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Author has written 11 stories for Mega Man, Digimon, Final Fantasy VII, Naruto, Angelic Layer, and Deltora Quest.

Pyra Kurai Akaidra

Also known as: Pyra, PKA, Pyka
Current Occupation: Spare time (not paid) fanfiction writer and student.
Nationality: Unashamedly proud Australian citizen by birth, Chinese by blood.
Location: Australia
Fanfiction Likes: Yaoi, Het, well-written fanfiction, expertly/nicely executed twists, good & plausible crossovers, etc.
Fanfiction Dislikes: Unexplained OOC and character bashing (unless, somehow, relevant to the plot, even then...), plagiarism of any kind...
Tools of the Trade: Keyboard, computer, notebook, pencil, Imagination and Wits/Snark, occasional Tactless Blunt Remarks (TM).
Noteable Quotes: "I sense impending doom..." (TM) (Most often quote by yours truly, for one reason or another...)
"Hel~lo, fellow peeps!"
"It's true! Mother Nature's on PMS!"

For those who want to talk to me, I can be accessed by Email and Yahoo!Messenger (I'm pyra_akaidra). Just tell me who you are, your intentions and I may listen to you; otherwise, you'd be ignored without guilt. How am I suppose to tell strangers apart from random, dating site spammers? Naturally, friends are exceptions.

Ideas Usage

If you want to use my ideas, ask first by either Email or PM unless they're under Possible Fanfiction Ideas. Being inspired by my stories are fine (read: Go ahead with your inspiration), but direct carbon copies (i.e. word by word) aren't okay without my permission. Say, go ahead if you're inspired by Secret Deus to do a Mega Man/Angelic Layer fic, but making a copy of my actual fic is not okay. Adding twists and your ideas is fine like, say, Zero or Axl playing Angelic Layer. I won't object to that. Do remember to give credits when due. (Though I got to admit, you need to be convincing enough to get Zero, of all people, to play.) Also, I wouldn't mind if you give me links to the fanfiction, so I can read them. =)

Other Accounts

I have an account on nfiction, where I post stories that I felt isn't good here on due to the rules and all. One of the reason why I haven't updated here is because I'm on that site.
My nFiction Page

Now I have an DeviantART account! Expect not-that-good-even-if-my-friends-said-so art and doodles. And unusual things. And why people never should never let me design their mascots.
Now adding random fiction because nFiction sometime have issues with my files! (24/09/08)
My DeviantART Page

C2: Digimorphs

I have an community for Digimorph fanfiction. If you want to add your story or there's one that's missing, let me view it first to see if it qualify. For a quick clarification, a Digimorph story is specifically about half-human half-Digimon characters. Biomerge and Spirit Evolutions does not count, unless there's an twist that brings forth a 'morph as a part of the plot. Activity

Nowadays, I generally just post my chapters at my leisure and read the reviews. Unlike my earlier days, I'm no longer a stubborn, naive (i.e. took me a while to figured out certain fanfiction terms, (i.e. Lemon, PWP, etc. Once I did, some part of me went away...) and probably hateful-to-certain-characters author. Well, not exactly about the last part, there are still characters I dislike for good reasons instead of mere superficial excuses. However, if I find myself writing scenes with those characters I dislike, I would try to keep them IC.

So if I'm not doing the next chapter, I could be editing existing chapters, since my English has improved over the years and understand why the Spellcheck and Grammar Check MS Word is telling me the mistakes, plus the tricky 'looks similar but isn't' words (e.g. venerable =/= vulnerable, dang it, my young self at the time). It also gives me something to think about the fanfiction in mention, like reinforcing the existing plot or made future changes. Since I'm older, I understand things better, which help in developing my fanfictions.

I admit, I haven't leave reviews as much, giving them when asked (depend on how NICE the author is or if they're a friend), if the story is really good or if I feel like I should note something, instead of giving them left and right, amateurly going 'AWESOME!!11 UPDATEZ, PLZ!11!' (and no, I did not use numbers as '!'). Now I'm not as enthusiastic as, say, Naruto Uzumaki around ramen and can take note of missed mistakes and anything off, unless the author plainly said it in their Author's Note that it's intentional (i.e. young children's talking, someone who's grammatically incorrect for some reason, etc); I don't point things out without a reason.

