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Mimisbrunnr - Old Norse for the "Well of Mimir", or the Well of Knowledge. One of the three wells beneath the three roots of the world tree Yggdrasill. He who drinks of this well will have the knowledge and understanding of the world. Odin, leader of the gods of Asgard, paid the price of sacrificing one of his eyes to drink of the water. His eye where dropped into the depth of the well, remaining there as a sign to all who came to that place of the price that the Father of the Gods had paid for his wisdom. The wisdom with which he would foresee Ragnarok, the ultimate battle between good and evil. He knew the sorrow this battle would bring, but with the knowledge of the well, he also knew that beyond the lingering smoke of Rangarok, there lies hope for the world.

Anyway, I have finally decided to make this account in tribute to my cultural Viking heritage. For now, I will post a couple of stories for the movie 'How to train your Dragon'. I loved the movie and was quite delighted to see how Dreamwork was seeking inspiration from Viking history to make the film. Some facts might have been a bit off yes, but the point in my upcoming writing is to add small pieces of true facts and histories from the age of the Norsemen, trying to mix together the lore of the movie with fair points of Viking heritage. It will be up to you to decide how well I succeed. And I am going to be honest with you, mostly I just want to write about HttyD :P

I encourage each and everyone of you to read the footnotes I will add to my text, sins these will describe the facts I wanna add, such as the meanings of names and historical notes.

Now I have not read the books, nor do I think I will in the near future. I have fare to much to do (honestly! There is hardly time ever to write my stories :S) So all fiction that I produce, will be solidly from the movies point of view.

About me:

I live in Sweden, the home of the Vikings. It dose not snow nine month of the year here, but we have a fairly amount of cold winter. Im 20 years old, male if you wanna know, and have been making this kind of fiction for far to long but its first now I have taken the decision to share some of it with others. Apologies in advance for any kind of errors that might and probably will occur in my texts, my area of expertise lies within the Swedish languages, not English. And with my everlasting struggle against dyslexia I hope you might forgive my errors and I welcome any help I can get in correcting them :)

Me myself, you could quite well compare me to Hiccup from HttyD, with a little Fishleg flavor thrown in there when it comes to love for lore and knowledge.

One might say there is two parts of me, one part has its core in the present. I study politics, keep myself up to date in almost all that happens around the world, struggling for peace, democracy and stability.

And when the sorrows of the world grows to strong, my other part takes hold. There lies my lust for fantasy and history. Tolkien is and will always be the father and god of Fantasy, and I read all his book at least ones every summer. And when the time present itself I read a lot of History, of any kind. Asian, European, American, ancient, medieval, you name it. But as for late my own history, of Old Norse, Vikings, and more present, has taken up a lot of my interest. I find myself wondering in the forest, visiting old Viking graves, ancient remain and rune stones.

I welcome anyone who has question, want to discuss or just chat a bit about Old Norse lore and legend, or the movie, to contact me via PM. :)

My taste for music is a little different from the average of my generation. Mike Oldfield is worthy of mentioning. Beside that I mostly listen to soundtracks, musicals, mix of music and poetry. The Tolkien Ensemble is my favorite group when it comes to turn the poetry of Tolkien into songs. And The Lord of the Ring Musical, oh the songs from that musical is pure gold. Celtic music, (Swedish)folk music. I don't however, feel comfortable with the so called "Viking-rock" that has swept over the world the last decades. Nordic band that plays it, so be it. We all have our own way of honoring. German bands... no offense to any German that ever read my profile, but I find most of these songs to be a abomination, and I disagree that Viking lore is all about raw strength and war. I may yet stand corrected, and if you know a band or a song that you feel makes a perfect tribute to the age of Vikings, feel free to send it and I shall hear it.

A Viking's Life reviews
This project will be a collection of one-shots, infusing the story of Hiccup and his village with bits of Old Norse lore and mythology, giving a insight in the daily life of a Viking.
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