whilst primped up people with piercings prick at your precious cerebellum, and you will forever think; "WHY did the oh-so-amazing Quill of Time unleash the horrible dam of unfulfilled dreams and festering plot bunnies, scratching away like rabid rodents in the back of his robust skull, onto such an innocent person as myself, who had but wandered into his profile by chance, unsuspecting of the extreme dangers that awaited me in its murky halls, beckoning me onwards with an ethereal hand, simultaneously thrilling and terrifying; I knew I should have fled the moment I laid eyes on that name, but no, I insisted on being a half-wit, reading his biographical account of himself like a fool, and thus, to my eternal shame, I waste away in a padded cell being spooned jello by a Nicki Manaj wannabe nurse, as I so rightly deserve;" to spare your dignity and sanity, I should never write the paragraph that I am about to type out on my computer, to better prevent lawsuits on account of violating some secret and hidden FanFic clause "thou shalt never overload the brain of another user in your bibliography," I should not tell you what bubbles and oozes in the depths of my capacious mind, I should not!!!

But since you asked...


You see?!? I should never have allowed you to read that! See, now your brain has melted, for it is clearly too much for your brain to handle in all its awesomeness and aesthetic beauty!


Yawn. Might continue this whole 'profile' thing later. If you somehow stumbled across this and are avidly reading for more of my sparkling personality, well, tough. I'm going to be doing things. Normal things. School, sports, theater, my job, online writing classes, NaNoWriMo, you know, normal stuff.

...Dear God in heaven, I am in for one hell of a November.

See ya later!


Those who fear the darkness have never seen what the light can do.

-- Magic: The Gathering

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