If you're posting it, even if you know there'll be mistakes, try re-reading it again, ask someone to look it over or, recommended, get a beta-reader. That way, your story will be smoother and look better, regardless of language it's in. If there are any mistakes that somehow escaped your viewing, at least you're doing your best and can go back to them at some point when you've improved.

Reviews and Flames

Nowadays, I love receiving reviews that told me what the readers thought about my stories. I do appreciate the ones that are, more or less, a couple of words, but the ones that give depth to their reviews made me happy. It made me feel like someone's affected by my stories I've written in my spare time.

Originally, I used to be indignated but now, I laughed at flames. To me, the flamer is wasting precious, thoughtful time of criticism with unhelpful comments. That and they're funny at times, assuming that they know better then I do at a fandom I wrote for fun. (By the way, Gigimon =/= Jijimon. They pronounced differently, seeing that a guy thought I use a Mega level Digimon as Guilmon's In-Training form for an old, taken down fanfiction. I'm not that stupid, geez.) I'm human, I make mistakes too. If there's any mistakes, I can go back and fixed them, hence me editing my stories from time to time. Also, if you're going to correct a mistake an author made, at very least verify it yourself before making a fool out of yourself. Seriously.


For readers waiting for the next update, know this; I now update on inspiration and feeling, instead of review numbers. I can't force myself to update, since the chapter will end up bland and weird to the author (myself), but on inspiration, it'll sound, read and look better. Or I could just plan it, so it can (hopefully) end up well.

Now, I know there are authors who want a certain number of reviews before they update, that's their choice, but I prefer my way. So if you're wondering about why it take so long, you know why. Or I'm just busy with my own, real life. You know, that almighty, undeniable thing that kept authors from updating? Yeah, that real life.

EDIT: There's also the fact that, outside of reading and games, is that I'm still a student. Just to remind you guys reading this.

(Those that shalt be updated for thine and yours truly sake. Or just to let you know.)

Digimorph: Takuya's Secret
In progress, as well as undergoing editing and revision. One of my most popular fanfiction at the moment. Also... SINGLE TAKUYA (In other words, no Takuya/Izumi, no Takuya/Kouji, Takuya/OC or even Takuya/whoever you want him to be with), period. Contains some OC/OC pairings. Using Japanese terms and names now. Chapter 12 in progress!

Hidden Flame
Edited and reformatted. Poll going on! Who shall have Takuya/Naruto? Kouji or Sasuke? Please give reason, if possible. They're both good (hot) choices and threesomes doesn't count (no matter how amusing or tempting). How the heck would Kouji and Sasuke cooperate to make it work? I'VE SET UP A POLL, SO VOTE THERE INSTEAD OF BY REVIEWS. (Result of chatting with Firehedgehog.) Currently my most popular crossover fanfiction, must be the promised shounen-ai triangle that reeled them in... Takuya x Kouji/Sasuke (Poll) and Kouichi x Izumi. Sakura pairing undecided, if ever. Next chapter up! (23/12/07)

Secret Deus
Pre-International Question: Who will be his Second? Read and guess, readers. Originally comes to life as X being a newbie, but the initial plot change to the current one because, well, I thought it'd be less cliche to do. Whether I achieve it or not, on the other hand is up for judgement. Chapter 6 is up! (26/10/09)

Kage Kokoro
Reformatted, editted and formerly 'Kage Shinzou'. Name change happen since it make more sense in terms of the actual, well, term. Similar priority status as Digimorph: Takuya's Secret and Secret Deus. Takuya x Kouichi/Kouichi x Takuya with one-sided Ranamon x Takuya/Agnimon. Izumi pairings undecided (Kouji or Junpei?). Chapter 4 is up! (29/01/08)

Deltora Network: Seven Gems
No planned pairings for canon characters as of now, but may feature some (canon) Deltoran couples. Will possibly have Rockman/Roll & Netto/Meiru, possibly but not as main part of the story. Rockman.exe/Deltora Quest crossover. Chapter 3 in progress!

