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Hello people, I am Blood Thirsty Angle and I'm very pleased to meet you. I'm a 21 year old girl who is in the middle of her junior year in college. I enjoy coffee, tea, reading, writing, playing my violin, Yaoi, Fairies and other mythological stuff, and listening to music. I am 5'2 and I have black hair and hazel eyes. I live in Iowa and what town I live in is none of your business.

I'm now on AO3 (Archive of our Own) and my user name is BirdWithoutACage. I mainly write Shingeki no kyojin on that site, but I might post some of them here.

My tumblr page is potatohandsswag, and my blog for DoubleCharles is there as well.

I am, as of now, majoring in Anthropology and possibly International studies next semester. I love languages and want to learn Chinese and Japanese! My favorite color is red, My birthday is August 23. I'm a rat and a Lego(cross between a leo and a virgo, since I'm on a cusp)

Oh, and yes, I'm aware my user name is spelled wrong. One of my friends pointed it out to me, but since I am too lazy to change it, it's become a long running joke. Beware of the right triangle! Just kidding, but I am not changing it. It's been pointed out and it doesn't bother me, I would just rather not have it pointed out to me as much. I am aware everyone!

Quotes: "Everyone is born bearing but one wing. And no matter how perfect that person looks, they are always missing something. Their other wing."

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing will be what it is, because everything will be what it isn't."

"There's no such thing as a memory that's OK to forget."

"Someday we'll overcome the pain, and we'll have precious memories."

"If continuing to change is apart of life, how cruel that kindness is."

"Some people hide their saddness with a smile, some hide it with their eyes"

"A baby is an Angel, her wings grow smaller as her legs grow longer" From Sorceress of the Nile(I love her for it)

"If you don't have anything nice to say about anybody...come sit by me"

"When nothing remains in my can end" Fruits basket(my favorite line in the series)

"We've come from hell. And we're here to tell you there's room for one more"

"People may die, but stupidity lasts forever"

Things I dislike

Homophobia,Kristen Stewart, gender switching(I don't support it, but people shouldn't be mean to people who do get it), hypocrits, people being mean, Tokyo Mew Mew, Some girl at my school, fruit, pie, shallow people, too many books on vampires, Scarlet O'Hara, math, gender bending

Things I will not read in fancfic

I normally do not read ones with OC characters, because most of the time, they're Mary-sues. However, there are a few I do enjoy


Catoptrophobia-the fear of mirrors

Pistanthrophobia-the fear of trusting people

Herpetophobia-the fear of reptiles(mainly alligators and crocodiles, the thing scare me to death!)

Favorite books(have read a lot, but here's some of my favorites)

Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel (Seriously, why isn't this a movie yet?

The Hunger games

Kane chronicals

Percy Jacksona nd the olympions

Harry Potter

The chaos


Avalon web of magic(Really, they should make this a movie)

Gone with the wind

Twilight series

Little house on the prarie

The last survivors(life as we knew it series)

Everlost series

Maximum ride

The Iron Fey series

City of Ember

Bridge to Terebithia

Redwall series

The Night Circus

Eon, Dragoneye rising

Eona, the last dragoneye

The name of the star


Julius Caesar

Favorite music groups:

Linkin park


Katy Perry

Breaking Benjamin



Within temptation

3 days grace

Heather Dale

Kelly Clarkson

Taylor Swift(not a huge fan of country or blue grass, but I find some of her songs ok)


Florence and the machiene

Vanessa Mae

Mandy Moore

Maria Mena

Melanie Martinez

Marina and the Diamonds


Manga I have read:


A Cruel God Reigns

Fruits basket

Sailor Moon

Tokyo Mew Mew(which I hated btw)

Tsubasa those with wings



Anime I have watched

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan


Yugioh GX


Sailor Moon

Fruits Basket

Kaze no stigma

Mai hime

Mai Otome

Tokyo Mew Mew

Kuroshitsuji(Loved it until second season)

Soul Eater

T.V shows I like


Big Bang Theory

Adventure time

The amazing world of Gumball


The Tudors

Total drama series

Game of thrones

Cake Boss!!!

