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Author has written 2 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Harry Potter.

My character: Andromeda (Andrea) Atalanta Brooks

Nicknames: Blue Jay (From a prank made by the Stoll Brothers), Kelp Head,

Godly Parent: Poseidon, God of Seas

Danielle Brooks (Deceased, adoptive mother),
Lily Evans Potter (Deceased, biological mother),
Harry Potter (Alive, Half Brother by mother's side)
James Potter (Deceased, Step father)
Percy Jackson (Alive, Half brother by father's side)
Sirius Black (Legal Godfather and guardian)
Petunia Evans Dursley (Alive, Aunt by mother's side)
Vernon Dursley (Alive, Uncle by mother's side marriage)
Dudley Dursley (Alive, cousin by mother's side)

Hair Color: Long Black

Eye color: Most of the time sea green. Changes color due to mood.

Personality: Cheerful girl, dry sense of humor. Lack of attention span, not just due to ADHD.
Dyslexic and ADHD. Observant, but when angry, she's beyond any reason. Too stubborn.

Best Mortal Subject: Greek Mythology, World Language, Technology, and Math.

Worst Mortal Subject: Language Arts, Gym (Mostly because she hates it), and Science

Best Demigod Subject: Horse/Pegasus Riding, Greek Speak, Sword Fighting/Defense, and Chariot Racing

Worst Demigod Subjects: Archery, Javelin Throwing, and Foot Racing

Weapon of Choice: Celestial Bronze Sword (Thalassa) that turns into a charm Bracelet.
Her see-through glasses, can see through walls.

Romantic Interest: Team Ryan or Team Will?

Fatal Flaw: Personal Loyalty and/or Too Merciful

Worst Fear(s): Enclosed Places, Heights, spiders, and super long words.

Extra notes: Born of Summer Solstice, extra powers such as Charmspeak, Fire, and lightning. Prefers and best at water. Can speak to owls, deer, snakes, fish and horses. Fluent in every modern and ancient Language. Clumsy when she's not fighting though. A half-blood witch from her muggleborn mother. Can hack into computers. Note; Keep away from people about to piss her off. Eyes can change colors.

Pale Blue- Sad
Dark Green- Disgusted
Sea Green- Normal
Brown- Determined
Sapphire Blue- Excited
Gray/Black- Furious

Blessing/Curses from the Gods:

Zeus- Can control lightning slightly, natural leader
Poseidon- Water, Earthquakes, horses and fish. Clastrophobic (Fear of Enclosed Places)
Hades- Can shadow travel
Ares- Hot headed temper
Apollo- Horrible at Archery, but good at intruments
Hephaestus- Fire user, but afraid of heights
Hermes- Unfortunete bad liar, but good negotiator
Athena- Talk to owls, scared of spiders
Demeter- Control Plants
Artemis- Speak to wild animals
Aphrodite- Charmspeak, hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (Fear of long words)
Dionysus- Control vines
Iris- Eye changing, make rainbows from mist
Morpheus- Can enter people's dreams, but prone to dreams every night
Nike- VERY competitive
Hecate- Control magic

My Character: Isabella (Bella) Dana Solace

Godly Parent: Apollo

Relations: Dana Solace (Alive, mother)
William Solace (Alive, twin brother)
Jacob Solace (Deceased, uncle by mother's side)
Entire Apollo cabin (Half siblings by their father)

Hair Color: Silvery Blonde

Eye Color: Baby Blue

Personality: Slightly sarcastic, calm, not much of a temper, but can get angry if she needs to. Loves to annoy her "Older" brother, Will. Doestn't care much for school work, but loves anything artistic or musical.

Best Mortal Subject: Art, Music, Chorus, and surprisingly Math.

Worst Mortal Subject: Language Arts (Like all demigods), Gym, Science, and, sadly, Lunch. (she started a food fight with her brother)

Best Demigod Subject: Archery, Pegasus/Horse riding, Javelin Throwing, and Rock Climbing.

Worst Demigod Subject: Sword Fighting/Defense, Greek Speak, and Foot Racing.

Weapon of Choice: Her golden bow and arrow, Illios, or Sun in Ancient Greek.

Romantic Interest: Uknown.

