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Hey everyone... Welcome to my profile :D

I'm officially 21!!... and I'm in University. I love writing stories, but sometimes real life catches up. This is the first time I'm uploading anything, but I do have plenty more ideas where 'After A Night In Vegas' came from. There just all stashed away in my brain until I get the motivation and time to write :P

I hope everyone who likes my story will Review as I love hearing from you guys and I also reply to each and every one seperately.

Where am I up to:

GUYS AND GIRLS!!!! >>> I'VE LOST MY MEMORY STICK!... Yes you hear right, I've lost my precious USB and I'm lost without it :( NOT ONLY does it have all the next completed chapters on it but it has future stories that I've gotten as far as 8 chapters with each on :( ... To say I'm upset is an understatement, after everything I've been through the past couple of weeks (being in hospital twice, losing my dog, my nan being in hospital, assignments and a hated university placement) I feel disappointed and really depressed at this!! I hope to find it when I go home from university but that isn't for another 2 weeks... I hope you all understand and I promise 2 chapters for each on the next update!! :D

OwPaperCut xx

AFTER A NIGHT IN VEGAS: First chapter is officially up and I have about two pages of the second chapter done- weirdly enough I have the third chapter completed... Don't ask- it's sometimes how my mind works. It's a dangerous place.

Chapter 2 is up! ... Chapter three will come in the next day or sooo... Chapter four?? Only just started. Chapter five?? Haven't thought about it ;D

Chapter 3 is now up (if you didn't know :D ) Chapter four was supposed to be up like last week but as I was on holiday and had an assignment deadline, it was put on the back burner... but I'm working on it, and hopefully it should be out within the next two days :D

Chapter 4 is officially up! I had bit of trouble as I wrote it then realised the chapter was all wrong for the plot and had to start again :( But it is finally up as a belated Christmas and a Happy New Year chapter :) Hope you all enjoy and remember to review! Chapter five you ask?? I haven't started unfortunately as I have a big assignment due which is taking up my time and over Christmas aswell!! Slave drivers those Universities are :P Joking, I love my course! Don't worry though, once this assignment is done I don't really have any writing work to do, thankfully! So I can concentrate on this!! :D Stay tuned...

I've started Chapter 5 but as I have just started placement with my University, I'm kind of busy. I did want it to be out before now, but I haven't had the time as I also have an assignment due :( Plus my muse is being fussy and I keep re-writing, which is never good. I think it's Charlie's fault, but I'm not going to place the blame solely on his head so I'll share it with Edward :D I hope to get it out soon for you guys, and again let me just say I'm sorry for the delay.




WOLVES' PROTECTION: Were do I start? Well first off I'm sorry that Chapter one went strange and didn't start a new line at each new person speaking. I swear it was like that when I completed it. I've rectified it anyway, so if you need to re-read please do :D

Chapter 2 is going up after I finish writing this and has been edited on here so hopefully it won't be like the last and is on a new line for each new speaker :D I hope to get more Reviews for this Chapter if it's at all possible! Plus its much much longer than any before Chapters ;D ... Chapter 3 is ready for editing but I'm going to hold onto it for a bit to give me some time to complete Chapter 4 :D

Chapter 3 is finished with editing, and I hope it will recieve more reviews than this story has been getting so far. Chapter four is completed, but again must be edited :( but it won't be out yet, until chapter three has had some limelight :D See you soon!!

Chapter 4 is up, not getting the reviews I want really with either story, but since I love my stories I'm going to continue; just to see were they lead for myself :D


Chapter 5 is up!! I hope i get some more reviews for it, but we'll see. Chapter six is finished and waiting but I think for my own sanity of balancing everything in my life, I'll hold onto it for a while so I don't have to start worrying about next updates :D Plus it gives you all a breather to read and review :P

Chapter 6 is up!! Chapter seven, writing in progress...

Chapter 7 is up!! Chapter eight, writing in progress... well, once I get an idea of whether you all like the last chapter as I don't know whether it's going the right way :( ... but still.. writing in progress...


I've just had surgery and even though this would be the perfect time to write I have, unfortunately, left my USB in my halls (dorm room) in University, as my mum wanted me home to rest before starting my placement again. SAD, I KNOW! I'm so bored right now that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to write but can't exactly remember where I am up to with my new chapters :( ...

I'm sorry for the disturbance, I hope to have more chapters out soon!!

THANKS, OwPaperCut xx

What stories do I have planned for the future:

BELLA/EDWARD: :This one will be a story set in Edward's time when he is human and will be AH/AU. It will see Bella being a perfect house wife- until Edward comes along.

BELLA/PETER: :Edward will have left Bella in this one and she will be alone until she meets Peter, through a specific type of spell. Although she will be back in time, it won't be the type of story where she is back in time and that's it, she falls in love and comes back to present time and finds him again. It will have it's own twist.

I have many more ideas but I don't want to give them all away here and after I finish these I will start to do Twilight/Supernatural and Twilight/Vampire Diaries CO's plus others...

ANYHO, thanks for checking out my profile; check back in for updates and remember: : : :

READ AND REVIEW all you lovely people you!

xx Ow.PaperCut xx

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