BBC Sherlock


True blood

Raising Hope

Rome HBO series

BBC Merlin

South Park

Once upon a time

Movies I like

Lone ranger (one with Johnny Depp)

Repo the genetic opera

Phantom of the opera

Capatain America (He is bae!)

Little Red

Sarah's key

Breaking Dawn

American girl moveis(except for Kit's)


The great mouse detective

Bambi :)

City of Ember

Any movie on Elizabeth the 1st

Marie Antonette

The last mimzy

Saw:The final chapter

Easy A

Bridge to Terebithia

Hunch Back of Notredame(disney version)

Julius Caesar

Lord of the rings

The Hobbit

Harry Potter Pairings

Fred W/George W- Yeah go twincest!

Hermione G/Ron W

Ginny W/Harry P

Luna P/ Nevel L

Lily P/ Severous Snape

Ginny W/ Tom Riddle Jr

Supernatural pairings

Sam W/Dean W(go wincest!)

Dean W/Castiel(Destiel in my opinion is HOT)


Lucifer/Dean W


Meg/Castiel(Angel and demon love hell yeah XD)


Dean W/Lisa(I find it sad how their relationship turned out. The episode made me cry)

Dean W/Tessa

Yugioh pairings

Anzu/Yami Bakura



Ryou B/Yami Bakura

Ryou B/Anzu



Yugioh GX Pairings




Haou(supreme king)/Jaden









Mai Hime pairings









Naruto pairings









Fruits Basket pairings


Yuki/Tohru(friendship only)









Kuroshitsuji pairings


Elizabeth/Ciel(very rarely)

Finny/Sebastain(very rarely)

Sebastain/Elizabeth(my guilty pleasure XD)




Twilight pairings

Vladimir/Stefan(probably the only pairing I will ever truly enjoy)





BBC Sherlock pairings:

Sherlock H/John W (Johnlock)

Jim M/Sebastian M (Mormor)

John W/Mary M (Don't know what it's called yet)

Sebastian M/John W

Sherlock H/Jim M (Sheriarty)

BBC Merlin pairings:

Arthur/Merlin (Merthur) XD I couldn't help it







South Park pairings:

Stan/Kyle (Style)

Craig and Clyde (Cryde)

Cartman/Wendy (Candy)

Kenny/Butters (Bunny)

Gregory/Christophe (Gregstophe)

Damien/Pip (Dip)

Characters I hate/dislike

Yugioh-Shizuka(sorry, she just really annoy's me. I have a brother and I'm not clingy to him.)

Yugioh GX-Jasmine, Mindy(they really annoy me. How does Alexis put up with them?)

Mai Hime-Shiho,Tomoe(that bitch is so mean to people)

Fruits Basket-Kagura(never liked her much anyway)

Naruto-Ino(I don't mind her much now)Karin, Kakazu, Ten Ten(Not a huge fan of her, she nags to much)

Kuroshitsuji:Alois, Claude, and Grell(Second season was bulls* and Grell just annoys me)

Supernatural-Can't think of any :)

Twilight: Bella, Edward, Renesmee, Jessica (there is probably more, but I'll get to that later)

Sherlock: The guy who kept flicking John in the face >:(

Merlin: I'm sorry, but I just did not like their version of Guinevere. I don't hate her though.

South Park: I like all of them! There's so many characters!

Pairings I will not read

Yugioh: Any one paired with Shizuka, Mai/Valon,

Yugioh GX:Rei/Judai, Sho/Asuka, Asuka/Manjoume


Fruits Basket:Kagura/Kyo, Yuki/Tohru(only if it's a friend pairing. YUKI AND MACHI FOREVER!!!!)

