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Author has written 4 stories for Shugo Chara!, Uta no Prince-sama, and Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン.

Name: You guys can call me KYM (pronounced Kim)

Age: It's a secret

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Go on the computer, Listening to music

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"HANABI" -Mr. Children


"Hero" -嵐


"You Are Beautiful" -DEEP


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I love my mother! (these are just so LOL!!!)

Shugo Chara

Summary: Amamiya Megumi wanted to start new at a new school, hiding a lot of secrets, but with the Guardians forcing her to become the new Joker it might be impossible for her to keep her outer character. With a new member in Middle school and Elementary school and new enemies how will the new Guardians face this new problem, with the help of the Middle schoolers. (Oh! And look at that! I still suck at summaries *gasp*)

Name: Amamiya Megumi 天宮 恵美

Personality: Her outer character is cold and distant, wanting to stay away from people because of her secret. But, she really wants to make friends and be like any normal kid. She is smart and athletic and tries to do everything perfect so she she doesn't cause trouble for other people. Honou, represents her sporty side and her wanting to be more passionate and brave to try something new. Izumi represents her musical side and her wanting to be able to show her romantist side and become more friendly. She is in the same class as Yaya. She came from America and moved to Japan when she was a 5th grader. Then she moved near Seiyo Elementary and enrolled there by 6th grade. Her wish is to show her real self to the world and that they would accept her.

Shugo Chara:



Character Transformation (Chara Nari):

Chara Nari with Honou:

Blaze Warrior (outfit only)
Hair is held up in a ponytail

Attacks: (Weapon: Ruby Sword)

- Fighting Flame
- Brave Light

Chara Nari with Izumi:

Aqua Princess (outfit only)
Hair becomes wavier and has a blue ribbon

Attacks: (Weapon: Aqua Staff)
- Royal Wave
- Pretty Rain

Dark Chara Nari with Ayami:

Fallen Angel
.net/Mizore.Akihiro.full.1043298.jpg (outfit only)
Hair turns whiter and longer

Attacks: (Weapon: Dark Scythe)
- Dark Shadow
- Heart Steal


Name: Kasaragi Shouta 如月 翔太

Personality: He is a very easy going guy and very popular at his school. He is usually called one of the three princes with Kukai and Tadase. He can be very childish and is told by his older sister to be a little more mature. He sometimes wishes that he was more mature and more dependable to fight against what he believes in and so when he chara changes with Tsuki he becomes very mature and can predict what can happen next depending on the persons actions and personality. He is fun to hang out with and becomes very serious when the people important to him are hurt. When he was small he loved fantasy so his chara is a wizard chara.

Shugo Chara:


Chara Transformation:

Wizard Wonder
(Outfit only)

Attacks: (Weapon: Magic Book)
- Magic Spell (can attack, defend, and boost the user)

I just finished watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica and it was pretty interesting so i decided to make a story on it

Name: Henmi Aime

She has pink hair and red eyes. 2nd year, Hoshigami Gakuen. 13 years old. Her mom was a Puella Magi who turned into a witch and was killed by another Puella Magi after her father left her family. She lives alone because her brother is in a mainland college. She gets depressed but tries to move on. She can be very energetic but it is only when they do something fun. She is a great leader and is very serious when she is doing her Puella Magi work. Her hobby is to draw and sketch.

Wish: To have the power to protect Puella Magis from becoming witches.

Weapon: A Harp

Power: Using her harp she can create small sharp light blades that create great damage and to move huge objects around using her harp’s energy. Without it she can purify Soul Gems without using grief seeds.

Puella Magi Form: (outfit only)

Name: Okubo Nina

She has orange hair and light brown eyes. 3rd year, Hoshigami Gakuen. 14 years old. She was very quiet and shy until Risa came. She lives with her older sister Kyoka and twin brother Nio.Ever since then she became very good friends with her but she was still a little shy. She would do anything for the people important to her. Her hobby is to go Running.

Wish: To heal her arms and legs.

Weapon: A two sided sword

Power: Strong body with long stamina.

Puella Magi Form: (outfit only)

Name: Kawamura Rioka

She has yellow hair and yellow eyes. 2nd year, Hoshigami Gakuen. 13 years old. She is very shy but she became stronger when she became a Puella Magi and met Miki. She is very loyal to Miki and will do anything that she tells her to do. She lives with her mother and father with her older sister. Her hobby is photography.

Wish: To heal her family from the incurable disease.

Weapon: Knives with chains at the end

Power: Healing

Puella Magi Form: (outfit only)

Name: Satou Miki

She has green hair and Green eyes. 2nd year, Hoshigami Gakuen. 13 years old. She is a very kind girl and nice to everyone around her. She is like a girl you will always think that she never did anything wrong. But when she is battle as a Puella Magi she is very strong and will defeat anything in her way. Her father ignores her now that her mother is back but her mother cares for her but not all the time. Her hobby is to read. When she loses her temper she is very scary but luckily it hardly happens.

Wish: For her mom to come back to life

Weapon: Ribbons that can bind her enemy

Power: After she binds the ribbons to her enemy she can suck the life source out of them and using it for herself, killing them, or use against them by shooting it back. Also she can bring people back to life if they just died recently, but if done wrong it could kill her.

Puella Magi Form: (outfit only)

Name: Hayashida Rika

She has Dark blue hair with light blue eyes. 3rd year, Hoshigami Gakuen. 14 years old. She is very tomboyish and gets mad easily. She doesn’t have friends because they want to be with her to be with her “popular” older sister Risa. She doesn’t like Risa and thinks of her as her rival. She comes from a rich family but her parents ignore her so the maids and butlers take care of her. They’re her real family. Her hobby is to cook.

Wish: To be five times better at everything

Weapon: Scythe

Power: Becomes stronger mentally and physically

Puella Magi Form: (outfit only)

Name: Hayashida Risa

She has Light blue hair held back by a headband and with dark blue eyes. 3rd year, Hoshigami Gakuen. 14 years old. She is very mature and good at almost everything because of her parents, making her very popular among the students. She loves her sister but doesn’t know when she hurts her. Her best friends is Nina. She is Rika’s older twin sister. They don't really look alike because she looks like her mother while her sister looks like the father. Her hobby is to play her violin.

Wish: To protect her sister

Weapon: Shield that can be used for a boomerang and to protect

Power: To deflect any attack

Puella Magi form: (outfit only)

Name: Fukumoto Yuko

She has purple hair and purple eyes. 3rd year, Hoshigami Gakuen. 15 years old. She is very easy going and usually slacks off when something gets hard. She loves having fun. Best friends with Rika. Her parents ignore her and don’t really care for her so she takes care of herself but she doesn’t mind. Her hobby is to have fun.

Wish: To have a thousand wishes

Weapon: Bazooka

Power: She can wish for any wish but the stronger the wish the more energy it takes. A very powerful one could kill her.

Puella Magi Form: (outfit only)

Name: Sahara Kyo

She has White hair and black eyes. Used to be Hoshigami Gakuen 2nd year, 14 years old. She is very hyper and has a great sense of humor. But that was before her family died. After that she became distant and dark. She lives alone.

Wish: To be able to know what will happen before it happens.

Weapon: Staff

Power: She can see the future and read people’s mind

Puella Magi Form: (outfit only)

This is for the Uta no Prince-Sama story I might be doing

This is the picture of the Oc's in the story:

This is the cover of Maji Love 1000% that I this idea from: (And yes they are girls)

Sorry If this is confusing!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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