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I am NazoFox2501 and I write odd fanfiction. I've long had ideas for fanfictions, and now I can type them here. I am also a big nerd of manga, anime, and video games.

Notice: Due to life in general, I will have less time to work on Fanfiction.

If you're looking for the entries of The Cast Discusses, they are currently being moved to my deviantart account. They are under RamblingFox2501's journal entries labeled "FF7 Cast Discusses".

Favorite manga: Angel Sanctuary, KonKon Kokon, Naruto, Yami no Matsuei, Uzumaki, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Assassination Classroom, and Nightmares for Sale.

Least favorite manga: Kingdom Hearts

Favorite books: Myst: The Book of Atrus, Japanese Tales, Joker, and A Wind in the Door

Least favorite books (that I've read): 1984

Favorite anime: Naruto, Yami no Matsuei, Higurashi: When they Cry, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Assassination Classroom, Doraemon, Cute High Earth Defense Club Love, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Mushishi

Least favorite anime: Speed Grapher and Witchblade

Favorite comics/graphic novels: "The Darkness", "Dilbert", "Bone", "The Gigantic Beard that was Evil", and "The Far Side".

Favorite games: The Darkness, Final Fantasy VII, Okage Shadow King, Skyrim, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.

Least favorite games: The entire Kingdom Hearts series and Dragon's Dogma.

Favorite movies: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Evil Dead 2, and Batman (1966).

Least favorite movies: any "torture porn" or horror films where the bad guys get away with it or where no one survies.

My review policy: If the story is bad or horribly bad, I will not say anything unless absolutely necessary (Ex: surprise genre change). If it's good, I'll praise it and say what I like about it. If there's something wrong or lacking with it, or if it's just plain odd, I will point it out. If there are a few spelling errors, I will let it slide (I make them too), but if there are too many, then I will have to put my two cents in on the matter (the same goes for poor capitiliaztion, sentence structure, lack of or too much description, continuity errors, plot holes, etc.).

I have ideas for more fanfiction, but as of now, I'm juggling between stories.

For those of you who are here because of the symbolism thing in True Demon, I will explain. The right hand was often the symbol for law and good things while the left hand was often the symbol of sinister things. The paragraphs were originally supposed to be right-align, but the edit won't let me do that to them. The paragraphs in the center were supposed to originally signal a transition from right-align to left-align, a shift from good conscious to bad, from squashing Jimminy Cricket to giving your ears to Mephistopheles (I could go on), but now it serves the purpose of the right-align, so I guess you can interpret that as a balance. I hope I don't have to expalin things any further.

To those of you who got it right or were close to getting it right (no pun intended): a gold star for you!

To those of you who got stumped or guessed wrong after a lot of thought: nice try.

To those of you who didn't bother to do any research or think the symbolism over and just wanted to see the answer just to claim they guessed it right: I can only shake my head sadly at you.

Current ideas:

A New World: Pikmin and Locoroco-- Captain Olimar crashes on another undiscovered planet, but this time around, he meets the Locoroco and the MuiMui and helps them to fight off the evil Moja. (Will be rated E.)

Under the Spiral's Influence: Naruto and Uzumaki-- The spiral is slowly taking over the Leaf, and no one but Sasuke seems to notice. This is a total re-write of the series, all centered around the accursed spiral. (Will be rated M for language, body and psychological horror.)

The Madness of Skyrim: Skyrim-- Fox is an adventurer and Dragonborn in Skyrim. When strange things begin to happen around him and no one notices, he fears he may be losing it. A one-shot based on the many glitches in Skyrim. (Will be rated T for language and general reality warping insanity.)

Red Rose, White Lily: Elfen Lied and Rule of Rose-- Jennifer is somewhat happy at the orphanage, but with the arrival of a new girl and a stray puppy, things only get worse. Can Jennifer, Kaede, and Brown survive the wrath of the Red Crayon Aristocrats? (Will be rated M for blood, violence, and animal cruelty [I hate it as much as you do, but that's how Rule of Rose is!].)

Darkness Eternal: Tales of the Darkness: Naruto and The Darkness-- This is basically a collection of stories centered around some the hosts of the Darkness before Sasuke was chosen. (Will contain language, blood, and gore. Of course, this is The Darkness we're dealing with here. (This story will be rated M for language and graphic violence.)

Castaways in the Blue: Lost in Blue-- A storm leaves Keith and Skye shipwrecked on a deserted island. They will have to work together if they want to survive. (This is a more realistic depiction of the game, minus the puzzles in the ruins. This story will be rated E10 for survival situations.)

Darkblade: The Darkness and Witchblade-- As far as she could remember, Nevada Gleason had been running away from the Angelus. When it kills her father, Nevada's hidden abilities awaken, and she seeks revenge. (This story has some elements from Silent Hill 3. Will be rated M for strong language, blood, gore, and violence.)

