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Hey guys, Paradox Blade here! And yes, I changed my name from KeybladeSoldier117X to Bladicus, then to this. (I'm picky, aren't I?) You can call me Blade, Bladey, Paradox, Paradox Blade, hey, it's all crash. (Gotta love Impulse from Young Justice). My favorite thing in the whole wide world is Kingdom Hearts! My favorite pairings are SoraxKairi, RikuxXion, and RoxasxNamine, and CloudxTifa. I don't mind RoxasxXion or RikuxNamine either.

To all Sora x Riku fans, it's all about preference. I respect your opinions even though I will never be able to wrap my head around why that and Axel X Roxas are so goddamned popular.

My favorite things are Computers, Drawings, Art, Graphic Design, Video Games, Music, and Animation.

Art Styles: Realistic, Manga, Chibi, and Mecha

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Favorite Quotes

"If we don't learn from history, then we are doomed to repeat it."

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."

Stories that I am currently working on

Unwanted or Unheard: Project Olympus

Reborn Lightning

A possible re-write for some chapters in the first Unwanted or Unheard. The part where the action kicked in...Jesus Christ, what was I on when I was writing that?! I ask you!!!


Every single game in the Kingdom Hearts series (I need to get my hands on KHII Final Mix!)

Injustice: Gods Among Us (Paradox Blade-controlled Flash owns all. RESPECT THE SCARLET SPEEDSTER!)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (BIG BOSS!!!!)

Batman Arkham City (Because...HE'S BATMAN!!!!)

Sonic Riders


Assassin's Creed 3 (The ending was half-assed in my humble opinion.)

Battlefield 3 (Remember, PTFO (Play The Fucking Objective))

Skyrim: Elder Scrolls V (I am Dovakiin!!!)

Sonic and the Black Knight (For some reason I keep picturing Sonic with Blaze because of that scene. Don't worry, I still like SonicxAmy)

Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Meta Knight and Sonic can kick some serious ass!)

ect. (A.K.A too many to count lol)

Favorite shows

Code Lyoko (Favorite Character is Ulrich! I fully support Ulrich X Yumi!!)

Family Guy (Stewie. Nuff said.)

American Dad

The Boondocks (I finally learned what a nigga moment is.)

Rideback (Because robot motorcycles are badass :P)

Full Metal Panic (Where I get most of my mecha ideas from)

Corpse Princess

Trigun (Love and Peace!)

Full Metal Alchemist

Darker than Black (Yup, BK-201 as my profile pic)

Sword Art Online


Yu Yu Hakasho

Phantom Requiem

Dragon Ball Z (Live your life like a Kamehameha!...x20!!)

Soul Eater (Black Star X Tsubaki, Soul X Maka)

King of The Hill (Yep.)

Robot Chicken

and lots of other anime and tv shows!

Favorite Movies

The Amazing Spider-Man (Don't get me wrong, the ones with Toby Maguire were good but let's all be honest, Spider-Man 3 didn't do ol' webhead's character justice)

Wreck-it-Ralph (I'M GONNA WRECK IT!!!!)

Black Hawk Down (This one made me cry)

Saving Private Ryan


The Hurt Locker

Acts of Valor


The Lion King

The Avengers


I'm a nice guy...or at least that's what people say about me... so if you want to ask me about my story or just want to talk feel free to PM!

How about a little Q & A?

Favorite Color?


Favorite Game of all time?

Kingdom Hearts

Okay Blade, if there was a game that you had to play forever, what would that game be and why?

Skyrim: Elder Scrolls V for the PC. Do you realize how many mods there are for that game?! I'd never get bored!

Favorite Types of Music?

Everything, be it from Smooth Jazz to straight up Screamo and Metallica, it doesn't matter to me.

Are you gay?


Are you emo?


Dogs or Cats?


Werewolves or Vampires?


Twilight or Harry Potter?

Harry Potter.

Favorite Marvel Superhero?


Favorite DC Superhero?

The Flash (Wally West)

Sonic or Shadow?

Shadow. (Guns= instant pwnage)

Batman or Spider-Man?


Super-Speed or Flight?

Super-Speed. (If you have enough experience with super-speed, you can have absolute control over your molecular energy, direction, and force it in the direction you want to move without running, giving you the effect of flight. Johnny Quick has done this before in the comics.)

What is your plan in case of a zombie apocalypse?

Well, it depends on where the outbreak first occurred. If it's in Europe then I have time to prepare, since the infection doesn't spread overseas all that quickly. The States? Well shiit...

Okay, so I would go to Target or the mall since that's what I live closest to and stock up on resources, rifles, shotguns, a sword perhaps (in case I run out of ammo), and some food. Of course, I would never bunker down inside a place like Target or Walmart because there would probably fighting amongst the survivors over it.

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Even speedsters have to slow down once in a while. Wally had decided to slow down and quit the hero gig for good. But when something happens and he is called to get back in the fast lane, will he restart his engine?
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