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Update time!

Pen Name:ImaginAries

Real Name:Mandi


Birthdate:April 1, 1984--that maketh me an Aries/Year of the Rat~

Elements: Chinese Zodiac- Wood/Eastern Direction/Spring Constellation Zodiac- Fire


Anime: Saiyuki//Full Metal Alchemist//Chrono Crusade//A I R// Spice & Wolf// Cowboy BeBop // Trigun // Wolf's Rain

Television: Heroes//Merlin//LOST//Ugly Betty//Friends//Doctor Who

Music: Nobuo Uematsu // Yoko Kanno // Little Big Town // Trace Adkins // Backstreet Boys (don't hate- I'm 'old') // Broadway (RENT, Wicked, Grease, Phantom of the Opera etc..) // Panic! At the Disco // Evanescence

Games: Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, XII, Tactics // Xenosaga // Dirge of Cerberus // Kingdom Hearts II // Tetris // Yoshi's Island // Metroid // Super Mario Bros. III // Donkey Kong Country // Mario Kart // Mario Party // Shaiya Online // Perfect World

Other Notes:

I have taken quite a long hiatus and it was not at all planned.

If any of my readers or watchers are still around, I offer my sincerest apologies that I seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth. I have had a hard time finding the proper atmosphere to write and instead seemed to indulge more in my art (which was more productive, but still not nearly enough so).

Currently, I am in the process of rewriting my biggest FanFiction that is posted under this profile. Saiyuki: An Unlikely Story/Destiny is undergoing some changes as I have been stumped on how to progress the story-telling. In finding a way, I realized that there needs to be a lot of changes made in order for any of it to be reasonably feasible. Those awaiting an update must wait a bit longer. I AM searching for a beta reader, however. When I spend hours a day writing and typing, I am too close to the story to properly edit mistakes. If you're at all interested, please e-mail me! (imagin-aries@sbcglobal. net) I also apologize to everybody who may find it confusing or irritating that I have stopped producing chapters of the original fic to work on the rewrite. While some changes in the earlier chapters may not be evident to past readers/reviewers, believe me when I say: It's going to be BETTER. I'm fleshing out the story and incorporating a lot more ideas that I feel will lend more plausibility to the storyline. When I first began writing this fanfiction in 2004 (yes, it really has been that long) Saiyuki was still being released on DVD and I had to wait to see where the original story progressed before I could write the next chapters. Now that I have all of the series, manga, and much more information, I feel it will really lend a helping hand in improving this fan-fiction.

I will not be removing the original fanfiction since I'm terribly fond of all of my reviews -- to avoid confusion, any posting of the rewrite will be labeled as "RE:Saiyuki- An Unlikely Story/Destiny". If you are a reader from the past, PLEASE, I implore you to read the rewrite. It would be fantastic to take this trip again with all of you.

To my new readers, I hope that you will come to enjoy the retelling as much as my past readers have enjoyed the original.


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