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Author has written 10 stories for Card Captor Sakura, Rurouni Kenshin, and Inuyasha.


I'm female (big surprise), Asian (three parts Chinese and one part Japanese), and I like to read and travel around the world. I have no writing muse except for fun and boredom.

Some fandoms I like: AoshiMisao, KakashiSakura, SasukeNaruto, RoyEd, SessInu, DracoHarry, and etc. As you can see I have no gender discrimination. It's just that yaoi fanfiction is almost always more well written than yuri fanfiction.

My favorite het pairing will always be Sess/Rin.

I'm an aspiring theatre actor and an active student, which is why I hardly update my fics.


Wow. My character is deplorable. I have yet to update Hitch, and to my surprise there is a slight renewed interest in my VERY much older fics (which are terrible, by the way, even more so than my new ones). Most of the reason for this is I am still chained to the reality of exams and more exams and there has been a series of them throughout the year. No kidding. On a brighter note, I will be done with them permanently by the beginning of December. Though I am expecting a new job almost immediately I will definitely update Hitch at the very least (I am more than half done). More optimistically, I will completely delete my older incomplete stories. Yes, delete. I cannot stand their existence, and I am, as I have said, very surprised and very appalled that they are still getting (very slight) attention. Even more optimistically and bordering on fantasy, I will revamp them or loosely adapt their storylines (after deleting the original, of course) to other pairings that I am more committed to at the moment. I can only extend my deepest apology to the very few people I will be disappointing by deleting these stories, but trust me, I'm doing six of you a favor and the rest a blessing.

An example: Play My Tunes will be deleted and might be adapted to a Rin/Sess pairing with a similar music theme but in a historical setting. I stress on the word might.


Hitch has been updated again. It's almost exactly three years since the first chapter, and I gotta tell you how grateful and amazed I am that people are still reading this story, new and old. Thank you, all of you. You are the reason I write. Well, of course besides the fun.

Chapter six was a time-consuming chapter (oh you couldn't tell?) mainly because of the amount of research it took. I still have the urge to edit it because its nowhere near perfect but I'm too lazy, its already up. So just bear with me, and I promise once the fic is finished (in the hopefully not-too-distant future), I will go back, repackage it, reedit it and distribute the new and improved version.

By the way, Has anyone ever wondered about the title of Hitch? 'A Hitch in the Ladder' actually refers to the corporate ladder, and the Hitch is obviously... nevermind.



P.S. I loooove the new Reader Traffic function. Now I know most of my readership comes from the United States! I'm also happy to say that there are many people around the world reading my fanfiction. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, like I'm connected to all of you.

AS OF 21 JULY 2008

Some person sent me an email yesterday, telling me to update my story Hitch to put it mildly. Here's what I replied:


Yes I understand why it is annoying how some authors dangle you at a cliffhanger and do not update for a long time, in my case for about a year. I know it is not nice to cheat people like that, people who like your stories and have not since abandoned it.

However conversely I would also like you to understand why it is very difficult for me to juggle both real life and fanfiction. Boredom with the story is not the reason, I'm not the sort to become bored. It is plainly the lack of time. I just finished a major exam and now I'm in the middle of doing a very important pre-university project.

I sincerely apologize to you. I do love my characters Rin and Sesshoumaru, and I do love my own story, but I don't have the luxury as you obviously do to hang out in fanfiction all the time.

But I'm still here, and that's saying something. I will update.


There. That's my current situation. Stay happy!

AS OF 28 JUNE 2007

Well guys, a week and a half ago I updated Hitch again. and I am ashamed that I took almost four months. Time just flies, it seems. At least it wasn't 2 years. But I'm really getting the gist of this fic, and I'm wholeheartedly enjoying myself writing it. These characters are carrying themselves to different plot bunnies and its almost getting out of control. However, I am sad to say that I'll be more busy than ever after this. I'm struggling to come home for dinner after school and then start on my endless pile of homework. I have exams just round the corner, and its taking a huge toll because I also have other RL responsibilities... Excuses aside, I'm thinking about Hitch every chance I get, so maybe I'll take a day off and continue writing the next chapter. Gotta go, MP P.S: Thanks for all the lovely reviews! Reviews were never my goal when I write, but you guys make it such an awesome bonus that I feel downright spoilt! But do continue to spoil me because I'm loving it.


Hey guys! I finally FINALLY updated the story A Hitch In The Ladder, and I would like to thank those who still want to continue reading this story. For those who won't, I really don't blame you as I see that it is unfair for you guys to wait so long for an update. I apologise and can only beg you to give it another chance. This story is halfway done, and look out for more SessRin incidents! As for my other stories, namely Kenshin's Angels and Heavenly Hell(most of you are like, what story is that?), I once again am at a loss. I feel like redoing them because they are so poorly done from the beginning until I don't know how to continue. However, Kenshin's Angels is already too far gone to be edited and its my fault in the first place that I didn't hurry finish them so that they have an ending. Heavenly Hell was unpopular, but I guess people were put off by the summary. I actually had alot of planning done for this story, but then I was young and my writing wasn't developed. I even drew out alot of Misao and Aoshi pictures depicting this story and was very excited about it. Regardless of its unpopularity I continued writing it all the way until the third chapter (the first chapter gave me close to no reviews, only those who read my other stories did), but somehow life got in the way and it was then that I went off for awhile. Now I don't know what to do with it, most probably I'll rewrite it. Fear Factor with an RK twist was only slightly funny in my opinion, but it was quite popular at first, so I continued with it. And then it started reducing in popularity BECAUSE OF ME, and I got quite pissed with myself. This is the kind of story that feeds on the audience. Without the audience, it serves no purpose as it does not have a real storyline, just plain gibberish. AND I KILLED IT OFF YET AGAIN WITH MY LATENESS. See the pattern? Well, right now my priority is Hitch.

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