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Name: Mike

Alias: ThatLoneAvenger (ThatLoneAvenger379, TLA, TLA379, etc.)

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Interests: Yu-Gi-Oh! series', Bleach, DBZ, Naruto, Code Geass, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Batman, Arrow, The Flash, DC'S Legends of Tomorrow, Music, Writing, Theatre, Paranormal Investigating, Digital Media Production, etc.

Quote: "If you can't understand the darkness in your opponent's heart, you will never comprehend the pain and suffering of others." ~ Dark Yugi

Yo. The name's ThatLoneAvenger, or Mike if you want. Got it memorized?

So I've been following the Yu-Gi-Oh! series for over 10 years, and still am. During that time, I've always envisioned myself being in that same YugiVerse (as I call it). Just kickin' ass and playing card games (let's face it—if the rest of the world solved all of its problems with card games, we'd have a hell of a lot better world, don't you think?). My favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! series, from favorite to least, is as follows: 5D's, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Arc-V, Zexal, and GX.

Some of you may remember a GX-5D's crossover story named "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Lost Decks." That was me, under another alias at the time. It was essentially a self-insertion story into a universe where the events of the three original series, Yu-Gi-Oh!, GX, and 5D's happen a lot closer than in-canon, where a character named "Mike" finds himself as a mysterious character with exceptional dueling skills among the characters from all three series', along with a few other friends made up by other authors'. To prevent him from being an overly obnoxious Gary Stu, his memory in the story was erased, and was to be revealed over the seven-seasons-long series I had planned as it is revealed who he truly is; a method to develop him as a character and hook readers with the mystery of his past.

That project has long since been scrapped. There had been three potential spin-off series that had tied into TLD, one of which I ended up keeping and working around to morph it into a new series titled "Yu-Gi-Oh! Mark of Death." Since then, I have now worked for the last FOUR YEARS to work and perfect this story and its characters. All of the details have been (more or less) outlined and planned out; just the only problem otherwise has been... writing the damn thing. With my time constraints (consisting of college, work, other personal life sh*t, etc.), getting to write each of the chapters in full has been dreadfully slow, and previous attempts to publish the story once before were withdrawn for a multitude of reasons. Now, I am working as best as I can to complete each of these chapters, but I cannot guarantee they will be released quickly or promptly. I can only promise I will work as quick as I can; all I ask in return from my readers is patience.

Below, you can find an index for MOD's Arc/Chapter listing, as well as the opening and ending theme songs of each arc. You can also check on here to see if I've posted an estimate for when the next chapter might be out (details are always subject to change). Below all of that, you may also find sneak-previews of my current work.

Alongside MOD, I've also launched what I call the "Yu-Gi-Oh! OC-MultiVerse" Community here on FF.N (link below in the "Community" tab). This is a community for authors, like myself, to share their own all-original YGO stories with other alike authors. My hope is that the community grows into a place where authors can find new stories to read, and perhaps even crossover their stories with each other to make them more interesting and intertwined.

- In Association with FF.N User HolyMage Mouto -

"The balance of light and darkness in this realm must be restored."

The Untold Story...

"A Keyblade... forged in the darkness..."

Of a Lost Hero...

"I knew we would meet again someday, my friend."

From the Ancient Times...

"Chirithy... who is Chirithy...?"

Born to Light...

"Master Xehanort... what is it you're really after?"

Lost to Darkness...

"Young lad, what is your name?"

He Will Awaken...

"My name... is Nox."


Descent From Darkness


As well as my above projects, I've also got two other ideas that I'm working on:

• The first one is another all-original YGO story, with the working title of "Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragons United" (terrible name, I know). It's still full of kinks, but I think I could smoothen it out and start publishing it if I had a partner working on it with me.

• The other one is a "Batman/Hitman Crossover" story that I'd been tossing around in my head for a while. I'm still working on fine-tuning all the details for it, but I don't think I'm too far off from it being ready to come out. Between my real-world tumbles and my work on MOD and DFD, it all depends on what I feel like doing in the end. xD

If ANYBODY is interesting in collaborating with me in any of these projects, or in ideas and works of your own, then by all means, let me know. I love working with others; in fact, it's what's made MOD such a special project to me because I've had at least five other personal friends helping me develop it to what it is today.

