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Name: Mike

Alias: ThatLoneAvenger

Gender: Male

Location: United States

Age: 18

Yo, the name's ThatLoneAvenger, or Mike if you want. Got it memorized?

So for y'all who for some reason care to know, I've been following the Yu-Gi-Oh! series for over 10 years, and still am. During that time, I've always envisioned myself being in that same YugiVerse (as I call it), just kickin' ass and playing card games (let's face it—if the rest of the world solved all of its problems with card games, we'd have a hell of a lot better world). My favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! series, from favorite to least, is as follows: 5D's, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Arc-V, and Zexal and GX are tied as my least favorites.

Some of you may remember a GX-5D's crossover story named Yu-Gi-Oh! The Lost Decks. That was me, under another alias at the time. It was essentially a self-insertion story into a universe where the events of the three original series, Yu-Gi-Oh!, GX, and 5D's happen a lot closer than in-canon, where "Mike" finds himself as a mysterious character with exceptional dueling skills among the characters from all three series', along with a few other friends I made up. To prevent him from being an overly obnoxious Gary Stu, his memory in the story was erased and instead revealed over the seven-seasons-long series I had planned as it is revealed who he truly is; a method to truly develop him as a character and hook readers with the mystery of his past.

That project has long since been scrapped. There had been three potential spin-off series that had tied into TLD, one of which I ended up keeping and working around to morph it into a new series entitled Yu-Gi-Oh! Mark of Death. Since then, I have now worked for the last TWO YEARS to work and perfect this two-season series and its events, characters, and overall story. All of the details have been outlined and planned out; just the only problem otherwise has been... writing the damn thing. With my time constraints, getting to write each of the chapters in full has been dreadfully slow, and previous attempts to publish the story once before were withdrawn for multiple reasons. Now, I am working as best as I can to complete each of these chapters, but I cannot guarantee they will be out quickly or anytime soon. I can only promise I will work as quick as I can, but I ask that my readers please be patient. Below, you can find an index for MOD's Arc/Chapter listing, as well as each Arc's theme song. You can also check on here to find out when the next chapter of MOD might possibly be out, at my estimate. Those details are always subject to change. Beneath all of that, I'll put a small summary of what you can expect to come in the next and upcoming chapter of MOD.

I also have another project planned: a story that will basically take elements from every single series in the YugiVerse, revolve it around mostly my favorite one, 5D's, and bring a whole bunch of new characters into a wild-ass plot. It's also set in the same universe as MOD, so crossovers between the two have strong potential. We'll see—as of right now it's still in development. I believe I may have started it on here once, but whatever was written and posted on here will likely be heavily altered compared to what it is now. Should it be released, I may have someone else take over the actual writing of the chapters for it and it will be posted by another fellow author of mine on here.

If you really just spent a minute or two of your life you'll never get back reading this, well... I'll just say thank you for that, I suppose. I dunno, nobody told you that you had to. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you will look at and enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh! Mark of Death.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Mark of Death - Arcs, Themes, and Chapters Index

"The Return Home Arc"

Theme: "Raining" by Art Of Dying (featuring Adam Gontier)

Chapter 1 - "Return" (Published May 4, 2015)

Chapter 2 - "Details" (Published May 20, 2015)

Chapter 3 - "Strength" (Published May 25, 2015)

Chapter 4 - "Ties" (Published June 15, 2015)

Chapter 5 - "Instinct" (Published June 20, 2015)

"The Reoccurring Past Arc"

Theme: "Behind Blue Eyes" by Limp Bizkit (The Who cover)

Chapter 6 - "Questions" (Published June 26, 2015)

Chapter 7 - "Fire" (Writing In Progress!) (Estimated Release Date: July 9, 2015)

Next Time, in Mark of Death - Chapter 7: "Fire"

As the arrival of Aeron prompts Violet, Danny, and Marina to question him about Mike's secretive past, Mike himself makes his way to find the man who kidnapped Casey, only to find a shocking discovery upon finding him. Back in the past, it's finally time for Mike to face off against Keir, but not before receiving a few "gifts" from Aeron...

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