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Hiii my pen name is Nyla Stilez:)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Grade: 12th

Origin: From U.S

Interests:Reading books( fav authors- Stephenie Meyer- Cassandra Clare-Kimberley Derting- Sarah Dessen- Lauren Kate-ect...)... Writing...(OBVIOUSLY)... Makeup... Shopping(LOL) Movies(comedy- corny horror-drama)...Music( anything from Ke$ha..3OH3-to-Mike Snow...Adele...Florence The Machine...Lloyd...Mike Posner...Avril Lavigne...Evanescence.)

Obsessions: Adele. Demi Lovato. Anime. Alex Pettyfer(Sooo hott!!) or Shia LaBeouf(HOT). Writing & Reading. Watching movies.


TV Shows: Rocket Power(it came backkkk; 90's Nick ROCKZ!!!) Vampire Diaries (Stefan Salvadore is extremely sexyy)... Pretty Little Liars... My Wife & Kids...Teen Mom...How I Met Your Mother(This show is hilarious!)...Naruto Shippuden(I seriously wish I had like a combo of Tsunade, Kushina and Sakura's personalities lmao. I'm a huge NaruSaku fan(they're perfect for each other), but I also kinda like Naruto & Shion or Naruto & Ino) I also like NejTen, and ShikaTem... Hard Times of RJ Berger(this show makes me laugh)...Awkward(this show makes my day)...Ridiculousness(Rob Dyrek is hott)...The Office...Bully Beatdown(Mayhem is like my dream guy lol)...As Told By Ginger(it came backkkk)...Rugrats: All Grown Up(it came backkkk too) and so did Hey Arnold.

Candy: M & Ms...Sour Patch Kids...Skittles...Take 5

Movies: Stand By Me...Take Me Home Tonight*...Howl's Moving Castle*...Spirited Away...Big Daddy...Whip It...Juno...I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry...Jackass 3D...Madea's Big Happy Family...Pirates of the Caribbean...The Goonies...Honey...Despicable Me...Project X.

Books: Dead Is Series-Marlene Perez & TMI series- Cassandra Clare & Percy Jackson and the Olympians-Rick Riordan & W.I.T.C.H. & The Sister's Grimm.

Colors:Aquamarine & Teal & Hot Pink & Bright Green

Manga: Naruto Shippuden & Yotsuba & Miki Falls & Avril Lavigne's Make 5 Wishes & Black Bird & Dengeki Daisy.

Music: Foster the People-Pumped Up Kicks...Eminem-The Real Slim Shady...Maroon 5-Moves Like Jagger...Framing Hanley-You Stupid Girl...Demi Lovato-Give Your Heart A Break...Lil' Wayne ft. Bruno Mars- Mirror...Bruno Mars-Just the Way You Are...Mike Posner-Looks Like.

Sooo right now I can seriously say that I hate school. It's extremely boring & tiring. Sighh...My life would be complete if I could have summer forever.

Well I wanted to post this little memo about Naruto pairings sooo that you guys would know which couples I support; which basically means these are the couples and the only couples that I will write about. Sooo here are the couples:














(I've read a few stories about them & I absolutely love them as a couple)!!!!





18. SasukexFemNaruto

(I can't explain it, the stories for these two are just tooo good haha).

Oohkay soo before any of you try to kill me I knoww that Sasuke is only included in a few of these pairings. Trust me I think he's freakin hot just like everyone else, but seriously he extremely mental. And with everything he's done & everyone he's hurt I don't think anyone is going to be too forgiving(besides Naruto). Outside of a few pairings(ex. SasukexNaruto, SasukexFemNaruto, & some SasukexTenten) I personally don't like Sasuke with anyone

Like I said before Naruto & Sakura are perfect for each other. Throughout the story's entire plot everything seems as though it has been leading up to their relationship. And, yes I do realize that this manga is not centered around romance, but it's obiously there.*SPOILER ALERT* Soo in the naruto shippuden chapter where Naruto meets Kushina she tells him to pick someone like his mother. Now I've seen tons of comments on this line and well some people seriously read way to far into this stuff haha. But anyways if you think about it, out of all the characters in Naruto's age group Sakura is the most like Kushina.


-She was made fun of when she was little(So was Kushina).

-At first she couldn't stand Naruto at, but she's beginning to warm up to him more(Just like Kushina & Minato).

-She's strong willed(like Kushina).

-Naruto has saved her a ton of times(Minato saved Kushina, which kinda led to their relationship).

Now some people are saying that you should compare either Hianta or Sakura to Minato, because Naruto is exactly like Kushina. The problem with this that Kushina told Naruto to find someone like his mother. She also wants him to find someone that loves him. I kinda feel as though Hinata admires/stalks(she's also too quiet & shy) Naruto more than she loves him, and another reason why NaruHina would never work is because she is too much of a minor character that hasn't had too much interaction with Naruto. Heck, he hardly even acknowledges her. Obviously Sakura loves Naruto. She always worries about him, which is a form of love. You don't worry about someone if you don't love them.

Ever since I watched the 1st Naruto Shippuden movie I've really liked the thought of Naruto and Shion as a couple. But it obviously won't happen since none of the movies are part of the actual canon. Which is the same with Sara from the 4th Naruto Shippuden Movie, but I really doubt that she & Naruto would ever be an item.

Neji and Tenten seem like that perfect couple that keep each other grounded, and she's pretty much his better half. Enough said lol.

I have no idea if Shikamaru and Temari will happen, but if they do I will be sooo happy. Shikamaru needs a troublesome woman cough Temari cough, in his life.

I don't think I need to even explain why Minato and Kushina are perfect for each other.

SPOILER ALERT*I seriously believe that if Jiriaya hadn't died, he and Tsunade would've had a chance. I cried a little when he died:(

I really doubt that Kiba and Ino will happen, but you can always hope, right???haha. But, I actually prefer Chouji and Ino 'cause it just seems like the whole opposites attract thing;)

Naruto and Ino just seem like a cute couple.Inoichi would freak if that happened though lmao.

I've always thought that Kiba and Hinata seemed like a realistic couple, except for the fact that Kiba isn't a Hyuuga, but oh well.

Ohkay so normally I would say that Tenten belongs to Neji and only Neji, but GaaraxTen just seems like such a cute couple.

GenmaxTenten just seems extremely(in the fandom world) realistic aside from the age difference & rare interaction.

///////Sooooo onto my latest obsession! THE LEGEND OF KORRA!!!!!(How many of you saw that coming?lol).

I'm thinking about doing some LOK stories pretty soon. Soo here are the LOK couples that I support:





Yeah soooo I'm pretty much a sucker for Makorra love. Don't get me wrong I love Asami's character(I think she's pretty badass!) But I just hate the idea of her & Mako together!

Tahno and Korra! Do I really need to explain my reasoning??? Their characters just seem like they have soo much chemistry & (sexual lol) tension. Also Tahno's sexy voice always reminds me of Matthew McConaughey from the movie Magic Mike;) Besides who doesn't love seeing a jealous Mako?

Ehhh...I'm sorta warming up to the thought of Bosami...

Iroh & Asami, honestly I just think that they look really good together haha.

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