Naruto:Karin/Sasuke, Kakashi/Sakura, Rock Lee/Sakura, Deidara/Sakura(sorry DeiSaku fans, but it just irkes me)

Kuroshitsuji:Alois/Ciel(Ciel HATES Alois people, he stabbed him!), Grell/Sebastian, MeyRin/Sebastian(It's never going to happen people)


Harry Potter: Draco/Harry, Voldemort/Harry, Draco/Ron(ew)

Twilight: Bella/Edward, Bella/Jasper(God no, that's just stupid), Hell, anyone paired with Bella is just stupid

Sherlock: Sherlock/Molly (It's too onesided, but I do love Molly!) Any OC paired with the main cast

Merlin: Arthur/Guinevere (Uggghhh it was too cheesy and rushed for my liking.) Morgana/Guinevere (Just no...)

South Park: Craig/Tweek (I know it's popular, but I don't see it. I like them as friends!) Cartman/Kyle (Just as friends, or whatever they are!) Stan/Cartman (Uhhh no.)

Stories I am working on

Faint-sequel to Days of Our lives-reposted and on Hiatus

Addicted with Scott and Dawn from TDROTI on Hiatus

The Darkest hour-Yugioh-Currently being worked on

Rise of The Fae- Indefinite hiatus

Let's start over- Twilight AU Fic-Deleted and will be rewritten

A different Path- Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel-Currently being worked on

South Park Disney Parody- Hiatus

The Hunter's heart-Currently being worked on

Howling in the dark- Indefinite hiatus

Dollhouse- Currently being worked on

Prisoner of Rome- Currently being worked on

Stories in the future

It's not over-Yugioh GX story with Fubuki and my OC(maybe, I'm debating on it)

Falls apart-Twilight story with Vladimir's past

Sherlock fic

Possible Soul for sale sequel

I have been working on some other stories, and I made a few OC characters. So far its just Yugioh, Yugioh GX, and Twilight

Name: Chiyo Shiraki

Name meaning: Thousand Generations

Surname meaning: Plain wood

Birth date: October 24, 1987

Zodiac: Scorpio

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Blood type: O

Height: 153 cm (5'0)

Weight: 110 lbs

Age: 18

Hair: Long, waist length, straight black hair with bangs

Eyes: Gray


Mother: Shiraki Masami

Father: Oliver Wilson

Shiraki Shigure- Grandfather

Shiraki Ayano- Grandmother

Bio: The daughter of a British politician and a Japanese artist, she was born into an already unhappy marriage. When she was two years old, her parents divorced and she had seldom contact with her father for several years. She lived in Kyoto, where her mother did traditional ink paintings of nature and other scenery that tourists or local customers asked for. At that point, she was a happy, upbeat child but always noticed the sad aura her mother projected. She blamed her father for her mother’s unhappiness and depression. She knew there was something wrong with her mother, but chose to ignore it and pretend everything was alright. When she was nine years old, her mother died of an accidental overdose of sleeping medication and Chiyo blamed herself. She was placed into her father’s custody and lived with him till she was fourteen. They both did not know each other well and she was incredibly hostile with him. Her father rarely interacted with her; having never wanted children and avoided her when he could. This put strain on their damaged relationship and further isolated her from the world. Having no therapy and in a foreign country, this turned her to never trust anyone and use her sharp tongue to keep from getting hurt again. The moment she was old enough, she moved back in with her mother’s parents back in Japan and enlisted in Dueling prep school where she later transferred to Duel Academia the year she turned sixteen.

Personality- Aggressive and at times unkind, she is known to abuse people verbally to keep them away from her. She’s apathetic with little desire to put any effort into meaningless activities. She doesn’t make friendships easily, finding interacting with others difficult. Even when she is close to them, she is still uncomfortable with sharing her emotions, often getting flustered, shy, and even cranky. She is penetratingly perceptive and uses this to keep others from seeing her own vulnerabilities and her low self-esteem. Known for being a little too blunt and straightforward at times, which is very off-putting to most people.

