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a 15 year old girl, who's bored. and that's why i make fanfictions. yeah

I love, P!ATD. Just in case you want to know. :D

oh, and, I'm from the Philippines.

please feel free to talk to me. I don't bite. Hard.

I like people who like me. As simple as that. :D

I don't like people who doesn't like me. And who hates P!ATD and Smosh. ;)

I'm done talking. ktnxbye.



ABOUT THE ORIGINAL CHARACTER(S) : Sally is a character based on... me. Well, I really haven't been abused by anyone, but I've been experiencing a lot of emotional pains like rejection on my friends and all, so, instead of emotional pains, I think it would be much more interesting if I converted it to some sort of abuse. Lol.

Her mom is based on my dad's stupid other woman. LOL, I have never met her personally, but this is what I imagine what she'll be like. Yes, her plus how other people would hurt me verbally. It sucks being you guys, eh? Because you guys (SPOILER ALERT!) will die! HAH. (I shouldn't be cursing you people, sorry.)

Sally's dad is based on no one, actually. Meh.

This story is also, somehow formed by my dream, wherein I met Panic! At the Disco on their concert. I only tweaked that dream a bit. And I think that's the main reason why I actually can't finish it's sequel (Cold Hearts, Colder Songs) because my dream have no proper ending, which sucks. But, I promise, if I got more time on my hands, I shall finish it. Bu yeah.


As I have mentioned earlier, this story is the sequel to my first story, A Chain of Camisados, which I kinda discontinued it. Hey, I know, it sucks for me as well.

I thought RyRo would be a great addition to the story, wherein he'll be the (SPOILER ALERT :D) new antagonist. Oh How I wish I have my imagination and time back.


Some of you guys know, I firetrucking love Smosh. That's why when I found out Anthony Padilla is dating Kalel, I made a fanfic, that can release my feelings of jealousy out of that matter. (Lol, I'm kidding. I love Kalel, and I can see Anthony is happy with her. :D)

The real idea behind this one-shot is when I have obsessed myself with Panic's song, Trade Mistakes. (Well, duh) It somehow reminded me of Anthony (AND I STILL DON'T KNOW WHY) so, I kinda took that opportunity to make a story out of it, which he is the main character. I've lose a lot of important people in my life before, so I kinda portrayed it to what would Anthony feel if he'd lose (BUT HOPEFULLY NOT D:) Kalel. It's somehow a fanfic x song. Bleeeh.


ABOUT THE ORIGINAL CHARACTER(S): Skye was based on the other side of me. I always thought infatuation was already love, so I end up 1) me getting hurt 2)the other person getting hurt. I'm heart-breaker, and so is Skye. Hohoho

Mike is based on my real-life brother. Although Mike is my dream big brother, though. He's like the opposite of my brother, I should say. Ehehehe

I always had that weird imagination, what would it feel like if I live near Smosh. What if they actually own our house that we rent in today? Ta-da! Picture Perfect is born.

Lol, this story should just be aimed as a comedy fanfic, but I'm not good with comedy. So I just changed it to romance. I suck.

I'm on Team Ian, by the way. Oops. I think that was a spoiler for you guys, eh? Nah, I'll spill it. I rarely read Smosh fanfics that are centered with romance with OCs, that end up with Ian. They ALWAYS end up with Anthony. (NOW THAT'S A SPOILER. BAMF.)


Update: Okay so I almost gave up on this. Haha. Well, after roleplaying and stuff like those, I am now back, and even better than before! Oh yeah! XD So, I'm actually planning on creating Picture Perfect 2. Not as long as you expect it to be, just random chapters on how Mike and the Smosh duo met, and those things, yada, so if ever I get my own laptop soon, well, HECK YES! Either that, or I'll be stuck on writing fanfictions inside our living room xD


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