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Author has written 45 stories for Gintama, Beavis and Butt-Head, Powerpuff Girls, Highschool of the Dead, Family Guy, and Dexter's Laboratory.

Hello everybody! I started writing stories in November of 2011, and posted them on Deviantart, but I decided to post some here in early 2012! Hope you like my stories! :)

For those who want to know the character in my icon, it's Fuko Ibuki from Clannad. I just love this icon. I don't think I'll ever change it.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any fandoms I write for, nor any of the characters from said fandoms. I only own most of the OC's mentioned in them. I also do not make money for Fanfiction; I write it for pure fun.

About me:

Birthday: May 13th

Name: Fuchsia

Age: 21

Hair color: Brown, short

Eyes: Greenish-Blue, wears glasses

Sexuality: Unknown (Because I'm confused about my sexuality)

I'll try my best to finish my stories (But no promises). Actually, I deleted one, because I felt so ashamed of myself for writing it. No, I'm not going to tell you what it was, because I'll just embarrass myself even more. AS OF 1/24/15: You'll also probably notice that I deleted another story of mine (Although the second story I deleted was a two-shot). This is because I felt so embarrassed for writing that godawful story, that I couldn't take it anymore, so I removed it. Though I hate some of my old fics, that one sucked so bad (I made that in 2013, in case anyone was curious). Thankfully, though, almost nobody read it. lol

I also recommend you don't read my fics from 2012 (With the exception of "Two Worlds, One Life" and "Safety", because I actually still like those ones), and 2013 especially "Broken Tears", because I hate that fic as of now (With the exception of "Yato Toddler", "Silver Cakes", "Even Characters in Gintama Read Fanfiction", and "Sunglasses", because again, I still like those certain ones), because I feel mortified just by looking at them.

I have Asperger Syndrome (Mild Autism). It's not serious, though.

I don't read or write any Joui fics. No exceptions. Sorry.

Note: I don't make sequels. Don't ask me to make any sequels, please.

Here's some things that I do/don't do in Fanfiction:

1. I don't focus on the meaning of names whenever I create an OC.

2. I don't write stories outside of the Gintama archive. Yes, I've written a few stories that weren't Gintama related, but I wrote those back in 2012, so as of now, I'm not exactly comfortable writing something that's not Gintama.

3. I will never - I repeat, never - kill any canon characters in any of my stories (I'll have no problem killing OC's of mine, but canon characters are another story). Even if there's a character I don't like, I will never kill them in any way, shape, or form.

4. I don't rewrite. I've rewritten a story once; I don't want to rewrite anything ever again, because honestly, rewriting would take too much time. I'd rather write new stuff.

Discontinued stories (And why they're discontinued):

Childs' Ships (Sequel to "Lovers' Ships"): When I started this back in early 2013, I was ecstatic to write this. However, months passed, and I came to a realization that I had zero inspiration; after a while of contemplation, I decided to abandon this.

Silenced Tunes: I'm gonna be honest; I didn't have much planned when I posted this story on FFN. I realized I wasn't getting anywhere with it. Not long after the last chapter I wrote for this fic, I chose to put it on-hold, thinking whether or not to plan the rest of the story out. But in the end, I gave up on this. That, and I don't like writing Michiru (One of my old OC's) anymore.

Friends Have Allies (Sequel to "You're as Beautiful as a Flower"): It's still kind of a shock to me that out of all my one-shots, "You're as Beautiful as a Flower" is the most reviewed one. It was apparently so "popular", that quite a few people asked me to do a sequel. I was pretty reluctant to do it at first, but I decided to go for it, mostly to please the viewers. Yet, even after I posted four chapters of the sequel, barely anyone read it. I find that mind-boggling, because people wanted me to do a sequel in the first place. But anyway, like with "Childs' Ships", I completely lost my inspiration with this, and I decided to inform people that I'd be quitting this story for good. A long time later, I chose to not do anymore sequels. My reasons for that are listed in my "My Pet Peeves" section. Oh, and I grew to despise Family Guy, so I didn't see much point in continuing to write it.

Damage: It was the second story of mine where I used Shina, another one of my old OC's. Just like "Silenced Tunes", this also wasn't planned much when I started it. But, just over a year ago, I found out that I was going nowhere with this. Seriously, I felt more lost with this than I was with "Silenced Tunes"! I suppose abandoning this Fanfic was for the best, because if I continued, then it probably would've been ungodly boring.

