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Well Hello There,

If you are reading this it means you are one of the few people in the world who actually takes the time and effort to browse through peoples profiles for more than their work, or their favourite work, or their favourite authors. I commend you, I really do. I'm terrible at reading profiles, I tend to glaze over. I honestly prefer getting to know an author through their writing, or by bothering them with PM's asking them about all the the wonderful, nerdy things that exist in the world.

In saying that there are some amazing profiles out there. Like the ones where they write out their favourite quotes or put in lists of a whole bunch of funny questions? Those ones must take time and dedication.

I'm afraid I have about as much time and dedication for my profile as I did for the high school journal our teacher tried to convince us to keep. Poor thing was alone and dusty a week after I started. The journal I mean, not the teacher. She was married with kids so I highly doubt she was alone, and I'm pretty sure she had a slight OCD streak when it came to cleanliness because our desks always had to be lined up 'just so' and the water jug on her desk was always ridiculously shiny.

I came to realise very early on that I don't have a lot of patience for writing about my own life. It's dull. There isn't a lot that I consider exciting or interesting that happens regularly enough for me to document it. I prefer writing about the worlds in my head. The ones that are dark and gritty, or sometimes adorable and sweet. I love putting those worlds on paper, seeing them change and grow and come to life. Or alternatively, a side of it that I don't love so much is seeing them fizzle and die in the dark corner of my house as their inspiration is struck down by procrastination or real life.

You know, it surprises me that so many people out there roll their eyes at Fanfiction writers as though we're crazy people muttering to ourselves. There are some phenomenal writers here. Men and women who can string together a sentence with such clarity and skill that they put published authors to shame. Sometimes you read a good Fanfiction and it gets right into your head. So much so that the cannon story ends up looking wrong somehow.

Plus, Fanfiction is an awesome way to practice. Seriously, taking a world that you don't have to create yourself, characters that already exist and history that the reader already knows gives a writer an amazing amount of freedom. You can polish your style, try new ones out, learn how to plot and write character growth, all without having to explain what the characters look like, or what the world they live in is like. It's such an amazing tool for people who are starting out or experienced writers alike.

...and now I'm getting to sound a little excitable, so I should probably stop.

Alright world, that's it from me. I've mumbled, grumbled and enthused my way through a disjointed profile that has jumped from paragraph to paragraph with only a loose thread of commonality. I hope whoever managed to get this far found it a little bit amusing, perhaps a little bit smart-ass, and possibly a dash pretentious.

Good luck my fellow Fanfic writers and readers. May you receive countless excited reviews praising your work, plenty of constructive criticism to help you grow, and not a single troll flamer who's only aiming to make your day just that little bit worse.

Sod those guys.

Much love and high fives,


P.S. Does anyone else find it odd that the spell check system for Fanfiction doesn't recognise the word Fanfiction? Huh...

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