Good qualities-Loyal to her friends, independent, protective of people she cares about, Truthful

Bad qualities-Can be mean, aggressive, a bit anti-social, harsh(sometimes when telling people the truth), overly stubborn

Likes-People who actually try, funny people(even though she's serious), people who don't sit and do nothing about their problems, ice cream, and coffee

Hates-People who whine, Being dependent on other people, People who sit and complain about their lives, Tennis

Deck: Element deck


Name: Rin Mazaki, the oldest faternal twin, 27 seconds older

Name meaning: Cold, dignified, severe

Birth date:June 7, a gemini



Age:12 (for now)

Hair:Snow white that is short, like Anzu's, but has the bangs on the right side of her face pulled to the side by two barrets.

Eyes:Ice blue


Mother:Anzu Mazaki


Siblings:Her twin brother, Akio

Uncle:Hiro, Marik(adopted uncle)

Aunts:Elecktra(Adopted aunt)

Grandma:Miku Mazaki

Grandpa:Arashi Mazaki

Bio:She was born June 7, at 10:30 pm. She first discovered she had powers when she was 6 years old and was in her kindergarden class. When she realized she had no way to control her powers, she began to shut herself away from other people, until she realized Akio had powers too and they both realized they were both mediators for each other

Personality:Stubborn, grouchy, manipulative, and sly. She is like her father, but she has traits that make her a nice person as well. She is nice and friendly to everyone and caring towards the people she loves, though she hates friendship speeches. She is also bossy when she needs to be and can be very bouncy. She is seen often smiling. She loves Akio very much and likes to make him happy. She is also protective of him.

Powers:Can read the future. It is like the millenium necklace, but she doesn't need an object to do it. She can look at someone and instantly see their future, Like a book.

Wardrobe:Light blue t-shirt, black shorts with a belt loop hanging from the left side and a belt wrapped around her waist to hold up the shorts. She wears leggings that go up to her thighs and black flats. She wears a pendent with the symbol of Yang(the light side)

School Wardrobe:A black blazer with white cotton shirt underneath and a black skirt. She wears socks up to her knees and white school shoes when she's inside

Fears:Losing her twin, not being able to control her powers

Favourite thing to do:Hang out with other people

Deck: Archlord deck

Favourite: Soul of Purity and Light

Name:Akio Mazaki, youngest faternal twin, 27 seconds younger

Name meaning: Glorious hero or glorious man

Birthdate:June 7, a gemini

Birth stone: Pearl


Age:12 (for now)

Hair:Dark brown that is ruly(but not as ruly as Bakura's)

Eyes:Chocolate brown


Mother:Anzu Mazaki


Siblings: Twin sister, Rin

Uncle:Hiro, Marik(adopted uncle)

Aunt:Elecktra(adopted aunt)

Grandma:Miku Mazaki

Grandpa:Arashi Mazaki

Bio:He was born June 7, 27 seconds after 10:30. He first discovered he had powers a little while after Rin discovered hers. He found out Rin had powers when he read her. Telling her that he had powers to, they began to control their powers. He was six years old and in kindergarden when he first realized he had powers

Personality:Is calm, intelligent, clever, and very protective of Rin. He is basically the opposite of Rin. He does not like to manipulate people, but will do it if he has to. He is normally kind, but can be snappy and irritable. He can also sing, much to Bakura's annoyance, and likes to play card games, and can play the violin since he can't really dance that well. He loves making Rin happy and hates to see her upset

Powers:Can read the past, the opposite of Rin's powers. He can tell where people have been, what they've said(which helps him tell if people are liars or not) Doesn't need an object to do this, like the millenium necklace