If you really just spent a minute or two of your life you'll never get back reading this, well... I'll just say thank you for that, I suppose. XD I dunno, nobody told you that you had to. Regardless, I hope it was of some enjoyment to you, and I hope that you will enjoy my works.

Thanks for reading, and stay awesome, everyone.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Mark of Death - Chapters and Themes Index

Current Opening Theme: "Raining" by Art Of Dying

Current Ending Theme: "Behind Blue Eyes" by Limp Bizkit

Arc 1

- Chapter 1: "Return"

- Chapter 2: "Details"

- Chapter 3: "Strength"

- Chapter 4: "Ties"

- Chapter 5: "Instinct"

- Chapter 6: "Questions"

- Chapter 7: "Fire"

- Chapter 8: "Marks - Part 1"

- Chapter 9: "Marks - Part 2"

- Chapter 10: "Redemption - Part 1"

- Chapter 11: "Redemption - Part 2" (Coming Soon!)

Arc 2

- Chapter 12: "TBA"

- Chapter 13: "TBA"

- Chapter 14: "TBA"

- Chapter 15: "TBA"

- Chapter 16: "TBA"

- Chapter 17: "TBA"

- Chapter 18: "TBA"

- Chapter 19: "TBA"

- Chapter 20: "TBA"


Yu-Gi-Oh! Mark of Death

Chapter 11: "Redemption - Part 2"

A smirk came to Josiah's face as well. "Like I said, you'll see it for yourself soon enough..." he promised him, "But right now, it's still my move!

"Now, let's try this again!" he declared, "Strategist, attack his Praesepe!"

Once more, Strategist of the Ice Barrier leapt into the air, unfurling his hand fan before charging in at Constellar Praesepe again.

But despite his first failed attempt at stopping this assault, Mike wasn't ready to give up on his monster just yet: "I reveal my Impenetrable Attack trap!" he countered as his set card flipped, "With this, Praesepe becomes impervious to destruction by both battle and effects for the remainder of the turn!"

The Strategist once again swiped his fan across Mike's warrior, only to find himself hitting another invisible barrier that bounced him back. Josiah watched with a amused expression as his monster returned to his side of the field.

"Not bad, Mike..." he complimented his opponent across the fountain, "Guess I'll move on to my end phase, then; so that I can activate my General Gantala's effect!

"Once per turn, during each of my end phases," Josiah explained, "Gantala has the ability to bring back any one Ice Barrier monster in my graveyard! So I'll have my Prior return to the field!"

[Prior of the Ice Barrier - LV: 2/ATK: 1000]

"Why would be bring that monster back in ATK mode...?" Danny questioned from the sidelines, "Next turn, Mike'll be able to switch his Praesepe back into ATK mode too, and Prior will be a prime attack target!"

"Very observant, Danny!" Josiah pointed out, gaining his, Marina's, and Violet's attentions before explaining: "But you see, even if Mike does that next turn, my Defender of the Ice Barrier's effect will keep my Prior safe: so long as he and one other Ice Barrier monster are out on my field, no monster with ATK strength greater than my Defender's DEF can declare an attack!"

"So the only way Mike will be able to attack is by getting rid of that Defender...?" Marina figured aloud.

"Right," Danny confirmed, "But hey, how hard can that be for Mike, really?"

"Not that hard at all..." Mike answered his best friend silently, "It's almost too reckless; Josiah ought to know that I could easily get around such a basic defense. So why would he leave himself wide open like this...?"

Mike's eyes flickered to Josiah's face: his expression was calm, and his lips were still curled in a small, almost inviting, smile.

"Could it be... that he WANTS me to attack...?" Mike wondered as his brow furrowed, "But he has no other set cards, or any visible defense... is this some kind of trap...?"

"What're you waiting for, Mike?"

Josiah's voice snapped Mike back to reality for the moment as he looked to his sandy-blonde opponent. "I've ended my turn, you know," he reminded him, "It's your move!"

