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Author has written 12 stories for Naruto, Pokémon, Super Smash Brothers, BioShock, and League of Legends.

Back at you again at 24. Wow, you guys have been a part of my life for a very long time.

This is more of an update than anything else. Kind of disappointing for my decade long anniversary, but here we go.

I am Redyoshi14. That is no longer my PSID. I love Pokemon, Naruto, and video games in general. One day, I want to be on the League of Legends narrative team. My favorite color is red. My hobbies are writing and gaming.

So why are we here? Well, for a very important reason. For the first time, ever, I deleted a story. Two, in fact. Namely, Apocalypse in Konoha, an old story that I left to die, and Another Naruto Time Travel Story Thing.

Simply put, I wasn't putting much effort into either. One was a story that had a great premise but no actual storyline, and the other was simply too soon. ANTTST will be out again, later, but not anytime soon. If it gets enough traction, perhaps, but I want to focus on stories that I'll actually be updating. Stories like A Second Journey and my new one, The Prankster King of Konoha.

Making these decisions without telling some of you is unfair, however, and I realize that you guys don't have many open channels to communicate with me.

So here's my twitter. I am Rdyk, @RedYoshiKing, on twitter. Stop by and say hello if you want updates. Feel free to tweet at me whenever you like. I'm busy very often, but I can assure you that I'll respond eventually. You can also PM me.

As usual, ciao until we meet again, and thank you a lot for the support.

So, this is Redyoshi14. I am, as of writing this, twenty two. It has been a while since I started writing fanfiction on here. Almost eight whole years.

So I have matured. I have grown from the awkward young boy to a socially awkward young man. I am no longer just puttering about in middle school or being weird in high school. I'm a college kid now and I want to pursue a career as a novelist. I'm not entirely sure how to do that, but that won't stop me.

Until then, and probably even afterward, I'm going to broadcast my talents to a fanbase that I enjoy. Together, we can improve and make stories for the world to love.

Hi there! My name is Redyoshi14! I'm a young and aspiring artist! I really loved the stories written by you guys when I first came here so I wanted to write a little too... Is that a bogus reason to create an account? I don't think so... Well anyway, make yourself at home! I do take requests and you're more than welcome to adopt my stories, even if I'm still working on it, but only as long as you ask and site me in your story. So please, have fun my fellow Fanfiction authors! Its an honor to write with you guys!

Hey guys, update time! My name is Redyoshi14 and that also happens to be my PSID (Playstation ID)

I am... hmm... about 15 years old. My hobbies include playing video games, reading manga, hanging out with friends and being completely weird. Which, in my opinion, is perfectly fine. Everyone is weird in their own special way, and if you're not, you're a robot. But even robots have some sense of unique aspects... so I guess you would be a toaster. Why would anyone want to fit in anyway? You have a lot more fun and make a lot more friends if you're an individual!

Hmm... I guess you could call me a thinker. I like to think about this and that and stuff... though I usually act on impulse, like when I'm writing stories!

Speaking of stories, I take requests, and it would also be fun to finish discontinued stories as well. I'm really extroverted though, so my story updates are erratic. You may get three updates a week and then all of a sudden... bam... gone for a month. I'm an aspiring artist and I would enjoy becoming a great writer on here!



Update time yet again! My name is Redyoshi14 and if you hadn't noticed I enjoy anime and video games!

As of now I am 16 years old and just starting to understand the world. I am getting used to the way things are and am very sorry if you requested a story and I couldn't finish. I had school and regents and finals and life and I did get a girlfriend which was an absolute miracle on my half. I've had my summer fun now, so now I'm going to try my hardest to update my stories and finish the ones you asked for. Again, I may update three times in a week, or be gone for... several... months at a time. I'm so sorry if I am, believe me, if I could spend my time writing my stories and not fighting writer's block I would, but...

Anyway, here are your sneak peaks:

Naruto: Hero in Disguise

Team Kakashi made their way to the Wave country shortly after waking at sunrise. The entire team was tired, their feet dragging after having been walking so soon after waking up. Luckily they weren't too far from the entrance to the village, and reached there in almost no time at all. When they got there, they came across a bridge gate and Yoshi almost ran across it before being grabbed by Naruto.

"Idiot! Can't you see there's nothing there!" he yelled at the red haired boy. Yoshi pushed his hand off before responding.

"Actually, I can't with all this damn fog... hey old man, why is there a bridge gate here and no bridge?"

Tazuna squinted at the name, having been sober for a while now, "Because I'm the Bridge Builder Tazuna, if I've been with you this entire time, then tell me, who do you expect to build the bridge?"

Pit and Samus: Lost Memories

Chapter 5: Teamwork?

Pit took Samus’ hand and stood up. Immediately Samus took off, leaving Pit to follow her. They walked in a quick silence, both wanting to get out of there before the… things fully formed. They walked for a few minutes, and eventually they were out of sight of the monsters. They walked for a few minutes more before Pit couldn’t handle the silence anymore, “Samus… where are we?” He didn’t get an answer as she just continued walking, preferring not to turn around apparently. Pit pouted a bit before asking again, and receiving the same treatment as before. This time his cheeks puffed out and he scowled at her. He was about to ask a third time but gave up, resigning himself from a fruitless task. Instead he decided to just make faces and mocking her while her back was turned. This entertained him for a while, a very long while, in fact, that after a while he stopped noticing where he was going and bumping into Samus, who had just stopped walking.

“Ow!” he yelled as he rubbed his nose, Samus’ back was hard.

“Done being an idiot?” she asked, looking straight ahead. In front of her was a small rock cave, which seemed pretty strange in the middle of the purple wasteland. It wasn’t a part of a mountain, nor a part of anything else. It was just a small cave, sitting in the middle of nowhere. “This is our hideout for now. The sand doesn’t go inside, so none can spawn in there. We should be safe until we can figure out what we need to do about this situation.”

Pit just nodded, his nose still hurting a bit. He realized she couldn’t recognize his answer with her back turned, and just answered with okay. Still, he wondered why she wouldn’t just turn around and look at him. Was he naked or something? Pit looked down and breathed a sigh of relief when he realized he wasn’t.

There, see? I actually am going to update soon this time!

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On the night the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, the Shinigami tried to take the lives of both Minato and Kushina, but a loophole allowed their souls to remain free. For twelve years, Danzo has kept them hidden but now they've escaped. A family reunited, they will have their revenge, and help their son become the legend he was destined to be. NaruHina. Starts up after the Wave ARC.
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Pokémon - Rated: M - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 44 - Words: 390,459 - Reviews: 2016 - Favs: 2,961 - Follows: 3,359 - Updated: 7/25/2023 - Published: 7/1/2019 - [Red, Cynthia/Shirona] Mawile/Kucheat
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