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Author has written 13 stories for Alice in Wonderland, 2010, and Supernatural.

I'm a twentysomething fanfiction reader and sometimes writer with an interest in anything bizarre, musical, or supernatural. First started writing fic in the Buffy fandom way back in the early 2000s (which is long gone, and good riddance. The fic, I mean, not the early 2000s. Really, it was more than mildly awful stuff involving implausible crossovers and in vitro magical pregnancies and sappy, sappy songfic).

Dropped out of writing fic for a good long while after that (though I did read more than my fair share) until the Tim Burton adaptation of 'Alice in Wonderland' hit theaters. I've been sunk up to my eyeballs in fandom since, first in the aforementioned Alice fandom, then migrating a lot of my attention to Supernatural thanks 100% to a brilliant fanmix I found randomly one day on LiveJournal. And thanks to that discovery I've also begun dabbling in RPS fiction, something I do with mingled glee and guilt. [Due to FF's policies no RPS fic will be posted to this account, but if you want to give it a go I'm on A03 under this same username.]

AUs and time-travel fic and fairy tales? Love 'em. Canon-current stories and codas? Need 'em. Angst and fluff, schmoop and bitterness, I have to have 'em all. Stories I love most of all usually mix elements of all of these things together.

Current Fandoms:

Alice in Wonderland 2010


Pride and Prejudice [no fic written, I just admire others]

The Hunger Games [bookverse as I haven't seen the film yet; no fic written, but am considering it]

Supernatural RPS

Current Pairings:

The pairings I write aren't usually that flexible; once I 'see' a couple, I have a hard time envisioning them with another character. The hopeless romantic in me, perhaps? But I tend pair characters off in an OTP way in a fandom and cling to them. Here are my current ones:

--Dean/Castiel [Supernatural]

This ship, man. And that's all I can really say. XD While I don't have much SPN stuff written by me solo at the moment, I *do* have a rather epic 'verse that I've co-authored with quantum_witch. We've dubbed it the Kingmaker 'verse, and it can be found under the author name wandering_witches here on FF, under either one of our usernames on A03, or at wanderwitch_fic on LiveJournal. I really recommend the LiveJournal version of the story, though, because we include links and pictures and art and all sorts of other goodies there that are harder to see on this site. The 'verse starts with 'Use Your Illusions' (about 60k) and continues through 'Somewhere to Elsewhere' (approx. 120k, give or take 20k). It has tuw wuv, bad ass Castiel, metaphysical sex, Leviathan!Eve, fallenangel!Sam, switchy slash sex and much, much more.

--Sam/Jody [Supernatural]

This is a fairly recent development for me. XD But I think that Sam could do very well with an older woman, and I love the actor's scenes together. I'm not full-fledged shipping them hardcore yet, but I can feel it creeping up on me in a Willow/Kennedy sort of way. I know, I know, Willow's true love is Tara! Just as Sam's was Jess. But Kennedy's spunk and rabble-rousing was actually good for Willow at that time in her life, and...damn, I'm talking about Buffy again. Sorry.

--Alice/Hatter [Alice in Wonderland 2010]

For reals and seriously, this pairing. The idea of how the Hatter waited for Alice to come for all those years, patiently waiting for the little girl he'd once known, and the way he was blindsided by her turning into a woman...Alice's need for someone who is patient and understanding and not just willing to 'put up' with her madness but eager for it...! (sigh) Yup, I'm the girl who would rather have the guy wait for her than to stalk her (sorry Twilight fans), who wants someone who respects her enough to allow her the room to make her own decisions, who doesn't stop her if she leaves not because he doesn't care but because he does.

I've written quite a bit for this pairing, the longest fic being a story called 'Possible Side Effects'. In a fit over comma abuse, sloppy grammar, and other technical stuff I deleted it and several other stories though. (Eek!)

BUT I'm glad to say that I've been cleaning said stories up and am now in the process of re-posting them. (Yay!) 'Possible Side Effects' I have started reposting a chapter at a time; the shorts and one-shots will be randomly uploaded as I finish editing them.