I Just Want my Heart Back! Dragon's Dogma-- Kennedreth is the new Arisen, but in the midst of random things and the grand plan of all things, she just wants her heart back. This is her misadventures in Gransys. (This is a parody of the game with popular culture references. This will be rated T for violence and strong language.)

The Alien Life of Layla Doesmith: Destroy All Humans!-- Life became stranger and more dangerous ever since Layla Doesmith was forced to help Crypto and Pox. Between destroying military bases, the 2012 panic, fighting enemy aliens, and exams, what's a college girl to do? (This will be rated M for language and violence. Also, as you can already guess, this is centered around an OC and has loads of popular culture references.)

Inside .flow: .flow-- Rust Syndrome has struck, and Shinsei "Sabitsuki" has locked herself in her room. To see just what's in her mind, she goes to .flow, and she is disturbed at what she finds. (Will be rated either T or M for violence, blood, and gore.)

Ripples of Reality: NiGHTS-- After the death of his twin brother, twelve year old Mark is plagued with nightmares. He arrives in Nighttopia and befriends NiGHTS, but when the Nightmarens attack, will Mark be able to overcome the obstacles and move on? (Will be rated E10 for dark themes.)

Animamundi: Animamundi: Dark Alchemist (misc games)-- A novelization of the visual novel of the same name, as told by a Zaberisk who gets visited by an angel and a familiar demon. (Will have the "Animamundi" ending [forgot the actual name for that ending, since it ends on a good note. Will be rated M for language, use of alcohol, strong violence, and sexual situations.)

Detective Turnabout: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-- While on a school trip to America, Yako gets framed for murder and is arrested. Her only hope lies with Neuro and a certain defense attorney. (Will be rated T for violence.)

The Offensive Orphanage: A Series of Unfortunate Events and Rule of Rose--With no other living relatives to care for them left, the Baudelaire children are sent to an orphanage. There, they befriend a girl named Jennifer and her dog, Brown. However, they soon receive hostility from the Red Crayon Aristocrats and realize that there is no escaping another unfortunate chapter in their lives. (Will be rated T for violence and animal cruelty [like with Red Rose, White Lily, I hate it, but that's how Rule of Rose is].)

Those from Beyond: (working title) Beyond: Two Souls and World of Darkness (Geist: The Sineaters)-- Jodie Holmes knows little about the Beyond and Aiden, the soul that is bound to her. She meets a Sineater, a mortal/spectral hybrid, named Sam Cavanaugh, and learns a lot more about the Beyond. When a war between the PDA and Sineaters is on the rise, who will Jodie side with? (Will be rated M for violence, language, and scary imagery.)

Soul Nomad and the Lost Souls: Okage Shadow King and Soul Nomad and the World Eaters-- Ari is a boy fused with Gig, the Master of Death. Rosalin is a hero with her shadow possessed by Evil King Stan. Together, they embark on a journey in search of answers and justice, not knowing that there are bigger things at stake. (Will be rated T for violence and language.)

Magical Diary: Toad Hall: Magical Diary--Adrian Robertson is a wildseed who joins Iris Academy after discovering his magical potential. How will Adrian's freshman year turn out? (Will be rated T for minor language, fantasy violence, and suggestive content.)

Somnium Magi: NiGHTS and Puella Magi Madoka Magica--Somnium Magi, guardians of Nightopia, fight Nightmarens and protect the dreamers of the world. Nightopia's newest Visitor, Madoka, wants to be a Somnium Magi, but a mysterious girl and a flying jester are doing whatever it takes to stop her. (Will be rated T for minor language, fantasy violence, and character deaths.)

The J Cells Profile (working title): Final Fantasy VII and Deadly Premonition--It starts with a murder in a small town. When city detective Zack Fair goes to investigate, he will find that not everything is as it seems. A tale filled with drama, quirkiness, science fiction, and insanity. "What have we gotten ourselves into, Cloud?" (Basically FF7 characters and story in a situation nearly parallel to DP. Will be rated M for strong language, violence, suggestive content, body horror, and mindf--ery.)

You Can (Not) LOVE: Neon Genesis Evangelion and Undertale--Unable to deal with the stress and responsibilities of piloting an EVA, Shinji runs away to the mountains. When he finds himself in the Underground, he will not only learn the powerful bonds of friendship, but also discover that he can truly love himself. (Will be rated T for death and some disturbing imagery.)

The Horrors of the Thornton Estate: Darkest Dungeon--Lunaeus Thornton has inherited his mad grandfather's estate and is tasked to cleanse it of its horrors and redeem his family name. Heroes and mercenaries are hired to banish these wretched evils, but their endeavors are not without sacrifice, in life and sanity. (Will be rated M for violence, death, and disturbing imagery.)

Puer Magi Hideki Magica: Puella Magi Madoka Magica-- "I wish to be a boy." Hideki got his wish and became a magical boy, but his wish was not without consequences. With only support from some magical girls he meets, can he find happiness, or will he succumb to despair? (Will be rated T for violence, language, and touchy subject matters.)