Here're some Gintama pairings I like/dislike:

OTP's: BansaixTakasugi, GintokixTsukuyo (I prefer the genderbent version of this pairing), GintokixHijikata, TatsumaxTakasugi, TatsumaxGintoki (I ship this a bit too hard)

Other pairings I like: YamazakixOlder!Shinpachi, GintokixKatsura, TakasugixKatsura (I think I prefer GintokixKatsura, though), TatsumaxBansai, ShinpachixKirara, TsukuyoxAyame

Pairings that I do not like: Anyone with Tae (I don't really hate Tae anymore, but I still don't like anybody paired with her), OkitaxKagura, KamuixTakasugi, OkitaxNobume (I don't like either of them. Actually, I don't like Okita anymore. Nobume is a different story), TakasugixMatako (It isn't because I'm a huge fan of Takasugi, in fact, I kind of like Matako), anyone with Kagura (Especially Gintoki. Why the hell do some people pair up Gintoki and Kagura? That's hebephilia, you know)

My Pet Peeves

People who keep saying "Sorry for my bad English": English is one of the most used languages in the world. However, whenever you start to read a Fanfiction story here, one of the first things the author says is, "Please excuse my bad English". At first, it didn't really bother me, but after seeing this from so many authors, it just gets kind of annoying. I understand if your English is not that good, but here's a suggestion. I don't mean to be rude, but either wait until you learn more English (Unless you're fluent in it), or write your stories in your native language!

Tons of grammar and spelling mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes, hell, even I occasionally make them as well. But if you have tons of grammar, spelling, and even punctuation mistakes (Seriously, I've seen a shit ton of stories where there's barely, if any, punctuation in them), then I will most likely not read your story. I can probably forgive you if English isn't your first language (Though I recommend you get a beta-reader if you want your stories to not have so many mistakes), but if it is, then my god, that is just sad. This is part of the reason why I hardly read fics nowadays, because I'm so sick and tired of seeing mountains of these mistakes.

Not bothering to separate paragraphs: What really irritates me is that some people have these blocks of paragraphs. Whenever a speaker changes, separate your paragraphs!

Using Japanese words in stories that are in English: I've seen random Japanese words in stories by anime fans. And guess what I have to say to those who put down "Arigato" or "Gomen" in their stories, that're actually in English. STOP! People, DO NOT insert random Japanese words in your stories in English (Honorifics are totally fine, though)! Unless you're referring to a weapon, clothing, any kind of food, or group names (Ex. Yorozuya, Shinsengumi, etc.), putting Japanese words such as "Arigato" and "Gomen" makes it look fucking stupid! I guess I can tolerate people saying Japanese words when they're talking on the internet, but putting them in fics is extremely unnerving to me. What's even worse is that some authors tend to tell readers the English version of "Arigato/Gomen/ANY OTHER RANDOM JAPANESE WORD YOU CAN THINK OF!" in their authors' notes! Authors who do that, is it really that hard to put in the English version of "(Insert random Japanese word)" in the story itself? I know you may think it's "cool", but I find it really irritating when you do that! And I know I'm not the only person who's agitated by this! Though, I won't let myself off easily; I've added a random Japanese word in one of my first stories, but I realized that it was stupid to do that. This is probably my biggest pet peeve for fics.

Authors saying in their summaries "I suck at summaries": Whenever an author writes in their summary, "I suck at summaries, but please read my story anyway", it just makes me want to face-palm myself, hard. Read this people, NO ONE IS GOOD AT WRITING SUMMARIES! I may not be the best at writing summaries either, but I don't write down, "Summary sucks, but please read this". What you need to do is think for a while, and when you've finally come up with a decent summary, write it down. Not "Summary sucks", alright?

Review Whores: For many writers, they'll sometimes say that they won't post another chapter until they've reached X reviews. Do you have any idea how much I roll my eyes at this? Seriously, it gets really annoying that people want that many reviews before they post up another chapter, because it proves that you're just an attention whore! And you may notice that I don't get that many reviews on my stories, but do you think I care? No.

Flamers (And anonymous reviews in general): How sad is it that these type of people exist? It's perfectly okay to give the author constructive criticism, since it helps them become better writers, but flaming is definitely not. When you read something, and you think it should have more work, give the author a few tips. Don't just only say, "This sucks" or "You're a terrible author", because that's nowhere near constructive criticism. And what's worse is that most flames are from anonymous reviewers. This is actually the reason why I hate most anonymous reviews (But if it's not a flame, then that's fine, though it gets very annoying and frustrating when I can't PM you, because you're not logged in).

People getting upset that they have little to no reviews: Kind of like the "Review Whores" pet peeve, only not exactly, plus this isn't much of a pet peeve. I've seen some people who've canceled their stories because they didn't have many reviews. I know how it feels to not have a lot of reviews or viewers, but please do not cancel/delete your story all because you have very few reviews. If you enjoy writing something, then keep writing!

