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3/22/12: This website still exists?

Update: 2-12-04

Hi, fellas. Immy's back. If you're wondering if I'm still alive, well guess what. I am. School, drawing, and other things like laziness kept me away from, but now I'm back. And I'm afraid I bear bad news.

Falling Stars will be discontinued and kept incomplete. Why? I just can find a good ending. If you REALLY want to discuss the ending with me, my email and IM is open for opportunities. As for In Only Two Months, that was honestly written outta boredom. I'll still have it up for laughs, but I don't plan to continue it anytime soon. If you wanna discuss this fic, again, my email and IM is open. The only fic that will continue is Torn Asunder, although it will still be placed on hiatus. Don't worry, I love this fic too much to let it die.

I'll still write, but most likely you'll find one-shots, and updates will be VERY slow. I still have school, and as I mentioned before, I have already unleashed my webcomic. Go see it when you can. Updated Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

Oh, btw, I'm really pissed at what did to my friend DarthVenom. He's the one who wrote Eye Of Darkness, Fatal Destiny, Saviors Of Crimson and Tides Of Evil. They're great stories; I've read some of them and he's a great writer. Saviors of Crimson is especially great, and I'm not saying that only because my character's in it; the story's gripping, and the tension just keeps building. His fics are available in his siteand in his deviantart account (DarthVenom1).

But guess what? removed him. They said he can be reinstated, but by far it hasn't been done > Why did they remove his fics! I'd like a GOOD reason why, and I know it probably has nothing to do with ratings. Just content. Got a problem with them? Darth warned readers of the content, at least he did that. And he made them rated R. What! Too graphic for rated R! BAH! I've watched rated R movies that should have been rated NC-17 for far more graphic stuff! Set guidelines! He followed them! It's how they're interpreted that they're wrong! BAH!

If you know this site's owner (and I'm not talking about the bot)'s email, please give it to me. Although, I'm thinking about a petition, although I'm not sure of how to do it. If you have any ideas, email or IM me please.

On to the general info!

Name: Imagen Ashyun. Call me just Imagen or Immy, please _

Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Location: Why the heck ya wanna know? o.O California, United States of America (and a proud American_v American Filipina, that is XD)

Species: Hallucination_ No? Don't believe me? I'm just a figment of yer imagination! o.O; Okay, okay... I'm a blue and red peregrine falcon furry (feathery? XD) with bangs for a plumage! Happy now? XD Family: My baby sissy, Kaibigan:huggles her sis: Check out her fics, they're awesome! Friends: Gots lots... o.o erm, Adriana Dimitriov, atroxomus, FoxMcCloud761, DarthVenom (who is constantly changing his penname XD), and many others... too many to list... blech... @_@ All are great writers, so check their fics! Pleeze? XD

Custom Weapon: CHAINSAW! Go ahead and flame my fic or my friends' or sister's fics, I'll come and turn you into mulch! GRAAAH!

Bishonens Oh, gawd, yes, I'm one of those crazy fan-girls with bishies! XD But I'm not as crazy as my sis XP Okay... fer my human bishies: Fushigi Yuugi's NAKAGO:drools: Also... Ayashi no Ceres's Tooya, Yu-Gi-Oh's Yami Yugi and Marik, Shaman King's Amidamaru, PetShop of Horror's Leon Orcot, One Piece's Roronoa Zoro, Legend of Zelda's LINK:drools: and Power Stone's Ryoma! My furry bishies? Hehe... StarFox's FALCO LOMBARDI:swoons_ And I luuuuuurv Wolf O'Donnell and Leon Powalski! Yersh... I wuv em:hugs them all: And... uh... Sonic the Hedgehog's Shadow counts as a furry, right? o.o

Favorite Story Genre/Theme: Drama. With the exception of all-humor fics, if there is no realism of any type in a story, then... I dunno. There's a chance I wont like it. Probably because we are practicially living in a dramatic world. In almost all of my fics, fan or original, there's some kind of drama in it, and it can range from simple teenager's life at home to something deep like the death of a loved one. And usually, associated with drama (again, with the exception of all-humor fics), is angst. Yersh. I like angst, I admit being a bit of a sadomasochist (sp?). I like things dark, sad, depressing, and even twisted. Why? I admit being really really sick of candy-coated stories with everything about pink bunnies, flowers, and balloons, etc... they make me puke. But that doesn't necessarily mean I hate happy stories. If a little thing known as "hope" is placed somewhere in that story, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... encouragement to the character, and, if in the theme, the reader, is applied somewhere in the fic, that alone makes me smile _. But let's not forget humor, folks! I'm obviously not 100 serious at everything, so let's look at the brighter side of life and poke fun here and there once in a while! XD

Moving on...

