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Hello! Yeah... So um I'm kindda new to this website, yeah even though it says I've been here since last October... I haven't have time to use it. Sucks for me...!

Age: 15 I just turned that! :D

I live in The States...

I love to read books, and write them as well! I have a crazy imagination! I remember when I was in the first grade, my friends and I would write books together... it would be so much fun

I LOVE music... there isn't a single day where I can't listen to music! I listen to it in almost every class period, the way to school, the way back, EVERYWHERE!

But my favorite singers are: Enrique Iglesias (I prefer his spanish ones) and also Prince Royce (He is a Dominican Republic singer. I love him If you search him up... the first images... are NOT him right now... I don't like those) I have other ones, but I wouldn't really be too excited if I won tickets to their concerts. :I sorry; Oh, there is also this group called Mindless Behavior. My friend likes them a lot... I like them... but I'm not obsess over them. I don't want to scare any singer when I meet them.

I also like: Chris Brown, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Drake, One Direction (Well not really them, but their songs are ok!), Nikki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Avril Lavigne(and these are latin ppl)--> Wisin y Yandel, Romeo Santos, Camila, Rkm Y Kem-Y, Enrique Iglesias, and Prince Royce

I also speak two languages English and Spanish and I understand a little bit of Portuguese . I really want to learn Latin, Japanese, and French

One more thing

I LOVE ANIME and MANGA! Here are some of my fav

-Vampire Knight

-Kiachou wa Maid-sama!

-Fruits Basket

-Naruto (and all of the other ones related to it)

-Sonic The Hedgehog... well I wouldn't count him as an anime but oh, well (Jap. Version is BETTER!!)

-Ouran High School Host Club

-Last Game

-Ouji to Hero

-Detective Conan

-StarDust Wink

-Senjou no Valkyria

-Yeah... I have lots more but, I don't feel like listing them... and you probably wouldn't want to read them

Now... I'm not really into what couples are "best" or anything but... I don't know but it's the Sonic couples that I dunno... One thing though... I HATE SONALLY!!! I don't like her!! She is just... no... I'm not even going to go there... I'm ok with the rest... i would read anything... anything but THAT! No offence if you like that.

Wanna know how I get my ideas? Well... first I think of something random... or like something that might have happened to me or someone else... then KABOOM!!! Bam... a new idea for a story.

But some ideas are really ridiculous! They are too embarrassing once I think of it

I have lots of stories coming on the way! And believe me... they are good! Well to me it is! X)

I really want to become some doctor when I'm older or... a writer... or an artist! Or a singer! Or a celebrity! Or a- Just kidding

When I post something... I don't know... but I get... NERVOUS!!!! I always think 'Are they gonna like it!? Are they gonna HATE it!? What if they' As soon as see a 1 there... I click it and thankfully... it's a good one! I hope I'm not the only one with that curse!

Strange and RANDOM facts about Me

-I'm doing this list.

-When ever I listen to One Direction... especially in my room... I feel they're watching me!! Or anybody!! Yeah, I feel uncomfortable when I listen to their music... -_-

-When I was six, I met this boy at Burger King... and we "swore" to be "best friends forever" I never saw the kid again!

-I cant stand blood. And I want to be a doctor! I get dizzy when I see "fresh blood out of the wound"

-I have fun/different friends. We give annoying kids that bother us, "nicknames".

-I read a lot of manga

-I'm doing this list...

-I hate being the one that has to "bat" in baseball or softball! Or like in kickball, I have to kick the ball! Everyone get on my nerves saying, "If you don't make it, we'll loose!" or "Blah Blah BLah!"


-I'm 'Shy' at first (in person), but when i get to know people more, I talk a LOT!

-I use to be a Beliber (or whatever it is) That is.. until that fateful day.

-I feel like killing baby kittens when I see them! They are just SO cute! I feel like killing them! (I'm weird.)

-I hate people who think they are better than you.

-Hate FAKE people!!! Hate them with a passion!!! Like they pretend to be there in the good times, then they stab you on your back!! I'm like... One Day..

-Boyfriend stealers... They pretend to be your "friend" and then... BOOM! You find out your boyfriend is going out with that hoe.

-I have never went through a day without laughing. I just HAVE to laugh. If I don't, I get depressed and bored!

-I love Wattpad... It makes me laugh. Especially at the "Fan Fiction" category. You'll see if you go there. You'll see.

-Every school had their "Creepy" teacher. I have mine. It does... the creepiest things... ever.

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