Fatal Flaw: Underestimation

Worst Fear: Rejection

Extra Notes: Unlike many children of Apollo, Bella can control sunlight and heat. After all, Apollo is the god of the sun. She is one of the camp's best healers and has won nearly every archery competition the camp has held, if not, her twin has won. She has the tendency to underestimate her opponents. Her mother was a pureblood witch. So she's a halfblood witch.

My Character: William (Will) Jacob Solace

Godly Parent: Apollo

Relations: Dana Solace (Alive, mother)
Isabella Solace (Alive, twin sister)
Jacob Solace (Deceased, Uncle by mother's side)
Apollo Cabin (Alive, half siblings by father)

Hair Color: Dirty Bronze

Eye Color: Baby Blue

Personality: Not the smartest kid around, academically and mentally. Funny friend, but is a hot head. Also way too stubborn.

Best Mortal Subject: Orchestra, Art, Gym, and Music.

Worst Mortal Subject: Math, Language Arts, cooking (Since he always eats his projects before the teacher can grade it), and World Language.

Best Demigod Subject: Archery, Chariot Racing, Javelin Throwing, and Rock Climbing.

Worst Demigod Subject: Sword Fighting/Defense, Greek Speak, Foot Racing, and Monster Maiming.

Weapon of Choice: A golden bow and arrows named Toxobolia, or Archery.

Romantic Interest: Unknown

Fatal Flaw: Power Hungry

Worst Fear: Rejection

Extra Notes: Can tell if you're lying, since Apollo is the god of truth. He is sometimes arrogant and a hothead, saying things he doesn't really mean. Stubborn is also a flaw of his, and he will respond to taunts and teasing easily with violence. His mother was a pureblood, so he's a halfblood.

My Character: Ryan Logan Miller

Godly Parent: Athena

Relations: John Miller (Alive, Father), Son of Apollo (Though Ryan doesn't know that)
Abby Kent Miller (Alive, Aunt by marriage on father's side)
Logan Miller, son of Apollo (Alive, Uncle)
Lillian Jones, daughter of Athena (Alive, immortal follower of Artemis, half sister through mother's side)
Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena (Alive, half sister through mother's side)
Rest of Athena cabin (Alive, half siblings through their mother)

Hair Color: Very light blonde, fairly long

Eye Color: Gray-blue

Personality: Average son of Athena, always good with any weapon and stradegies.

Best Mortal Subject: Math, Science, Gym, and Social Studies

Worst Mortal Subject: Art, Music, Orchestra, World Language, and Language Arts (Again, like all demigods)

Best Demigod Subject: Mythology, Sword Fighting, Chariot Racing, Foot Racing.

Worst Demigod Subject: Greek Speak, Javelin Throwing, Canoe Racing, Swimming

Weapon of Choice: Dagger or bow and arrow.

Romantic Interest: Andrea Brooks

Fatal Flaw: Unknown

Worst Fear: Spiders

Extra Notes: Only Athena child to speak to Owls, next to Lily. Has a small ability to read minds, but can't control and will sometimes slip into another person's memory. He's afraid to speak out, usually leading to something bad happening. His father was a wizard, and so was his uncle and aunt.

My Character: Lillian (Lily) Sophie Jones

Godly Parent: Athena

Relations: Alistair Jones (Alive, Father)
Rosie Jones (Deceased, sister)
Annabeth Chase (Alive, half sister)

Hair Color: Curly Blonde

Eye Color: Grey

Personality: A lot like Annabeth, enjoys architecture just as much.

Best Mortal Subject: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Gym, and Science.

Worst Mortal Subject: Art, Music, Orchestra, and sewing (After all, she did break at least three machines)

Best Demigod Subject: Archery, Sword Fighting/Defense, Rock Climbing, and Chariot Racing

Worst Demigod Subject: Foot Racing, Greek Speak, and swimming

Weapon of Choice: Dagger called Sophia, meaning Wisdom in Latin

Romantic Interest: None, she's a hunter

Fatal Flaw: Paranoia

Worst Fear: Spiders

Extra Notes: Joined the hunters when she was about seven or eight. Lily sometimes acts like a know it all. Her father is not a wizard, so she's muggleborn.

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