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Poll: Hey Everyone! Yeah another poll, For those who are reading "Twilight Celestial Heroes." I have a small poll to know for a small question in my Story. -Should Telma be the Biological Mother of Luda and previous love of Renado? Or simply be a good friend of Renado when they were younger and somewhat a surrogate mother to Luda.(Get note, either way Renado X Telma will happen in the story) Vote Now!
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Author has written 13 stories for Transformers, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Transformers/Beast Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh, Legend of Zelda, Digimon, and My Little Pony.

Hey everyone, this is Darkyami1214 here I joined Fanfiction. net to write out my stories. And I Do hope you like My stories.

Anyways down to business:

Name: Yami, never tell you my Real name, but If I trust you enough, I'll tell you my real name.

Deviant Art Account: ht[SPACE]tp[SPACE[SPACE]//[SPACE]darkyami1214[DOT]deviantart[DOT]com[SPACE]/

(I am uploading Twilight Celestial Heroes there but it's behind in chapters compared to here)

Also, I am currently drawing a manga/doujinshi/comic of my own creation called "Erementaru":


Deviant Art: Ask Blog: Ask TCH-Zelda-and-or-Me - The Heroine:


Twilight Celestial Heroes Link references:

(Ch: 22 - Zora's Pouch):



(In this, Zelda is based off my apparently my most famous story "Twilight Celestia Heroes." So she has a different and more detailed background story then in the actual game)


About me: I'm just your average teen girl, who loves to play tennis, her favorite color is blue, likes to wear her jeans and plain T shirts who has no life what-so-ever, who spends most of of her time on Youtube and reading Fanfiction Deviant-art and tumblr. I am Catholic and I been through some history pain. I'm also a bit gothic (although I don't dress like I am). I also used to be cutter, so I know what it's like to be betrayed and to be abused verbal and physically, so I know about pain.

Luckily I overcame that, So I'm fine, only the memories are something I still need help with.

Favorite bands: Not much, Linking Park (I LOVE THE BAND TO DEATH), Evanescene, Bowling for Soup, 30 Second to Mars, Paramore, and Taylor Swift, *I'm also starting to like Three Days Grace, and Skillet. And Now Nickleback*

Dislikes: Racist, sexist, bullies, sadists, braggers, someone who takes advantage of me and other people, suck ups, liars, cheaters, robbers, killers, abusers, betrayal, people who complain about something that's not even a big deal, and who are saying they are having a bad day or they hate their lives just over a little problem like they can't go on facebook/instagram or whine that they can't text to their friends or are grounded.

But enough of that.

Before I forget I will tell you right now I support YAOI and SLASH. In fact I support it, I really don't see too much Yuri(don't hate it), I just hardly see or read it. But I am A fan girl, who loves Yaoi :D

(But I only ship 2 characters if they work out together. I don't just go shipping 2 Cannons together just because they are hot or popular. I see to it, that they could really be a couple. AND KEEP THEIR CHARACTERS/PERSONALITIES IN TACT)

//And please, no incest. I refuse to read or see that. It makes me want to puke. Especially putting brothers/sisters or any other family blood relations together... *holds hand to mouth*

Excuse me for a moment...


*Puking noises and painful groaning outside the bathroom door*

*Comes back in*

Just letting you know... *Holds hand to mouth*

Favorite Anime:

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's(Don't like it, then sue me)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood(I like the first one too, but this one is awesome!)

Digimon (All of them except season 6)

Pokemon(Same as Digimon but the most newest one)

Higurashi(Yes it's gory and a bit confusing, but I like :D)

Blood (actually more gory then Higurashi -well in my opinion- but the story line is amazing!)


Favorite Books:

Harry Potter (love the concept and storline I grew up with this book :D)

Hunger Games(Do you know how hard it was to put the book down XD)

To Kill a Mocking Bird (Ah, Classics :D)

Eon/Eona Series (I love stories that involve dragons :D)

Ender's Game(I hate the fact these kids are going through military training, but I was hooked)


Favorite Cartoons:

Avatar the Last Airbender (I originally thought it was Anime, but either way it was one of best Shows I ever Seen!! _)

Avatar: The Legend of Korra(I love this, original is better, but this is great :D)

My Little Pony(I'm a pegasister, so what)

Marvel: The Ultimate Spiderman (Awesome show, characters are cool to -Although Ava/White Tiger can get a little to serious she kicks butt :D)

Danny Phantom(Love this show :D)

Wolverine and the X-Men (THE SECOND SEASON MUST COME OUT!!!!!!)

Transformers G1 (GOSH! I fell in love with transformers ever since :D)

Transformers: Prime(Only one word to describe this, and that word is AWESOME!!!!!!!! )


Favorite Games:

Legend of Zelda Series (THIS IS MY LIFE!!!!!!!)

Mario Kart -any one- (Ah... Memories)

Mario Party(Who doesn't love to play this with Family?)