Dragon Heritage
Currently discontinued. At the moments, there's no plans for new updates. Takuya x OC, OC x OC. Read Going Digital's second part of NOTE.

Going Digital
Currently discontinued. May receive an editing treatment. Will it be updated? Who knows, if so, it'll probably be completely redone. Takuya x OC, Agni x OC, OC x OC, Netto x Meiru, Rock x Roll. NOTE: If it ever gets updated or something, the pairings may change or the romance will be put aside. Right now, it stand as testament of my younger, amateur skills (read: I suck back then, this is testament of that and remind me of it harshly and laughably).

Possible Fanfiction Ideas
(These ideas are up for grabs, but PM me if you actually are doing it so I'll add your name here. I'll take them down if I'm actually doing them)

Getting some free time, Geo Stelar find himself hanging out with his Auto-Brother, who's...not quite normal. Who wouldn't since his Auto-Brother can see his MegaMan form without a Visualiser and not in the Visible Zone?! May do both male and female Auto-Brothers. Based on Mega Man Star Force 2 game. Geo x Auto-Brother Friendship. (I'm somewhat expecting people to use this feature to do their Self-Insert/OC fic...)

Digi-Coded Humans (Prone to change)
Takuya was a normal, albeit stubborn, boy living in the 22XX. However, his life changed when he encountered an runaway Digi-Code Spirit, Aguni Blaze, and can fused with him to become Agunimon, a digital being that can traverse the digital network, known as the Digital World. Yeah, borrowed heavily from Ryuusei no Rockman/Mega Man Star Force. Digimon Frontier/Mega Man Star Force crossover. No Pairings. May use dub names.

Versatile Tamer
The main character from Digimon World DS, while out on a mission assigned by their Observer, found themselves in the Tamers universe. Thing is, compare to 03 Tamers, they can have up to 6 Digimon with them. Oh and which is better: D-Arc or Digivice iC? Digimon Tamers/Digimon World DS crossover.

Disordered Bonds (prone to change)
After being ranked Tamer King, the Digimon World DS's main character was sent to investigate a new phenomena, an agenda-seeking person or group stealing well-raised and loved Digimon and let them loose in the Real World. The attacks disrupt the peace, the dimensional barriers weakened; will they be stopped from abusing a Tamer's love in their schemes? Digimon World DS/Digimon Data Squad crossover. May include Digimon Tamers.

After Lucemon was defeated and the Chosen Children went back home, one of them was cranking up the courage to ask out the only girl in their group. Digimon Frontier, Kouichi x Izumi (Mainly as an alternative to Takuya x Izumi, Kouji x Izumi and Junpei x Izumi out there)

Streaming Away (Prone to change)
A chance encounter that may drastically change what was supposed to happen in the canon universe. Somehow, as Agnimon, Takuya was separated from the others and ended up defending Ranamon (situation undecided) before they were supposed to 'officially' meet in Seraphimon's castle. Digimon Frontier, Takuya/Agnimon x Ranamon. (I have no qualms.)

He had grand feasts and banquets held in his honour, great offerings and gifts for his work and goodwill. But somehow, none of them seems to match the warmth in his heart, as he and a farmer girl enjoyed these simple peasant meals together. Breath of Fire IV, Fou-Lu x Mami

Married Banters
Ah, the typical life of the married, yet headstrong, couple, Barda and Lindal, after the Four Sisters quest. Wait, since when do 'typical life' end up in the same sentence as Barda and Lindal?! Post-Deltora Quest 3. Barda x Lindal main pairing, with some Lief x Jasmine to the side and maybe Ranesh/Marilen.

Tails of Flames
Inspired by Breath of Fire series. Shy Princess Hinata of Hyuuga Kingdom unknowingly awakens the last member of the legendary Fox Clan, Naruto Uzumaki, who wield the powers of the Kitsune, from hibernation. From that day forth, their destinies interwined with others, as they eventually journeyed on a quest that may decide the fate of the world. Naruto/Breath of Fire crossover. Naruto x Hinata, Sasuke x Sakura, Neji x Tenten, Shikamaru x Ino/Temari (Either pairing, because he's that awesome) (May or may not feature two Endings, Good and Bad)

Battle Network: Hacked
Janice, teenager and gamer, found herself a copy of an MMBN game in a used game shop. Unfortunately, it's a hacked copy and somehow, she got stuck inside there as a Navi. Despite being a fan, she's not pleased with this at all. "What the hell? How can I get back before my teacher screwed me over for not handing in my work?!" Self-Insertion, disgruntled MM fan, Rock x Roll, Netto x Meiru, possibly foot-in-mouth disease for the SI character. Oh and virii...stampede? "Ahhhh~! How do I fight~!?"