OC's with Joui backgrounds: Don't get me wrong, I adore OC's, and I'm not saying it's Mary-Sue-ish for an OC to have a Joui past (Since Shoyo also had girl students), but these backgrounds are cliché. I've seen a couple of people who've made OC's with this background, and it's so annoying, that part of me wants to flip a freaking table! And I will confess that one of my stories had an OC who met Takasugi before the Joui war, but that story was made in late 2012, and my opinion on these backgrounds were different back then. But anyway, I'm not gonna stop anyone if they want to include this kind of past for their OC; it's just - as I previously indicated - cliché and very annoying to me.

Female OC's joining the Shinsengumi: Here's my tumblr post about it. And I forgot to mention this in my post, but what I also don't like about these is that the female OC disguises herself as a man to get revenge on one of the Shinsengumi members. Seriously, if you want your OC to get revenge on a member, why is it necessary for her to join the Shinsengumi? Hell, one of the canon characters wanted to get revenge on Sougo, and she didn't even become part of the police force, so I don't see any reason for your female OC to join. By the way, I'm not saying it's impossible for a woman to disguise herself as a man, but think about it. How long do you think your OC would be able to get away with this without being discovered by somebody? Especially considering that she'd have to flatten her chest with bandages without suffocating or having said bandages become loose on their own, worry about her face looking too feminine, alter her voice without sounding too feminine or having her throat being sore, and worry about her period (Yes, that is very personal, but that's what almost all women go through). Yeah, I don't think your female OC would last very long in the Shinsengumi, especially since the members see each other all day, every day. Also, just because Nobume is in the Mimawarigumi, doesn't mean you can freely put your female OC in the Shinsengumi. The Mimawarigumi are irrelevant within the context of this.

People begging me to do a sequel to one of my stories: I'm not going to harp on this too much, because people rarely ask me to do a sequel to a story of mine. However, whenever somebody does ask me, I'll bluntly tell them no. The reasons why I don't do sequels is because one: I have far less inspiration for it; two: the sequel may not be as good as the first one; and three: you get less reviews/readers for it (Yes, I did say I don't care if I don't get many reviews, but you could say I'm a tad paranoid of the original readers/reviewers not reading the sequel). Besides, you can always reread the first story if you desperately want more.

Authors' Notes in the middle of a chapter or just an authors' note as a "chapter": If it's something I hate just as much as I hate random Japanese words in an English story, or authors saying in the summary "I suck at summaries", it's also this. One of the most annoying and groan-worthy things you can see in tons of Fanfics is authors putting bits of authors' notes during the chapter, and/or having no real update, but an authors' note as a "chapter". Seriously, you can just mention it on your profile. Not only is it obnoxious, but people tend to have their hopes up, thinking it's a new chapter (Especially when the story hasn't been updated in a long time), only to be disappointed after finding out it's just an authors' note. Now, I might forgive you if you have your "authors' note" in story form (From my time on this site, I've seen at least one person do that). Hell, I did that in two of my discontinued stories, because even though they were notes, at least it'd still look like a "story" being told. But anyway, I find bits of authors' notes during the chapter more annoying, because one: it's distracting; and two: it's very sloppy and it interrupts the flow of the story. Another thing I hate is even when a story is finished, the author insists on adding an extra "chapter", which tells the readers that the sequel is up. That's very unnecessary; readers can just easily go to your profile, and see if the sequel is up. And I don't want to hear, "But they don't even bother looking at my profile, so I have to put up an authors' note like this!", because then that's the readers' faults for not bothering to look at your profile.

Reviewing their own story: There have been a few occasions where I've seen authors review their own story, for different reasons. Look, I don't care what your reason is, NEVER review your own story, because doing so is cheating your way to getting reviews!

Readers telling authors to update: I know how it feels to wait a long time for an incomplete story to be updated. However, it doesn't really help authors when you're telling them to update. Sure, there have been a few instances where I think, "I wonder when they'll update", but I don't actually say it to them. I understand that you want to read more of a certain story, but it's called patience. Unless said story is discontinued, you have to be patient instead of demanding for an update, because demanding is really rude. While I've never gotten those kinds of reviews, I feel very sorry for authors who do.

MPreg stories: ...Do I need to explain why I can't stand these? Alright, alright, I'll elaborate. It's completely impossible for a man to get pregnant. Men have the sperm, while women have the eggs, hence why only women are able to get pregnant. Now, I will admit that when I first heard of MPreg, I had no opinion on it. However, a while later, I came to realize that the idea of it was so utterly stupid and bamboozling. And I don't give a shit if it's fiction; I like to have some logic when it comes to the anatomy! Honestly, whoever first came up with this idea must've been out of their freaking mind.

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