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Author has written 8 stories for Gravitation, Love Mode, and Finder Series.

Thank you for reading my profile!

I took my pen name from the anime Getbackers. I'm so in love with Ito no Kazuki that I took his name. You probably wondered why there's a 'd' in my pen name. Well... (sobs) someone took the name before I manage to grab it!

Recently, I re read my earlier fictions and cringed at the mistakes I've made. If you have stumbled across those, I sincerely apologize for the pain you have to endure while reading them. I am currently editing Addicted to Shuichi (Gravitation) God, there were so many mistakes; I nearly died from embarrassment! Sorry about that.

You can also find me in LiveJournal and AO3 ;)

I am not a professional writer. I write for fun (mostly to fulfill my fangirl fantasies). Please PM me if you have any questions! If you dislike the PM feature and wish to email me directly, my GMAIL account is kadzuki23

What I am currently working on: Viewfinder: Business as Usual

This is a series of one shots involving Asami and Akihito. There's a reason why I didn't want to start a multi-chapter fiction; I am afraid that I cannot find time to write or update my fiction.

There are too many OCs in Business as Usual. Occasionally, I reuse the characters so in case you're wondering about them, I have them listed here in alphabetical order.

List of OCs in Business as Usual -Updated October 2015

Ando - (Chapter 7 onwards) The Fixer's former chief security who later became Toru's partner. He mainly served as Akihito's driver but in recent chapters, Ando became one of Asami's most trusted bodyguards.

Akemi - (Chapter 29 complete) Akihito's high school friend. A pretty and successful lady, she tried to flirt with Akihito during the high school reunion.

Captain Yamamoto - (Chapter 25) A police (captain) at Setagaya Police station

Chen - (Chapter 17 & 20) Fei Long's subordinate. He betrayed Fei Long to work for Chey Rith where he brought Tao to Japan and tried to kill him to start a war between Asami and Fei Long. His plans were foiled by Akihito and was later killed by Fei Long.

Chey Rith - (Chapter 20) Also known as the Four Face Buddha, he is Cambodia's crime lord.

Detective Kitahara - (Chapter 25) A detective at Setagaya police station.

Detective Matsumoto & Kanbe - (Chapter 33) Detective in charge of Sakazaki's murder.

Eiji & Tanaka - (Chapter 4) The duo who stole ten packets of unprocessed heroin from Asami. They were beaten and executed by Asami.

Emi - (Chapter 6) A girl Takato was interested in. She rejected Takato to be with the son of a politician.

Emi-chan - (Chapter 13 & 14) A model wannabe. Asami ordered his guards to kill her and staged her death.

Fukada - (Chapter 9) Asami's former employee who worked at Sion. Akihito overheard him and Kawamura trying to embezzle Asami's money. They were later caught and handed over to the police.

Goda Orochi - (Chapter 263& 33) Head of the Goda clan. He fathered an illegitimate child with his mistress (Koga Takeru). He was later killed by Asami.

Haruma Kyou (Chapter 30) Former Manager of Sion Osaka. He was fired and later apprehended under Kirishima's orders for betraying Asami.

Hasegawa - (Chapter33) Head of Legal in Sion.

Hayashi - (Chapter 16) Asami's former guard who allied with Kuroda to have Asami killed. He was promised the post of wakagashira of the Kuroda clan if he succeeded but his plans were foiled by Akihito. Asami had him tortured and killed.

Inoue Daichi - (Chapter 7) Transport Minister of Japan. He was blackmailed by Asami to give one of his warehouses to the yakuza to store illegal weapons.

Inoue Daiki - (Chapter 6 & 7) Son of the Transport Minister. He started a fight in The Fixer where Akihito got hurt in the process. He was severely punished by Asami.

Inspector Mori - (Chapter 10, 11, 14 & 20) A spy sent by Asami to the police department.

Ishida Atsuki- (Chapter 11 & 16) A journalist who was attached to a tabloid newspaper. Akihito robbed him of his photos to protect Asami in Chapter 11. He later returned in Chapter 16 where he blackmailed Akihito to go undercover on his behalf. Ishida was caught by Asami's guards and two of his fingers were sliced off. He later disappeared from Tokyo all together as he was too afraid of Asami.

Ishizaka Touji - (Chapter 20) Chief of the Narcotics Department in Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. A corrupted police officer, he worked with Chen and tried to bring Asami down. He was later caught by Toru and sent to Mori.

Kanda - (Chapter 16 & 20) One of Asami's guards.

Keiichi - (Chapter 21.5- Omake & 30) Akihito's former guard. He was caught confessing to Akihito by Asami and was later transferred to Osaka.

Kanzaki sensei - (Chapter 14 & 16) Asami's personal physician.

Kato - (Chapter 26) One of Koga's underlings. He was killed by Asami.

Kawamura - (Chapter 9) Fukada's partner.