Current Stories:


Falling Stars- Fox fights for survival as he struggles to seek ways to resurrect his deceased Team. Horror/Humor. Fic type- one long epic. Rated PG-13 for blood, violence, language, and scary stuff (well, I dunno if they're scary for you...). My very first fan-fic ever, so it's kinda sloppy. Currently writing the final chapter. OC's- Diva Jenson, Starr Jenson, Kuro Youkai, Golden Bafomdad. Drip the Bafomdad is an original but the name is owned by David Hopkins, in which I have named the little fuzzball after a character in Hopkin's comic. Sorry! Discontinued>

Torn Asunder-(cover art: Leon was a sadistic chameleon who loves to inflict torture others, but when his "sister" comes into the Team, things start to change! Angst/Drama. Fic type- many subplots, one main plot. Rated R for torture, extreme blood, gore, violence, and language, rape scenes, and some sexual content (no lime or lemon, tho XD). A story that's centered around self-discovery, rebuilding confidences, and a process of the softening of hardened hearts and maturing minds. In other words, this is a fic of what seems to be "the hidden side" of our beloved StarWolf members... especially Leon. OC's- Chamille Powalski and the nameless chameleon boy Incomplete>

In Only Two Months-James has only about sixty days to prepare for his firstborn child! Setting is pre-Lylat Wars (heck, pre-Fox McCloud). Humor. Fic type- medium or long, one main plot and random, often nonsensical humor. Rated PG-13 for crude humor, some language, and Pigma's demented perversion (stoopid piggy!) It's a drama of a confident yet clueless father, namely James McCloud, who is preparing for the birth of what could be (and actually is) the hero of Lylat. Add a dash (okay, maybe a whole bucket) of some of my rather bizarre humor, and you got chaos (as well as fading sanity)! OC's- she hasnt popped out, yet... Discontinued>

I Cry Rivers- Come sit on Peppy's lap (actually, don't sit on him, you might break his legs XD), and he'll tell you of his experience in Venom. Setting is post SFA but pre- Aparoid wars. Tragedy/Angest/Drama. One shot short story. Rated PG-13 for graphic violence. I rented StarFox Assault and I'm still buying the game, and after playing it, I was awed of Peppy's character as a whole and was inspired to write such a story because I love him . OC's- none Complete>

Future Projects: As I mentioned before, there'll be other fanfics I'll be submitting, so these are some I am THINKING of writing... don't count on that fic to be up, tho. Some may be submitted, others, dropped like a stone.

StarFox: There's a slight possibility of making my Falling Stars fic into a series. Don't worry, readers, it won't be as sloppy! ; The theme of death and resurrection is just practically all that applies, as well as some themes being repeated to keep the familiarity of the fics. There's gonna be a prequel (Falling Skies) and a sequel (Falling Darkness), as well as a branch with StarWolf as the protagonists (Falling Angels), so as a whole, this will be known as the Falling series... and hopefully the story won't fall as well -;

Torn Asunder and In Only Two Months will also come in a series, Torn Asunder centering only on two of the most mysterious characters of StarFox, Falco and Leon, and their lives. As for In Only Two Months, that's centered on the younger SF character's origins, and it's all humor/drama of some sort. Both series, I hope, will be kept short for preventing redundancy.

As for other SF fics, I'm hoping to write a romance fic for our beloved Peppy and a thriller of Slippy (about time THEY get the spotlight!), and maybe another drama for Wolf. I also hope to write some songfics for Katt and Falco, about their relationship that leads to what I think is some kind of breakup in the SFA comic (if anyone knows what the blue tomcat's name is, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEZE TELL ME, thru either email or IM!). And... one more thriller, taken place after Falco left the Team, which deals with cruel scientific experiments on DNA.

Legend of Zelda: There's a veeeeeery slim chance I'll write a LoZ/SF crossover fic, but that'll depend on how devoted I am to my fic writing (cuz it's a LOOOOONG fic series). I am thinking, however, of making my own epic, but it'll follow after Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, so... sorry! ;

Power Stone: I love the game, the anime is good, and I luuurv the characters_ Um, for this one, this is gonna be an angsty fic dealing why Ryoma is constantly training to be the best swordsman. There's gonna be romance here too for Jack lovers out there, with Jack/OC coupling... and this is a tragedy, so get yer tissue boxes ready once I start submitting this fic! ;

Super Smash Brothers Melee: :sighs: Tragically, there are hardly any good fics to read in SSBM, mostly because it's difficult to right a decent fic on a game with no storyline or plot. But I do have an idea for a future fic, but by far, it's a short story that's... well... sad. But after that, I'm gonna try my best to write a SSBM fic worthy of reading, and I don't mean another freakin Marth/Roy/Link yaoi fic or some senseless humor fic. There ARE some fics worthy of reading (Fangirl Beverly's Mewtwo's First Love was one of them before it got removed ;_; ), and I'm hoping to join that league with some fics of mine. If not, then screw it...

That's all for now, folks! Schmell yall lata!

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