Untitled #2
What happens if you toss Masaru Daimon and Agumon into Nerima? What else would you expect? Plus, think about it: Masaru Daimon & Agumon vs Ranma Saotome, Masaru vs Ranma, Masaru vs Ranma; it'll be epic, people! They would have an awesome, epic fight, then hangout at Ucchan's afterward! Oh and something about the chaos factor mixing with Digimon or something irrelevant like that. Digimon Savers/Data Squad and Ranma 1/2 crossover. Either during or post-Savers.

Viking Love
What if the Viking Book of Love ended up in Nerima? Oh, the horror...and fun. Ranma 1/2 and Round the Twist crossover.

The Price
Aile & Vent did a special delivery to someone known as Miss Yuuko Ichihara, someone who knew and was friends with the Biometals. Somehow, the two transporters ended up paying a price each for a wish. Weird lady... Mega Man ZX/xxxHoLic Crossover

Fortune-Teller's Musings
Despite what people thinks, Lucia, the exotic dancer and fortune-teller, is much more then a ditzy woman. From leading Yuri and co. nearly to their 'death' (...) to accompanying them on their journey, there are some instances of intelligent and insightful moments from Lucia that surprised them. Then again, she get distracted afterward. Lucia-centric, Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Lucia x Lawrence (cheers for the underdog!)

Student Debut
While Sabrina's at Flower Kingdom in her place, the real Princess Sabrina live out her counterpart's life as a middle school student on Earth. Expect contrast of cultural assumptions, differences in everyday life, 'studying' and, of course, handling the student version of the princes. All while not blowing her cover. Without Kip by her side, Princess Sabrina found herself learning, maturing and being fond of this world, despite knowing one day, she'll go back home... Mainly Princess-centric. Princess Debut. Princess Sabrina x ?? (Any one of the guys, with possible exception of Kyle if kept close to Klaus' A Ending). Not sure of ending yet, due to the game's multiple endings based on NotPrincess!Sabrina's choices...

Untitled #3
The war has won. But ended with another emotional loss for Prince Freyjadour. Sadden, he travels with Georg, wondering if it'll help him. Along the way, before he returns home to Falena, they found a traveling troupe of actors, whose best member was someone Freyjadour knew well: Roy. Suikoden V, non-108 SoD Leaving Ending-based. George + Prince familial bond, Prince x Roy friendship/bond

Untitled #4
As the Prince of the Queendom of Falena, he knew very well he has no right to the throne. Though he has proven himself to be a great leader and commander, not once has Freyjadour thought of being King, only to reclaim his home and save his sister. Looking back, he remembered why he declined to being a figure head king to Salum Barows. Suikoden V, Prince-centric.

Different Bonds
A series of oneshots that depict what might've happen if the Final Bond was formed with somebody else. Luminous Arc 2: Will, Roland x Dia/Luna/Sadie/Pop. Pop x Roland might be a one-sided crush. May show the final ultimate spell.

Runic Self (Working title)
Being suck into Luminous Arc 2 world as a spectral mana spirit tied to the Runic Engine is definitely no fun. Oh, and only Roland can see her, plus some of the Witches seems to 'sense' her... Wanting to go back home, Roland promised to help her find a way back. Luminous Arc 2: Will, Self-Insert. Roland x SI friendship, Roland x Althea, completely one-sided crush from SI to Roland and Rasche. And Richter. Probably Mattias too.

"You sure you wanna do it?"
"Yep, I'm sure."
"Y'know if we do this, there's no turning back."
"Bring. It. On."
~Myself and my sister, Mina Hikari, Chicken Dance contest

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Team 8 by S'TarKan reviews
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