Koga Takeru- (Chapter 18, 25, 26) A street punk who tried to extort money from Akihito and Sanada. He later returned, beating Akihito in Chapter 25. Asami had Toru sliced off his right hand as punishment for beating Akihito up.

Koga Takeshi - (Chapter 5) Akihito's former boss. He asked Akihito to assist him in one of his events.

Kuroda - (Chapter 16) Head of the Kuroda clan who plotted an assassination attempt on Asami. He, as well as his clan, was annihilated by Asami.

Mah Wing Shing - (Chapter 11 & 14) Head of Chinese Mafia Tung Shing. He was a shrewd businessman who cheated on Asami's shipment of Heroin. Although he was caught and sent back to China, he later escaped and came to Japan for revenge. Mah was killed by Asami in Chapter 14.

Makoto - (Chapter 16) One of Asami's guards.

Minagawa - (Chapter 21.5) Asami's former guard who stole a box of firearms and sold it to the Russians. He also passed information about Akihito to a rival yakuza clan. He was executed by Toru on Asami's orders.

Minami Nobuo - (Chapter 29 complete) Akihito's high school friend. He was jealous of Akihito and when he discovered Akihito's relationship with Asami, he tried to seducing Asami to compete with Akihito.

Morita - (Chapter 18) Manager of The Sky Bar.

Nishimura Yuya - (Chapter 12) Asami's former guard who betrayed the crime lord by disclosing the location of dealings between Asami and Mah to Ishida. He fled but was eventually caught and killed by Asami.

Noda Takeru - (Chapter 5) Up and rising actor. He broke Akihito's precious camera when Akihito accidentally poured champagne onto him. Asami ruined his career by exposing his relationship with Kogashima, a politician.

Oda Kyousuke - (Chapter 8) The son of a Diet member who was hospitalized after involving in a gang fight. Akihito cosplayed as a nurse, sneaked into his room and managed to snap a perfect shot of him.

Ogawa - (Chapter 28, 32) Kirishima's assistant and Akihito's secretary.

Sakaki - (Chapter 16) Head of the Sakaki clan. Kuroda tried to ally with him to kill Asami but he rejected Kuroda's offer.

Sanada Hideaki - (Chapter 12 & 18) A dedicated entertainment reporter from Mainichi Shinbun. Sanada happened to stumble on Akihito and Asami kissing at the Sky Bar.

Satoshi Yuichi - (Chapter 9) Former Chief Architect of Sion. Together with Kawamura and Fukada, they cheated Asami's money but he was later caught and executed by the crime lord.

Setsuna - (Chapter 10) A popular band that Akihito liked. Setsuna was signed under Asami's record label.

Shiba Masaki - (Chapter 31) A former policeman who was framed by Yamaguchi for the murder of pop star Nanami. He was later acquitted of the charges and was employed by Asami. Owing his life to Asami and Akihito, he is very loyal to them.

Shu - (Chapter 13) Band member of Setsuna

Shuji -(Chapter 26) One of Koga Takeru's underlings. He was killed by Asami.

Suzuki Kenta - (Chapter 2) Manager of Marukoshi, an up-scale mart that Asami bought for Akihito.

Taiga - (Chapter 10 & 13) Band leader and lead singer of Setsuna.

Takaba Natsuko - (Chapter 19, 21) Akihito's mother. She worked as a waitress in Fukouka.

Takaba Hidenori - (Chapter 19) Akihito's father. He worked in a pharmaceutical company that had dealings with Sion.

Takaba Haruhito - (Chapter 19, 21, 24 & 25) Akihito's older brother. Haruhito has a brother complex and is extremely protective of Akihito. He found out Akihito's relationship with Asami and tried to separate them but was unsuccessful.

Takigawa (Chapter 31) Leader of the IAB squad

Takeda - (Chapter 8) Editor-in-chief for Mainichi Shinbun; a place Akihito occasionally freelanced for.

Toru - (Chapter 3 onwards) Akihito's personal bodyguard. He used to serve the army until he was personally recruited by Asami to become Akihito's guard. A highly skilled man, Toru is loyal to Akihito and sees him as his brother. He became one of Asami's most trusted guards in the later chapters.

Watanabe Watsuki (Chapter 31) - President of Mainichi Shimbun

Yamaguchi Issei - (Chapter 31) Chief Superintendent Police. He blackmailed Akihito but was later caught by the police after Akihito found evidence that he framed Shiba Masaki for murder

Yuu - (Chapter 15) A sales assistant at Akihito's boutique in Ginza.

Thank you to:

Beloved Enemy for translating Business as Usual into Russian! The translated version can be found at ficbook.

Sony Jackson for translating Business as Usual into Vietnamese!

HannahStewart9 who translated Business as Usual into German.The translated version can be found at

Ashley Vulpix who translated Addicted to Shuichi into Spanish! Her version can be found in ffnet!

My best moments in ffnet: Meeting friends! Even though some no longer write, I still keep in touch via Facebook and emails!

My partner-in-crime at the moment is RiveReinStyx. Thanks for listening to my endless ramblings!

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