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Name: Kiirar
Age: 17

Likes: Bishies, drawing, writing, watching TV, talking, shopping, setting things on fire, stealing things (preferably my boyfriend's manga and whoever's money), blood, coffee, and terrorizing humanity... Oh, and the mighty YAOI!
Dislikes: Homophobes, spiders, peas, badly done dubs, children's programming, and being normal

Rant of the Moment:
Conform or Not to Conform...?

This rant's been itching to be written for a while now and I decided to cease the moment while I have one to myself. The point this time could be a point of controversy but hey, that's my job. ^)~

I've noticed over time that this country's going to the dogs. And I'm not talking about the horrific economic situation we're in. I'm talking about the general psyche of the U.S.A.

As a whole, people are slowly become more and more controlled by this strange doctrine known as "political correctness". The masses are told what to do, when to do, and how to do it. Beg to differ? Take a good look around you and dare to argue with me.

We're living in a world of mindless sheep, a body of people so dependant on another part to guide them that they can't even dress themselves without being told how to do so!

What I'm driving at is the rampant hypocrisy and congealing conformity that's driving this country to the dogs! In a nation where "free expression" is practically part of the damned motto, you sure do have to think about which parties you're pleasing before you do something.

You always have to wonder if you're " politically correct" before you do anything anymore! The way you speak, act, look; it's all controlled by the M-E-D-I-A.

Yep folks, not the government. The media. Think about it. The news can make or break a presidental canditate. Commercials tell you who you should be and what products you should use. Furthermore, the shows you watch are another control method to determine who you are.

The media sets the rules, decides what's right and what's wrong. And in that sense, "political correctness" is a very paradoxical doctrine.

I say this because as they're telling the populous not to drink, smoke, and have sex with everything you see, they're showing these exact things in broad daylight... Literally!

It digusts me how tightly controlled this country... no, this world is. This conformity has raped the people of their ability to act according to their own free will and has made those who fight against it a miserable wreck.

This mindlessness will be our greatest downfall and the truly saddening thing is that no one can stop it. I fear for coming generations and the destruction they'll have to face.

Sitting here, I have to wonder how many of you will decided to really look into this and how many will just blow me off as a crazy bitch. I really couldn't care less but I really do pity the masses.

I can just pray that I'll be dead before things do from worse to tragic. Random Theory #1:
Kingdom Hearts "Deep Dive" trailer
Spolier Warning

I'll admit, I got myself hopelessly hooked on Kingdom Hearts. (Wow... If that didn't sound like a 'Hooked on Phonics' commerical, I don't know what does. XD) What got me originally was the "secret" ([snickersnort]) trailer for the second game. I've studied the damn thing time and again, rewinded it, zoomed in and out, matched profiles, abilities and the like. (Dude, shut up! I'm not lame.) So, there's obviously four unknowns:

Unknown #1: Freaky glowing eyes, able to walk through solid objects, seen sitting a rock towards the end of the trailer. -Theorhetically Sephiroth (FFVII)-
Unknown #2: Excellent swordfighting abilities, able to run up buildings, pale blond hair w/short bangs(?) -Believed to be Cloud (FFVII)-
Unknown #3: Not so "unknown" really. Plain to see this one's Riku namely because of the hair. Also, take note that only he could be egotistical enough to jump off of a high skyscraper blindfolded. -Just said U#3 is Riku. XD-
Unknown #4: Seen for about three seconds and has mouse shaped ears. Fighting abilities unknown, spins well. -Undoubtedly Mickey Mouse-

I think, judging my the amount of Heartless U#3 has to fight, the second game shows what happens to Riku after the end of Kingdom Hearts. Also, asking "Where's Sora?" pretty much proves this point. ([innocent grin] Riku's not infaturated... at all. XDD) I also belive Cloud is in the game because of U#2's fighting abilities and Sephiroth because his coat and U#1's look suspiciously alike. [grins] Not that I'm superficial enough to base my theory on something like that... O]

So, who cares to argue with me? XD I'm dying for this damn game to get an English background (the Japanese versions already in development. T_T) so I know who the Hell is who in that damned trailer!

Fun Links:

Marik/Bakura gallery, need I say more? [giggles] (Last pic's funny. Sex kitten!Marik and thief!Bakura. They're cute... In a psychotic sense. That's also my new desktop. ^)^)

I'm NOT a fan of Yami/Yuugi in any way, but.. IT'S CUTE, DAMMIT! (Okay, so it's Nameless Pharaoh/Yuugi, same difference.)

Meet the source of my info for Kokoro no Naka:

And if I don't feel like taking shots in the dark with the Jap manga, my English savior:

Malik. Shrine. That's all that needs to be said.

The characters section is helpful. (ie: Info's for real people. [giggles] Meet the creampuff revolution a la Ryou.)

"Keeper of the Rod" run by FF.N's own Spyder. A *really* awesome site!

Awesome article for writing the Japanese variations of the YGO! cast correctly. ([growls at Yuugi for excessive use of "-kun"])

Awesome site with some awesome theories and an extensive explanation of everyone's names, both American and Japanese. The funnies page is hella good too!
Fan Fiction:

Title: Kokoro no Naka
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/Suspense (Yaoi)
Progress: Complete
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Name: From the Beginning I: Kept in the Dark
Rating: R
Genre: Angst/Romance (shounen-ai)
Progress: Not published; WIP
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Summary: All Malik has known in life is suffering and his own blinding hate. But, when he meets another duelist with the same scars, can he overcome his need for vengance, or is the call of his dark side too strong to resist?

