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Fuzzle here, everybody! Whoo ...have CP-sama and I been dead or what?

Well, we haven't had much luck here on FF.Net, but we've been working on big projects. Whether they'll reach this site or not - well, only time will tell, but for now I'm throwing up fics that come my way. Pokemon has made a comeback on my life and I like it very muchly so right now!

Haha - ooh! Check out CP-sama's account on, too! It should be on a link on this page somewhere ...

And now, for a random sign-off:

"I don't know why we just can't lay this rivalry to rest ..." Best Banana sighed, deep in his angsty state, "Bad Brocilli is my greatest rival and yet ...I can't help but feel deep inside my heart that the fighting is wrong."

"You're right." Power Peach agreed, clasping her hands together, "Why are the veggies and the fruities always fighting?"

"We shouldn't fight all the time ..." Best Banana said softly, realising something which was supposedly important through all of his angsty feelings.

"Hey, guys ..."

The voice of Champion Cherry reached their ears and the superheroes turned to see their friend, with his mouth covered in pink candy floss. He had more of the floaty pink stuff in a bag which he held with one hand. His other hand was wiping his mouth as he continued: "We're not the 'fruities', we're the 'Vege-Busters' - and we fight evil like the veggies and stuff."

Best Banana and Power Peach saw his point, "Oh yeah ..."

-- Only CP-sama and a few other people will know what I'm talking about, so don't worry.

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