Also, I've done some massive co-authorshipness in this fandom too. The largest projects being with AiW goddess manniness. For the first ever Alice Big Bang we wrote a sprawling love story titled 'The Courtship' (approx. 110k). In it, Alice and Hatter literally travel within one another's hearts (not as messy as it sounds), paint a house into existence, sew a garden, and court one another according to full Underlandian custom.

We wrote another story full of unabashed smuttiness titled 'The Teacher' in which a muchy Alice turns her considerable curiosity over to more fleshly interests. (ahem) We have a co-author account on LiveJournal called contrariwises, or you can find the fics on A03 as well.

I've also co-authored short stories in the Alice fandom with Niphuria! These can be found on our FF joint account (Amaranthea-Niphuria), and I'm in the process of posting them to A03.

--Alice/Hamish [Alice in Wonderland 2010]

I know, I know, I said that I'm inflexible with my pairings. I can't write Alice/Hamish worth beans, but I do think there was more to the poor man than Alice was perhaps willing to see, and there are some fantastic authors in the fandom who can write them. just_a_dram's work is a fantastic example of Alice/Hamish done right. :)

--Elizabeth/Darcy [Pride and Prejudice, all versions]

From Bridget Jones and Will to the original novel, I LOVE all forms of Lizzie and Darcy. This is one fandom I don't dare write in though because I don't feel qualified to the task. XD Jane Austin's wit in prose is my favorite, and to write fics based on her work feels too close to blasphemy to me. (I seem to actually have less problem writing actual blasphemy, as evidenced by my SPN fic. lol) I do enjoy reading others do so though!

--Haymitch/Katniss [The Hunger Games Trilogy]

Oy, I can feel your judginess through the screen. I just really, really love their interactions. In the first book it was all about keeping Katniss alive, something that I didn't think Haymitch had bothered to try to do for his tributes in a long time. What really began to have me actually ship them though was the following novels. I'm not going to talk loads about it here on my profile because I don't want to inadvertantly spoil someone just casually reading this (if anyone is bothering to!) but my goodness. The amount of trust these two put in each other is, to me, more profound than what Katniss ever gave Gale or Peeta. Everyone in these novels just seem so broken, and the idea of Katniss and Haymitch not really trying to fix each other but just accepting each others flaws and helping their partner with them trips my trigger. (shrugs)

--Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins [Supernatural RPS]

Aaaaaand here's where I fill my 'going to hell' punchcard. Shipping real people and then writing about it. (headdesk) I blame this on watching Supernatural bloopers, convention videos, and Dean and Castiel's profound bond. I always was one of those people going on and on about "Oh I couldn't read/write RPS fic, that's just so wrong, they're real people, you know," etc etc etc. And then I saw these two interact on red carpets and 'candid' clips. I saw real photos of them doing nothing more than standing by each other and manips of them doing so much more. And...I just started to ship them. (cringes) I've only written one story thus far (which can be found once again on A03) titled 'Operation G.A.S (and what happened thereafter)'. But I have more planned. Not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I'm enjoy writing it.

EDIT 8/30: LOL I did it again. I've actually written *loads* of Cockles at this point. Not sure how much I'll actually publish, but there is at least one other story featuring this pairing on both my A03 and my LJ.

Other Pairings:

For these, I'm not actively reading, writing, or searching out fic in these fandoms, but I did in the past.

Buffy/Spike [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

Willow/Tara [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

Hermione/Snape [Harry Potter]

Hermione/Draco Malfoy [Harry Potter]

Jack/Bobby [Four Brothers]

Deleted Stories Being Re-Worked and Re-Posted:

These are all in the AiW fandom.

Possible Side Effects


Slayer, Past Tense





Off With His Head




The Boy

The Customer

I apologize to everyone who favorited stories for convenience of re-reading/finding them again, and thank you for all the reviews/support/feedback. And please--if you've saved any of my stories do not distribute them without my permission.

If you'd like PDFs of the original versions of any of these fics for your personal use please PM me and I will see about getting one to you.

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