Title: From the Beginning II: At Insanity's Doorstep
Rating: R
Genre: Action/Adventure/Humor
Process: Not published; WIP
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Summary: Bakura Ryou never thought that being raised by a dead thief was a strange thing. Nor did he bother to question the morals of stealing magical items and commiting random crimes at the whim of his guardian. What he did wonder was if there was anyone remotely like him though his adventures and when he finally finds his answers, his whole world's flipped upside down.

Title: From the Beginning III: Ashes to Ashes
Rating: R
Genre: Angst/Action/Adventure
Progress: Work in Progress
Update: Not published; WIP
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Summary: Everyone thinks that Yuugi Mutou has life easy with the spirit of a wise and powerful Pharaoh residing within him. But it's just the opposite. As if being targeted for owning the strongest power in existance isn't enough, the Pharaoh seems to put his hikari in more danger then necessary; he dominates every espect of who Yuugi is and it's only a matter of time before he breaks under the pressure.

Title: Down the Rabbit Hole
Rating: R
Genre: Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi
Progress: Work in Progress
Update: Not published; WIP
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Summary: What would you do if you were told the life you lead isn’t real? What if you were given a choice to learn the truth or continue living a lie? Would you take the red pill or the blue pill? Ryou Bakura made the mistake of taking the red pill and now has to face a whole new destiny that he never believed possible.

Title: Red Rose/White Rose
Rating: R
Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance {shounen-ai)
Process: Work in Progress
Update: Not published; WIP
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Summary: In the 1450's, the Civil War known as the War of the Roses spread over England like a wild fire. Facing a humiliating defeat, the Lancastrians summon the legendary Rose Duelist from the past to help eridicate the threat of the Yorkists once and for all. But victory seems even further away when loyalities start to sway and the person you think you could trust the most turns out to be your worse enemy.

Title: For Hire
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor/Romance (Eventual shounen-ai)
Process: Not finished; WIP
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Summary: When Jounouchi's hard pressed for cash, he springs at a promising job testing new Duel Monster's technology in his free time. Unfortunately, he never read the fine print and soon finds out just how demanding working for one Kaiba Seto can really be.

Title: Trinity
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/Drama/AU-ish (shounen-ai)
Progress: Not finished; WIP
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Summary: When his life was torn apart but concenquence, he sought to destroy the one person he blamed for his downfall by slowly killing off those he loves. His only clue is a broken triangle... A shattered trinity.

Title: Untitled -Needs working title-
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/Humor
Process: Not published; WIP
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Summary: Malik and Mariku Ishtar have been shunted around to different foster homes and orphanages for a good portion of their lives, finally finding a willing home. But their behavoir is less then agreeable and their new "parents" aren't so sure they can handle the unruly brothers for very long.

Title: One Week
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor/Romance
Progress: Not published; WIP
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Summary (Tentative): Lately, Malik's been exceptionally clingy and Ryou finally decides to confront him about it. A fight ensues and the ultimate challenge is handed down to the hapless Egyptian: Complete isolation from Ryou for a week. It's make or break situation with only the remaining shred of Malik's sanity on the line. Can he survive?

Title: Unbreak Me
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/Suspense
Process: Not published; WIP
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Summary:(AU) Years of toil had finally wrought Malik's the glory and power of the Pharaoh, a power he used to bring eternal darkness over the lands. Though this, Ryou stayed faithful until his untimely demise in the arms of his lover. With his death comes the reawakening of the Shadow Guardians and the dawn of a new challenge.
Side Notes: Since the end of Kokoro no Naka, I've been itching to build on Kavala and Antaios' characters. This was my solution. XD

Title: Reflection
Rating: PG-13/R
Genre: Humor/Romance
Process: Not published; WIP
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Summary: One would think that dealing with the magic of the Sennen Items would be enough for Malik. Sadly, that isn't the case when the insatiable Egyptian stumbles across a whole new breed of magic that he just has to touch. Of course, every action has a reaction... Just not the reaction Malik wanted.

Next Fiction Project:

From the Beginning

This is a trilogy I've devised during my downtimes with KnN. Basically, the three books focus on Malik, Yuugi, and Ryou's pasts from the time they get their respective Items to the end of Battle City. A lot of my theories come to light in the books along with some experimental writing styles. ^_^ "Kiirar" and "experimental" are never a good thing. XD So, here's the three books, main pairing(s), and any little side notes.

Book I: Kept in the Dark
Pairings: Malik/Ryou, Marik/Bakura, one-sided, Marik/Malik, hints of Bakura/Ryou, and more hints of Bakura/Malik
Notes: Okay, lots of staring at the pairing list here, right? XD Malik's a fucked up little kid, Marik's a perv, Bakura's a horny psycho and Ryou's being raised by aformentioned freak. So, it's justified.

Book II: Ashes to Ashes
Pairing: Yami/Yuugi, Seto/Jounouchi
Notes: This book is rather experimental, as I'm going to shoot for a realistic take on the Yami/Yuugi pairing. That means no cavity-inducing fluffiness or stomach churning crap. I'm also using Yami's Japanese/manga persona, so go figure. XD

Book III: At Insanity's Doorstep:
Pairings: One-sided Bakura/Ryou, Malik/Ryou, Marik/Bakura, and hints of Malik/Bakura
Notes: This is the lightest and possibly the most controversial of the trilogy. Many of the common doctrines are thrown out the window and I pull up alot of uncommon points of view, such as Ryou having a spine and Bakura not being an abusive bastard... all the time.

So, there's my next project in the making. I'll get a write up for At Insanity's Doorstep posted once I get everything in order. -_-U

Rock long, rock hard, rock out!

"Death before dishonor... Nothing before coffee."

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