The Sacred Cards: Abridged: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards-- The story of "The Sacred Cards" starring the Abridged Cast...and some original character named Ryan. (Will be rated T for language and suggestive content.)

The Woebegone Wilds: Don't Starve and A Series of Unfortunate Events-- On the run, the Baudelaire children stumble across an old house with a strange device. They activate it and find themselves in a different world overlooked by the mysterious Maxwell. Trapped with others in the same predicament, can they escape the wilds? (Will be rated T for violence and character death.)

The Nightmare School (working title)Corpse Party and Fatal Frame (series)-- Paranormal investigators Yuu, Kei, and Mafuyu look into Heavenly Host's past and discover the charm that will get them there. When they don't show up for days, their friends and family get together and perform the charm to go after them. With their Camera Obscuras as their only defense, will they make back, or will their spirits join the restless souls of Heavenly Host? (Will be rated M for violence, language, and graphic character deaths.)

Mogayko Castle: Mogeko Castle--High school student Yuu rides the train home when he finds himself in Mogeko Castle. While trying to find a way out, he hides in a closet and discovers the world in the castle's shadow: Mogayko Castle. Dealing with both murderous Mogekos and lecherous Mogaykos, will Yuu be able to return home? Does he even want to go back? (Will be rated M for blood, gore, violence, and sexual situations.)

Reconstruction of Evangelion (working title): Neon Genesis Evangelion and Baroque--Shinji awakens to find that Angels have dominated the world and humans are either dead or horribly mutated, and it's all his fault. He is told that everything can be fixed if he goes to the bottom of NERV HQ, but what will he do and who can he trust: his father and the newfound order of False Angels that want him to start Instrumentality, the Koriel that want him to conduct the forbidden fusion and create a god, or WILLE that wants him to destroy all Angels by initiating their own Fourth Impact? (Will be rated M for violence, blood, gore, and possible mental trauma.)

Puella Magi Alice Magica: Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Alice in Wonderland--Alice discovers the world of witches and magical girls when her sister, Lorina, saves her from a witch. Alice becomes a magical girl and fights witches alongside her sister, but can they overcome the despair that waits for them? (Will be rated T for violence, blood, and character deaths.)

Gourmet: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro and Shokugeki no Soma--Yako is called in to be a guest judge at Toutsuki Academy for the ultimate shokugeki: Soma vs. Erina. However, when one of the judges dies after tasting Soma's food, it is up to her and Neuro to solve the mystery. (Will be rated T for character death, minor language, and suggestive content.)

Card Games Against Humanity: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series-- The cast of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged plays "Cards Against Humanity". Hilarity ensues. (Will be rated M for language, and [sexual, suggestive, political, just plain wrong] content.)

Pokemon: Hearts of Darkness (working title): Pokemon--SPCP1 is an android designed to detect, snag, and purify Shadow Pokemon. When Cipher rises once more, it is called upon to take them down and save Orre. However, can an android really become a Pokemon trainer and grow close to the Pokemon it rescues? Three year sequel to "Pokemon XD". (Will be rated E10 for fantasy violence.)

Season of Harvest: Hannibal and Harvester--Will is called in to investigate a series of homicides with a gruesome detail in common, but when he is kidnapped for nefarious purposes, Hannibal decides to help the FBI to rescue him and catch the killer. (Will be rated M for graphic violence, blood, gore, and language.)

Haunted: Hannibal and Geist: the Sin-Eaters--Will Graham nearly died out in the wild, but was saved when he was visited by the Ravenstag and made the Bargain with it. Now he is a Sin-Eater with powerful empathetic and supernatural abilities. However, being part of the unseen world of the dead pays a heavy toll on his psyche, and it doesn't help that his therapist, Hannibal, has taken a special interest in him. (Will be rated M for graphic violence, blood, gore, and language.)

Danganronpa Alternate: Danganronpa and Yu-Gi-Oh!--Yugi and a few of his friends were fortunate enough to be selected to attend Hope's Peak Academy for their Ultimate Talents. However, they find themselves trapped in the school with their classmates and forced to play a dangerous game. Who will escape and live? Who will die? (A retelling of the first Danganronpa. Will be rated M for violence, language, character death, and suggestive content.)

Temporarily postponed ideas:

I Just Want my Heart Back!

Those from Beyond

Soul Nomad and the Lost Souls

Magical Diary: Toad Hall

Ideas that are finished:

Darkness Eternal

Explorer in the Shell


True Demon

Nightmare Troubadour: Abridged

Her Legacy

Ideas that are currently in the works:

You Can (Not) LOVE

Current Rant: I'm getting a lot of views for my fanfiction, but why am I not getting as many reviews?

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Final Fantasy VII - Rated: M - English - Mystery/Horror - Chapters: 23 - Words: 190,050 - Reviews: 227 - Favs: 147 - Follows: 196 - Updated: 5/26 - Published: 4/24/2015 - [Cloud S., Sephiroth]
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