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Author has written 2 stories for Twilight.

I have read various fan fiction for a couple years now and have toyed around with the Idea of writing my own. I have been working on my first story and have the first couple chapters up now. This is the first time I have every published anything and I have to say that the responses I have gotten have been amazing! The reviews and favorites I get just make me want to write more and faster so keep them coming.

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed my story. Please give me feedback on what you like what you don't like it helps me get my creative juices flowing. Thank you to everyone who has set up a story alert or favorited my story or me as an author. My inbox has been flooded with alerts and they make me smile.

Happy reading!!!!!

Here is a pic of the Dress that Alice is wearing when her and bella meet the second link is the corset.


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