Super Smash Brothers (It had Zelda and Mario, nuff said)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Never said only video games, I love the Anime, Manga and the actual Card Game-This also involves Flasebound Kingdom-)

Metroid(I only played one game, but I love it _)


I also love a lot of movies but they are a lot. So lets not go there. But to let you know if I ever write a fanfic in that universe. It's obvious I've seen it and loved/liked it lol

But to say it blunt:

Disney Princess movies (Mullan and Lion King too)

95% of the pixar movies

88% Dreamworks

Transformers (1-3) (Like the original animated shows better)

Harry Potter & Hunger Games (Books are Better)

And most of my Favorite Anime's movies as well

Plus some others that I really don't want to answer

Head plops onto Desk*

My OC in Transformers

"Jasmine Ariel Yuin"

Appearance: Has long black hair reaching to her mid back,(Always worn in a pony tail) with blue bangs on her sides and the fronts of her face. Has a slight heart shaped head, with rosy cheeks naturally red lips, large sharp brown eyes. Her body is a slim athletic body, little chest, flat abdomen, small shoulders slightly large hips and thighs.

Personality: Is a calm collective girl, but can become violent and angry if she wanted to. Is tomboyish, very Intelligent, her major is math, and computer class.

Hobbies: Like to play tennis, read, surf the internet, take a walk in nature, swim. And hang out with friends.

Dislikes: Bullies, cheaters, racist, sexist, are sadists, does not like to be taken advantage of, and the color pink

Family: Alexander James Yuin, is her biological father. Her favorite Uncle is Will Lennox, and her Aunt is his wife, Sarah Lennox, and her niece is their child, Annabel Lennox; her friends like close brother and sisters, The Autobots, see them like a close brothers and or father. Acree twins like three close sisters, The twins like close prankster cousins, and Starfire(OC robot) to her like somewhat a daughter, little sister.

Her biological Mother died 3 years before The Mission City Battle ark. Maiden Name was Sandra Ariel Santos, served in the army for about 10 years, considered to be the best sniper in the entire military, Which is were she got her nickname "Blue-snip" Because of her hair color and ability like Jasmin she had blue bangs. (Which why Jasmin was inspired to die her bangs blue). Unfortunately Sandra was blown up by a hidden mine. Killing her instantly and leaving nothing of the spot. Her last will was leaving all the her retirement money inherited to Jay.

Abilities: Knows self defense, inherited from mother.

Fear: Losing anyone she loves, she already had to go through her mother's death. And having a friend or family member betray her, or others

She's slightly Gothic at times or even emo, but other than that she's okay. Just don't get on her bad side.

Here's the link if you want to know what she looks like:

Get note that is the front side of her face the back has only pitch black hair, no blue.

My OC in Yugioh 5D's

"Jay Acenta Fudo"

That's right Yusei's long lost sister. I will write a story about her if you want to get to know her.

Appearance: Looks like a Female Yusei, only strait long hair, worn in a pony tail, reaching toward her shoulders. And Brown eyes. She like to wear jean shorts reaching toward her mid thigh with black biker boots,(no heels though) And black leggins under. And wears a black skin tight sleeved shirt with a blue vest over.

(Later on for a little bit of time she wears a tank top instead with black fingerless gloves with a white stripe on the end and ripped jeans and dark navy converses. *Some times wears a demi jacket and wrist high gloves* She eventually does goes back with her original outfit, only with a white vest instead.

Personality: Is like Yusei quiet calm and serious she's a bit of a hot head and can get angry if you provoke her. She's a bit of joker so she messes around a little. Is a bit of a grease monkey, and VERY tomboyish. Had to find out all the girl problems herself, the hard way.

Dislikes: Hates being called short. (She's a measle of 4 feet and 90 inches) She'll go crazy if make a remark or her height. *She's VERY SENSITIVE about her height* And she absolutely hates flirting jokes or unwanted sexual advances to her or others she cares about. Let's just say that, the easiest she'll go on you is a black eye and a broken limb.

Hobbies: Duel Monsters, Riding on her motorcycle, fix mechanics, and reading

Deck: She uses a dragon, synchro deck (I do make up cards in the story... sorry I'm not good at writing duels) Her Ace is Aqua Ice Dragon I'll give more description in the stories later.

Signer: She is a signer, the 6th signer to be in fact. She carries the Crimson Dragon Eye. Which is cat eye with crazy symbols around it. I know not much of a description but I tried.

Powers: She's a physic duelist like Aki. She wears her silver locket(contains a picture of her parents and Yusei) To stabilize her powers.

Family: Yusei, is her blood brother, and hero. Jack, a hate-love relationship, but deep down they'll do anything to protect each other, Crow, like a really close sister/ brother relationship, Aki total BFF's they both know what it's like to be hated and judged. Ruka and Rua(Might call them Leo and Luna at times) is really protective of them, as they look up to her.

