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Author has written 4 stories for Flame of Recca.

I realized something. That I should stop going around looking for stories to write about.

I’ve learned that it’s the stories that find their authors. Stories have voices that know writers and call them by name. A story will be meaningful if it is answered by the writer whom the story’s voice calls. A story may not flourish when a writer would claim that he or she has heard the story’s voice, even though it never called.

When it comes to writing, the writer is merely the instrument. The story tells itself and the writer is reduced to being the literal writer.

I learned all this when I stopped writing. I stopped writing for three years.

What prompted me to pick up the pen again was this very revelation.

I heard a story’s voice. And I heard it as I read Yanagi-chyan’s fic, “The Other Side of A Mirror”. =) You should read it, it’s overflowing with creative juices that flow to the readers and draw them closer to the voice of the story that calls to them.

So at present I’m writing “Their Moments”, a Tokiya-Fuuko fanfiction. The title speaks for itself. This will be multi-chaptered. I will post it as soon as my prospective beta-reader goes through it.

Regarding Past Works

I’ve read my past fics and owe readers a major apology. “Memorabilia” is something I enjoyed working on but sadly, it will never see a Chapter 3. The plot requires major research, I’d have to revisit the manga and the anime. Unfortunately, I never found the time to do that because there were other priorities.

In my opinion, “Paradox of Attraction” needs a lot of tuning. I mean, total overhaul. I could not keep track of the number of times I banged my head against the computer screen and asked, “Did I really just write that?”

Thank you, readers. =) Your support has given me tremendous confidence to write.

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