Wardrobe:Wears a dark blue plaid jacket, with a black t-shirt underneath. He wears black jeans and combat boots. When it's warmer out, he wears a blue t-shirt and black shorts with sandals. Around his neck, he wears a pendent with the symbol of Yin(the dark side)

School wardrobe: Black blazer with a white dress shirt and black pants with white school shoes for inside

Fears:Losing Rin, not being able to control his powers

Deck: Darklord deck(basically fallen angel deck)

Favourite card: Darklord Asmodeus


Name: Cecilia

Last name: Dimitru (or in other ones, she does not have one)

Birthdate: June 11, 2008

Birthstone: Pearl

Height: 3'6 (changes as she grows older)

Age: 5 (Changes through different stories)

Hair: Wavy dark brown

Eyes: Light gray, later on turns to red if the story follows the vampire AU


Vladimir (Dimitru) Adopted father or "Daddy"

Stefan (Alexandrescu) Adopted father or "Papa"

Unknown mother (though I sometimes make it Didyme. Why? I don't know)

Bio: (Depends on story line) For Let's start over, she is the daughter of Vladimir and Didyme, but Didyme died after she was born. Didyme is married to Marcus at that time. If it's in the vampire AU, she is the one year old daughter of a young Romanian girl living on the streets.

Personality: Very bright and cheerful. She is a child most of the time in the series, thus acting like a child. She is keenly perceptive, knowing when something is wrong. She is smart and likes to draw in her free time along with playing dress up with her bunny, Stefan.

Powers: Tenuous Psychometric. She can touch something or someone and feel strong emotions from them, including memories both happy and sad. It has its disadvantages, like if she touches something that many sad people have touched, like the gun someone used to commit suicide, she will feel their pain.

Wardrobe: Likes to wear dresses. Her favorite color is sky blue and silver

Strengths: Bright, Cheerful, Perceptive

Weaknesses: A bit naieve, stubborn, asks a lot of questions (and not always at the right time)

Fears: Losing the only two people she's ever known, Vladimir and Stefan

Name: Yasha

Last name: Ivanov

Birthdate: January 6, 1989

Birthstone: Garnet

Height: 5'7

Age: 17

Hair: Auburn colored, spikey

Eyes: Blue


Mother: Anya Ivanov

Father: Nicolas Ivanov- deceased

Grandmother: Nadia Ivanov- lives in Italy

Bio: Yasha was born into a Russian family in a hospital (like most people) and his father died a bit after he was born. This drove his mother a little crazy, since the police did not do anything about it. They didn't listen to her when she told them there were puncture marks that looked like fangs on his body, so she now believes a vampire killed him. She has been obsessively looking up and trying to track down vampires, which ended up making Yasha a little resentful of her and their relationship is a bit stale

Personality: He is head strong, to the point where he is unbelievably stubborn and can be sarcastic. He is not very patient and cannot sit still for very long. He is brash, often forgetting his manners and will not hesitate to be rude to his elders, namely his teachers and mother. He can be very flirtatious towards anyone; he is bisexual. His personality, though, pushes people away since they think he is just plain out rude when he is just rather blunt. This, and the fact that his mother is obsessed over his father's death, contributes to his loneliness, which he refuses to admit

Wardrobe: Dresses mainly in whatever is comfy, be it a t-shirt and jeans

Strengths: Honest, stubborn(not always a good thing, decent sense of morality, talented guitar player

Weakness: Blunt, doesn't think about what he is doing all the time, doesn't always respect his elders, stubborn, a bit sarcastic

Fears: Rejection from other people (stems from his own mother's rejection)

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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 28,806 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 4/29/2013 - Published: 9/23/2012 - Anzu M./Tea G., Yami Bakura - Complete
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Yes, bad title, I know. If you have a better one please share. *Sequel to a thiefs love* It's Anzu and the gangs last year of high school, and strange murders are happening around the town. Its up to them to find out what is going on. Bad summary. Rated T for safety
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Cause without your love my life is nothing but this carnival of rust
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