Mike looked deeply into Josiah's eyes. "I can't detect any hint of malice or deceit from him..." Mike analyzed as his own ocean-blue orbs narrowed, "So is he planning on taking my attack head-on...?"

His eyes then widened suddenly. "Wait..." he realized, "Is it possible that he left this opening to prove himself to me... to prove that he really has changed...?"

He now put two fingers on the top of his deck. "If that IS the case, then there's only one real way to find out..." he figured, "A duelist reveals their true colors the closer they come to defeat. So to bring out Josiah's, I need to draw THAT card...!"

"It's my turn!" Mike finally cried out as he drew his next card, quickly glancing at it to see if it had arrived.

And he smiled.

"Aw, yeah; there's that victory smile!" Danny exclaimed as he pumped his fist.

"As you predicted, I'll start by switching Constellar Praesepe back into ATK mode!" Mike began his move.

[Constellar Praesepe - ATK: 2400]

"Then I'll activate the Mystical Space Typhoon quick-play spell!" Mike went on, "Which I'll use to destroy your Eisbahn trap!"

A small cyclone began to form on Mike's field, creating a small whirlpool in the fountain water beneath it as it went after Josiah's trap card, which was swept away by the vortex before disappearing into oblivion.

"And then, another spell card: Xyz Energy!" Mike said as the wind died down, "By detaching one overlay unit from Praesepe, I can destroy any monster on your field!

"So Praesepe, destroy that Defender of the Ice Barrier!" Mike declared as he pointed at Josiah's monster.

The golden warrior immediately went to work, gliding across the fountain towards Josiah's orange wolf, who let out a mournful howl as Praesepe's fist struck the small creature, causing it to explode upon contact.

"Now get ready, 'cause that was just me getting started!" Mike said as he lifted another card from his hand, "I summon Constellar Sombre!"

[Constellar Sombre - LV: 4/ATK: 1550]

"And with his effect, by banishing Constellar Pollux from my graveyard," he explained as he moved the named monster from his graveyard to his banished zone, "I can return any other Constellar monster from the graveyard to my hand! So I'll add back my Kaus!"

Mike added the second card from his graveyard to his hand, before continuing: "Then, I'll re-summon Kaus back to the field with Sombre's other effect!"

[Constellar Kaus - LV: 4/ATK: 1800]

"And thanks to Kaus's effect, I can increase or decrease the LV of any Constellar monster on the field by 1, up to twice per turn! So Kaus's and Sombre's LVs both become 5!"

[Constellar Kaus - LV: 5]

[Constellar Sombre - LV: 5]

"With that, I'll now overlay both of my monsters!" he cried out as the two monsters were absorbed in another spatial portal, "Now I Xyz summon Constellar Pleiades!"

[Constellar Pleiades - RK: 5/ATK: 2500]

"And just like before, my Constellar Star Chart triggers," Mike reminded them all, "Meaning I get to draw!"

Mike drew his card before continuing: "Next, I'll use Constellar Pleiades's effect! By detaching one overlay unit, he can return your General Gantala back to your hand!"

The muscled general on Josiah's field gave a confused grunt before fading away, while Josiah brought the card from the duel disk to his hand as he kept his eyes intently fixed on Mike.

"And with that out of the way..." Mike said as he confidently pointed to Josiah's field, "Constellar Pleiades, attack his Prior of the Ice Barrier!"

Pleiades took up his spear and dashed over to Josiah's field, coming face-to-face with his Prior before thrusting his weapon straight through the Ice Barrier monster's chest, causing him to groan agonizingly before shattering into nothingness.

[Josiah - LP: 6500]

Josiah raised an arm to shield himself from the shockwave of the assault, but his expression remained unchanged as Mike then commanded his golden warrior: "Now it's your turn, Praesepe! Attack Josiah's Strategist!"

Praesepe once again sped over to Josiah's side of the field, this time charging straight into Strategist of the Ice Barrier as he thrusted his golden fist straight into him, launching the blue-robed monster into the air for a moment before he too shattered.

[Josiah - LP: 5700]

"And Mike's back on top!" Danny hollered ecstatically, "See that?! Josiah still ain't got nothing on him!"

- Read the rest in the next chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Mark of Death! -

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