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About Me:

ok let's see...

Name: 'Armaan' very similar to my pen name isn't it?

Age: 21

Gender: Male

I really like games, animes and mangas. Movies as well but not as much. Not interested in tv shows.

Animes/Mangas/Games i like:

For genres its: action, comedy, adventure, supernatural

I don't like pure romance and slice of life kind of stories or mangas. Though i like love relation if its in humorous way like Luffy/Hancock (one piece) even though it is really exaggerated in anime, Gray/Juvia (Fairy Tail), Oga/Kuneida (Beelzebub) and so on.

Fav. Anime/Manga:

1. One Piece (All time favorite)

2. Gintama (Most hilarious anime/manga ever)

3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Anime)

4. Hajime no Ippo (Gosh! Here I thought that sports manga/anime were not interesting enough and this one was right there to prove me wrong. It jumped right up to my no 4 as soon as I was done with 3 seasons of anime, though the commentator annoyed me a lot. Now I'm trying to cover all the chapter and it's a long way to go.)

5. Noblesse (I wish they would make an anime even though its not possible)

6. Sword of Stranger (best anime movie ever)

7. Berserk(I should say one of the best mangas of all time. It's biggest minus is that its too mature. Unlike the other big three, not everyone can enjoy this manga)

8. Gun Grave (Once started watching, couldn't stop myself till the very end and the ending blew my mind away. I'll say, not the happiest but one of the awesomest ending ever. Is that even a word...? Who cares)

9. Naruto (Just ditch the fillers and stick to the main story line, it's fun that way. But recently even anime has lost my interest. So, just the manga.)

10. Beelzebub(they totally fucked up the anime, so only manga is in my fav list)

11. Afro Samurai (One of the best hack n slash and chanbara anime ever)

12. Samurai Champloo (along with Afro Samurai, it's right on top for chanbara genre)

13. Hellsing Manga/OVA (Vampires, monsters and ONE FUCKING CRAZY DRACULA. Now who wouldn't like that? There are many who wouldn't but this is still awesome)

Fav. Games:

I'm just as crazed about games as I'm about anime/mangas. I have to admit one thing that I'm obsessed with hack and slash type of action. Here's the list.

Devil May Cry series (3: special edition is my favorite game of all time. I HATE DEVIL MAY CRY(DMC).)

King of fighters 97-MI2 (just hung up on this one don't ask why)

God of War series

Prototype series

Batman (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City)

Prince of Persia (Sands of time, Warrior Within POP 2008 (favorite out of all parts), Two Thrones)...Forgotten Sands has betrayed my expectations.

Dynasty Warriors (4 especially)

Dark Souls

Ninja Gaiden

and so on...

Fav. Characters

1. Dante (DMC 1-4 animated series and manga)

2. Vergil (DMC 3)

3. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

4. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

5. Kyo Kusanagi (King of Fighters)

6. Iori Yagami (King of Fighter)

7. Alucard (Hellsing)

8. Cadis Etrama D Raijer (Noblesse)

9. Afro (Afro Samurai)

10. Oga Tatsumi (Beelzebub)

11. Toujo Hidetora (Beelzebub)

12. Makunouchi Ippo (Hajime no Ippo: Yup! The guy who has a boxing glove for a brain in his head. I have a feeling that once I'm done with the manga, this one will be up on 9th spot...whatever...)

some more...

Fav. Bad guys:

A bad guy's job is to be hated by readers. So, If you hate a bad guy by the bottom of your heart and want the protagonist to beat the shit out of him than that character's role is fulfilled. Here is the list of my fav...ahem...most hated bad guys...

1. Enel (One Piece). Well...if there is someone who wants to act like a god because he/she has some badass power than go and take lessons from Enel. He is the perfect example of such a douche bag. The moment he enters the scene you wanna beat the shit out of him. But his power is really badass.

2. Dou Haguro (Wolf Man wolfen crest). A punk who thinks he's the most badass of all. Inugami Akira doesn't even beat him but just shows the face of a real monster. Then to lure Inugami out he kidnaps the woman Inugami liked. Rapes her himself, tells his underlings to gang rape her, made a video and even after Inugami pledged before him still he released the video on internet. When Inugami beats him he found out that Haguro did all that because he was in love with Inugami. WTF? Can you point out any character more twisted than that? Please tell me if you do

3. Akainu aka. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki (One Piece). What? Tell me who doesn't want Luffy to beat him to a pulp?

4. Marshal D. Teach Aka. Blackbeard (One Piece). Yeah, another successful asshole.

5. Pain (Naruto). Even though in the end Nagato turned into a good guy, as long as he was bad, he was best. He was like 'Our target is not here, very well.' BANG. Wiped out entire Konoha. The so called legendary Konoha HAH. Naruto was able to beat him only because he was low on energy. Pain is my fav Naruto character. Not good guy Nagato but evil Pain yup.

Fav. Pairings:

I know, i already said that i don't like romantic themes, but still i can't help but give in to some certain pairings:

One Piece:


I can't just help it but Oda's been giving too many hints of this paring to go cannon anytime in future. Besides, he never literally said that there won't be any pairings. Pairings can be inserted without turning One Piece into a romance manga. Just look at Dragon Ball, that's one of the biggest example. Actually, I'm kinda obsessed with only this pairing. I wonder what could be the reason?


Luffy/Hancock is one sided and it will stay that way for a long time or even till the end...??? Who knows? I know there are a lot of Luffy/Hancock haters out there. And it's main reason is because Hancock is a hurdle in their fav Luffy/Nami pairing. But it's just a matter of one's taste.

If we talk about cannon, in One Piece only Sanji is in love with probably all good looking women in world, and Hancock is in love with Luffy. That's all. Maybe Kaya is also in love with Ussop...I can't tell. But beside obvious couples there is no love in One Piece just friendship and adventure with lots of fun.


no particular reason



Tojo/Shizuka (recently jumped into my fav list. Well, doesn't these two pairings remind you of Luffy/Hancock and Zoro/Robin...?...well at least Oga and Tojo reminds me of Luffy and Zoro XD)

others doesn't matter and same goes for all other anime/mangas

Pairings I hate:

Actually, there is no reason to hate a pairing. Everyone have their own preferences and tastes. But I'm a human so there are pairings I don't approve of. I'm not gonna write all of them here cause it doesn't really matter.

Fics I'll not read:

Here are some I don't feel like reading...

Any fics containing yaoi or yuri

Any fics with characters acting OOC especially ones in which Luffy (One Piece) is some romantic idiot. He's not romantic at all, he won't fall in love with anyone, even though I'm a Luffy/Hancock shipper I'll say it again. Luffy will not fall in love with anyone, not Hancock, not Nami, not Vivi, no one 'cause it's Luffy. He's already in love with meat and adventure.

Any fics in which Nico Robin (One Piece) is paired with anyone other than Roronoa Zoro. I'm a strict Zoro/Robin shipper XD...well...don't hate me for that...

that's all...

If you had strong enough will to read all this then I'm really grateful of you. No really, I meant it. Oh! One more thing. If you're reading my stories then please leave a review to inform me about your thoughts on it. Most likely 'Tough Trials' which is my current ongoing fanfic. Hate and flames...well if they are logical and somewhat right then I don't them either :) I just want to know your thoughts and preferences.

That's all folks...Good Bye.

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