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The Study of Other Species

Character Descriptions

Name: Lily Alana

Nickname(s): None

Age: Almost 16

Gender: Female

Eyes: brown

Hair: dark brown, almost black. Down to back

Features: Earrings (double pierced)

Nationality: 100% Hawaiian

Grew up: Hawaii

Current home: Hawaii

Likes: Surfing, painting, Elvis, rock music

Dislikes: Popular people, veggies

Personality: Do-it-myself-attitude

Fears: Spiders, snakes, clowns, heights

Clothes: Blue tank-top, shorts and blue flip-flops. Black one piece swimsuit underneath

Favorite Items: Surfboard


Name: David Alana

Nickname(s): Dave

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: shaggy and brown

Features: freckels

Nationality: 100% Hawaiian

Grew Up: Hawaii

Current Home: Hawaii

Likes: Aciton figures, riding waves with his cousin

Dislikes: bullies, sports

Personality: Fun but serious

Fears: Clowns

Clothes: red t-shirt, black swim shorts, black sandles

Favorite Items: lucky coin


Name: Logan Millers

Nickname(s): None

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Eyes: brown

Hair: Shaved raven

Features: none

Nationality: 50% Mexican, 50% Italian

Grew Up: New York City

Current Home: New York City

Likes: Skateboarding, comics, basketball

Dislikes: nerds, school

Personality: tough, dosen’t-like-help

Fears: bugs

Clothes: Orange t-shirt, black basketball shorts

Favorite Item(s): sliver chain


Name: Claire Granger

Nickname(s): Claire Bear (Fathers pet name)

Age: 16

Gender: female

Eyes: light blue

Hair: strawberry blond

Features: earrings, painted nails, make up done

Nationality: 50% Polish, 50% French

Grew Up: Los Angeles

Current Home: Los Angeles

Likes: shopping, modeling, cheerleading

Dislikes: meat, fatty foods, reading

Personality: all-about-me, prepy

Fears: breaking a nail, being dumped, messy hair

Clothes: pink shirt, black mini skirt, black flats

Favorite Item(s): purse, bracelet


Name: Oliver Jones

Nickname(s): Ollie

Age: 16.5

Gender: male

Eyes: blue

Hair: dirty blond

Features: tattoo on back calf (Red star)

Nationality: unknown

Grew Up: Chicago Illinois

Current Home: Madison Wisconson

Likes: Driving, football, basketball, baseball, guitar

Dislikes: veggietables

Personality: Leader

Fears: heights, losing his sister

Clothes: Red and black plaid shirt, black cowboy hat and boots, jeans

Favorite Item(s): drivers licence


Name: Belle Jones

Nickname(s): none

Age: 1.5

Gender: female

Eyes: green

Hair: blond, curly, short

Features: freckles

Nationality: unknown

Grew Up: Madison, Wisconson

Current Home: Madison, Wisconson

Likes: playing outside, cows, her big brother

Dislikes: going to sleep, eating nasty food

Personality: bubbly

Fears: leaving her brother

Clothes: Pink dress, purple leggings, pink shoes

Favorite Item(s): stuffed bunny (Momo)

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