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Author has written 4 stories for Resident Evil.

I told myself when I was younger there would always be time tomorrow to put all my stories down on paper. Well, tomorrow came and went, and it never happened.

The older I get the more I realize that today, and every day I wake, is the tomorrow I waited for my entire life.

My biggest obstacle is my 'shyness'. I must hurdle this barrier to succeed as a writer. So, my purpose here is two-fold: put my work out there for others to read, critque, and hopefully enjoy; and take some much needed R&R from my own work.

Building your own world is a daunting task and some days it's nice to play on the playground without constructing it first. Fanfiction fun is my after dinner smoke.

Many rounds of applause to those who have/had the courage to do what, up until now, I did not.

A 22 chapter recap:

1)I'm a huge fan of psychology.

2)People are not one-dimensional. Capcom may have us think they are, but in reality there are many facets that comprise personality and behavior.

3)I honestly do not sit and type chapters of this story with the intent to be clever in any way. I pay more attention to sound and lyrical properties than anything else.

4)Two years ago I was an overwriter. Entire paragraphs to move a poor smuck from point A to point B. I've really tried to pare this down. Use only what I need and nothing more. Sometimes I hit the right lyrical combination of words, sometimes not.

5)Since it is no longer a spoiler--but will be elaborated on in the future--Wesker views himself as a God. A God is all knowing. He cannot be all knowing if he has never experienced the downtrodden side of life. The mundane, boring bits. And really folks, I'm not gonna lie, the thought of stripping Wesker of his leather and forcing him into a pair of jeans and maybe a ten gallon hat might be a nice change of pace.

6)I was tired of reading stories on here where all Wesker does is fiddle with test tubes and syringes. See #2

7)This story is about a social experiment. Wesker blending into normal society. See #6

8)Eventually, Im gonna have to go back to Jill(blah) and Chris(much more appealing)

9)I need to condense the shit out of this!

10 Future chapters include:Home Movie Night presented by Wesker. Chris Redfield Gets Grilled. One Fucked Up Wedding. An Even More Fucked Up Honeymoon

11)At some point Leon and Wesker are both finally gonna get laid.

12)Rape. Nope. No rape. Look again. Claire was trying to be sneaky. Pull the wind out of Wesker's sails. See #1. Wesker went along with her, and called her bluff.

13)This site has been a Godsend for me. Really allowed me to open up, and given me the courage to put my big toe out there. Because of this site I am more passionate about my writing than I have ever been.

14)I hate my job!

15)See #14

16)Two weeks with Wesker. Poor Claire! What was I thinking? I was probably thinking #5 might be good for Wesker, and who knows maybe he'll throw in a little separation cash for all her emotional distress.

17)I would really like to do a couple of more snippets of The Unchosen pieces. Little glimpses into a world in chaos.

18)See #11. No smut. Hopefully tasteful. Again the right combination of words. Well, for one of the scenes anyway. The other one I've been mulling is wickedly devious.

19)If you've read this far--you are truly to be applauded.

20)I read many of the pieces on here. There are some stories that really shine. I envy them and their creator. Great job!

21)My new 3D TV rocks.

22)One day I'll be sitting on a beach, shaking my head at how awful this story really was, and really wish I'd never written it in the first place.

Bonus tidbit: Has anyone noticed the number of times My Wesker has/has not used contractions in this story? Or, am I the only one keeping track?


January 27,2013

The next chapter is coming. The outline is there, I just have to tie the theme together. I am being held hostage on the update by the short story I'm working on to post for Kindle. I'm a captive to a couple pages of dialogue and a summary. When I get the two despicable maniacs in my short story situated I'll be able to update this before I tackle my next writing project.

February 26, 2013

Short story complete. Kindle posted. Next story started. Time for some fun...

March 14,2013

A couple of things about this chapter:

There's kind of a little of everything going on. I had wanted to stick with Claire and Wesker for a while, but the other characters must progress in the timeline during the same time frame. So, I had to pull the camera lens out and incorporate a few extra scenes to even out the seesaw so to speak.

It seems like a kind of pointless chapter at a glance, but in reality it does serve its own purpose. Claire is pretty stubborn. She's not going to bend easily. Wesker wants interaction he's never had before. Claire isn't just going to settle in and open up. She needs a springboard and a pry board. This chapter moves them toward positive interaction, and forces Claire to become civil toward Wesker. Or, at least that was the overall intent. We'll see what happens from here on out.

Writing Jill sucks my will to live. The character irks me on so many levels. But, it had to be done.

Poor Chris. Working out his initial interrogation in my head, and I feel sorry for him. He's about to get spanked, and not in an erotic bondage sort of way.

There are a couple of backflashes in the beginning. I tried to tag them as unobtrusively as possible, cause honestly characterization should be pretty well set. It should be crystal to a reader whose read any of this story whom is speaking and when.

Chris is easy. Lots of swear words and cigarettes.

Jill--feminine, smart, and knows just what to say and do. She's similar to writing Wesker, only she gets to use contractions.

Claire is a loyal, quick thinker and all about putting everyone else first at her own expense. (When will she ever learn). She's actually a challenge to pin down. Seriously, one second she'll cap a zombie without batting an eyelash and the next squeal at the sight of a ladybug.

Wesker. One word:erudite. Wanna write a half way decent Wesker? Take a simple phrase:

Farts stink.

and turn it into this:

I dislike noxious flatulence.

I find a Thesaurus also comes in handy. :)

Best Regards,


Next Chapter is coming...

Had to take some time to build a few short stories in my own worlds...God, I take forever to write anything. I posted some of the things I've been banging out on Readwave, Webook, and the Kindle store...

Update for this should be in September...

Best Regards,


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