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Name: LunaMoon365 or Luna

Age: 13 going on 14

What I'm doing right now: Reading fanfiction and listening to Tokio Hotel

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Cooking and coming up with stories

Hi, Right now I'm working on a Skip Beat! story and am thinking of making a Junjou Romantica one.

The story I'm working on is between Ren and Kyoko. Kyoko gets to be in a drama in being the leading lady. She is starring in a drama called Moon Change. (Might change it.) She is excited, and Ren is excited and hopes for Kyoko discovering his love for her. But what will happen if Kyoko's Mom caomes to take her daugther back? Will someone stop her or close the locks Kyoko's beginning to open the locks of her Heart. Find out soon! Spoiler to my Story: Kyoko meets her father!

I love Junjou Romantica, Skip Beat!, and Naruto, and a little of Twilight. I love Crossovers that involve Hinata. Favorite coupleling: Hinata/Seth, Hinata/Jacob, Hinata/Mori, Hinata/Tamaki, Hinata/Kyoya, and Tamaki/Haruhi/Kyoya

I just finished the first chapter of Moon Change.