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This is a three-way ("heehee, three-way"- tor) joint account ("heehee, joint"- tor)

(Stop with the innuendos Tor, people are gonna think we're weird- Car) (HeeHee, Tor said Joint ^.^ -Sil) ( OKAY I get it haha get on with it!- Car)

Okay, so we mainly write Harry Potter fanfics (I LOVE DEAD POETS SOCIETY!-sil) (We over-power you, muggle- car & tor),

but we won't limit ourselves to just one genre of fanfic, or even to fanfiction at all (We have to write fanfiction, IT"S FANFICTION.NET! -Sil). In short, we're going to write whatever the hell we want to write, just because we are writers, and are thus Gods in our own fictional worlds. (Mwahahahahahaaa...-tor) (dang it Tor now we sound like maniacs bent on world destruction! skrew it I’m taking over-car) (TeeHee we're crazy ^.^- Sil)

ANYWAY “why are they writing a joint account that's weird" yeah we know but we're as lazy as they come and we figure that if we do it together this won't become just another lost project in the back of our minds like all the others have. We have not actually posted something but we will soo so look forward to when we do!

oh and we like SLASH! (Sil's fault ALL hers!- car) (IT's Not- oh whatever it so totally is -Sil) so be warned. (I don’t like slash, per se, just any kind of gender -tor) (Sigh...yeah and she's BI - Car)

So I guess we should introduce ourselves now I shall start since I’m awesome.

my name is Car (Carmen) I’m the sensible one out of the three as you may have noticed ( well at least I like to think so) . I like writing (duh), art, piano, anime, drama, reading and gaming occasionally. the other two think I'm plotting to take over the world and even if I was I wouldn't tell them so( MWAHAHAHAHH!) . I can't spell for SHIZZ !so if I get something right get me a cookie or something .Anyway yeah I'm not really sure what else I can say about myself ...when I'm can think about something I'll post it but yeah ...OH! And I'll be the first to post! Can’t wait have already started writing ...goodbye ^_^

My existence Be Sil (short for silvie :P) I more or less like what Car does except just more gaming and that I’m ten times cooler (well at least I like to think so) I mostly like writing slash pairings. Still totally a harry potter fan but I might not write much about them. ( she's a nerd , like seriously she wouldn't get her phone cause she was on a quest , A QUEST people! oh and she's smart but she likes to think that she won't do anything with her brains it's rather irritating actually -Car) On that nerds have the most FUN, seriously what do the rest of the world do with their time if their not Questin?! AND I will one day own a book shop for the sole purpose of having more space for my books and NOT go to Uni! hahaha screw you Car!( watch that crash and burn I'm just saying - car) P.S. I’m Tor's lesbian lover, *Wink* (STOP LYING ON THE INTERNET!!!!!! just because your registered as married on Facebook doesn't mean it's true! - Car) (EVERYTHING ON FACEBOOK IS TRUE! and she's totally uke- Tor) (D.I.S.T.U.R.B.I.N.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Car)

Hey there, I'm Tor (Tori), and my favourite colour is rainbow. (At least I think it is) I like, love, nay LIVE, The Arts (vis. art, drama, literature, poetry, music, etc.) I am going through a ridiculous Harry Potter obsession, and whenever someone MENTIONS anything to do with it I get a major fan-girl-nosebleed. Sad, I know. I am one of the craziest people you will ever meet (or read about) and I shall one day be second in command to my mistress Car when she rules the world. Sil is her adversary. (Skrew you Tor stop deciding things on your own!- car ) (It’s true I will be the Resistance. VIVA LA RESISTANCE, VIVA! - Sil)

I apologise for the weirdness but hey that’s just who we are. (Teehee she said “who we are” –Sil) ( that doesn’t even make sense – Car)Don’t let it discourage you from actually reading anything.

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