Abilities: Her eyes can change from copper brown to marine aqua/teal/blue (no iries, they are completely blue, no white areas, her pupils however can stay in tact) when she is using her physic powers. She can bring cards to life. She is also a seer, someone who can see the future, as well as other places in the words. For example if someone was picking their nose across the hall or within 15 mile range. When she does that her eyes *even the pupils* turn blue. No Irises or pupils just all blue. Her voice changes from a soft loving one to a deep threatening one. There's a difference. Her normal voice is higher than the physic one. It's like if a male is speaking instead of a female. She has fighting abilities and self defense. Her agility is like that of Sheik from "Super Smash Brothers Brawl" the game.

Fears: Her past, she feel like it will happen again, anyone torturing anyone she loves right before her eyes, either mentally or physically, and losing them, she had to live with it almost her entire life. You'll find out more of it later on.

If you want to get a basic Idea of what she looks like here she is (get note she has brown eyes and not blue eyes, and what she's wearing isn't something she'll never wear):


Sorry I couldn't find a better picture, Remember she has brown eyes, and her hair is in a pony tail, she wears a locket, and black tank skin tight sleaved shirt with a navy vest over, with jean shorts, black leggings, and black boots.

////////Another I will be using her in some of my stories that is connected to a good friend of Mine, other wise known as Tenno-Megumi. She will based off my Yugioh 5D's OC only she will have blue eyes, and the necklace from my Transformers OC. So all in all she is a mixture of both My Yugioh 5d's, and Transformers OC.////////

Now That's about it Beside the fact that I love original Yugioh I might most likely not write about it because I kinda lost interest in it. As well as Higurashi, and Pokemon. I do love them but I kinda a little lost in it.

Anyone who is interested in wanting to use whichever of my OC's I would be thrilled, But You need to ASK ME before you can use them. And you also need to keep them in character.

I will also tell you this, I would want review when I write my story. Remember I not good in literature or grammar so I'm not the best writer, it'll take time. Another I might actually take more time into writing another chapter or I might write two in the same day, depending what kind of mood I'm in.

I'm starting to gain interest in The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess. (I kinda like the other games but the graphics need some work.) I'm also a fan girl so I think Link is Hot!!

Now with that settled I hope you will like my stories, and leave positive comments about it to. I do accept constructive criticism but that's about it. Well anyways that's it I do hope I can make I like you guys did :)


Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Six Dragon's Thoughts(Only if Requested)

What was Really going inside the Signer Dragon's Heads during the Duel with Z-ONE: Slight Faith, and BlackStar shipping's.

Transformers 2 Remix: The Necklace(Rewriting the first chapters before uploading the new chapter)

Jay Ariel Yuin always had the easy life, being daughter of a multimillionaire father, had everything at the reach of her hand. But she was never the type of girl who loved to show off and is more of a tomboyish slight Gothic type. And swore to never make friends with anyone. When she moved to Tranquility her life was changed more than she could imagine. Not only that the decpticons are after her and her new friend Sam, and what does her mother's necklace have any part in this...? (FIREVERSE)

17 years of Hell and Lost Hope(On Hiatus)

Yusei never thought his life can get any worse. His parents are dead and his abusive uncle hates him to no end and his sister, is constantly always taking beating for him, and protecting him. "What Have I ever done to Deserve this...?" When he thought he had lost hope a certain someone comes there and give him all the support and hope he needs. Could this be a good thing or bad thing?

Yugioh 5D's: Dragon's Rage(On Hiatus )

Takes place in episodes 40-41, Yusei is still scared after what happened in the last duel, with his former friend. But When Aki is hospitalized, she needs his help, but can he do it...? Can he able to duel again even what happened. And Will Aki ever learn to trust, forgive, understand, to love...

Yugioh: Randomness at the Lake(I lost interest in writing this. And I will most likely not finish it)

Based on a true story that happened to me, my family and friends. Total Crackfic. What do you get when you mix a hot day at school that is coming to an end, some OC and Yugioh and a lake?

Read to find out.

A Leader's Breaking Point(On temporary hold until I get my other stories done first)

Takes Place Just after DOTM, Optimus has always been the strong one of the Autobots, however after the Chicago accident, Optimus can't help feel lost a and betrayed. So he disappears, leaving his Autobots, and the matrix of Leadership behind. He travels alone, until he meets a smart girl who helps him understand his feelings. But who is she exactly?

Seven Dragon Hearts(Won't Be Started, Until ALL The Other Stories Are Done!)

(A crossover story) Yami Sennen and her sister Jay escaped from their step father in order to have a normal peaceful life. Until they meet Yusei and Aki who have a 3,000 secrete that they now must take part of in order to defeat the darkness that will swallow the Earth to death. Will they accomplish that or will they lose their battle and lives

The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess: Twin Heroes(In Process, rewriting the first chapters)

What if Midna and Link actually brought Zelda along with them on their journey.

Here's a link...

:If you want to know what the OC's look like in my story "Yugioh: Randomness at The Lake" Here's the Link. ALL CREDIT GOES TO TENNO-MEGUMI.:

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