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Hey pplz, In case any of you really need to know, There are two people writing under this name. Butterfly Babe is Artemis (nickname, I'm not saying the real name!) and Monkey of Doom is Aryn (partial truth, but still a nickname). Aryn has dyed red hair, purple contacts and is only 5'2". (hehe, Aryn's short!) Artemis (me) has brown hair with lots of blonde highlights, bright blue eyes that change to green with my mood and if you look at them the right way, they are turqouise, and 5'7" (I'M TALLER!). Artemis has written After Last Night and Long Found Love. Aryn has written Coolest Party Ever (sorry for the late updates! She's not that good at updating quickly!)I (Artemis) have one older brother that is a complete asshole sumtimes (he's almost 16). And Aryn has a hot older brother (he's 25) who is a jerk but cool. I am almost 14 and Aryn is already 14 (she's older than me, but I'm taller) we are both psycho's at times (she is most of the time, I am alot of the time)

Her nicknames are (she is so gonna kill me for putting out so much info) Psycho, Monkey Queen, Freak Monkey, Retard, and some others that I can't remember. Mine are: Bitch, Pyro (I like fire gets evil grin), and a few others that I can't remember either.

What else should I say? OH YEAH! I write the romantic fics and she writes the crazy and funny fics where most of the time she is fucking Veggie! (her favorite character is Veggie, mine is Trunks...if ya can't tell!)

Progress report:

After Last Night (Artemis): IT'S FINALLY FINISHED! THANK THE LORD! I thought I would never finish it, it sure took me long enough, eh?
Long Found Love (Artemis): On the verge of getting deleted cuz it's so fucking stupid.
Coolest Party Ever (Aryn) : ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE! We don't really have this story separated into chapters and Aryn can't get it through her thick head that the chapters need to be a hell of a lot longer.
A Promise Not Kept, A Wish Not Granted (Artemis): Okay, I haven't had very much brain activity going on lately, so i have no ideas for this one right now. I'm still working on the third fucking chapter! hehe, if ya got ne ideas, send me an email at leo_rocker_chick@yahoo.com or butterfly_punk_babe@yahoo.com (I have way too many email addresses!) I now have Yahoo instant messenger if ne one wants to talk to me!
Died for Love (Artemis): Of course this one is already finished. It's a one-shot. I'm currently workin on another one-shot song fic. but i'm not sure how to start it yet.
When Two Collide (Artemis): Shit! This one is going to take a while for me to get ideas back. I had like 4 chapters written out, then somebody got a hold of it glares at Aryn and they fucked it over BIG TIME! So I have to do some damage control before I can update. But I should be updating soon!

Other Names: Artemis: Lil Chibi Baby (2 stories) Aryn: Punkchick272 (no stories) If ya need anything, you can email me at butterfly_punk_babe@yahoo.com (Artemis)

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After Last Night REDONE! reviews
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