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Yay! Let's all learn a little bit about Jaylen:

Name: Jaylen...duh! I really wish I had a cool pen name like all the other people. See, when I signed up for fanfiction.net, I didn't know that you could use a name that wasn't your real name so I used mine and then I saw all these other people with cool names and I was like "I want one!" but by then I had already posted a story and I didn't feel like taking it down to get another name.

Age: Lets just say I'm a teenager...WOOHOO! I LOVE being a teenager!

Ten Things that I Hope to Accomplish Before I Die:

1. Direct a full-length NON-animated film version of The Hobbit starring Michael Jackson as Bilbo.
2. Join the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
3. Find a cure for cancer and make zillions of dollars.
4. KILL Lil' Romeo and his awful tv show.
5. Make out with Spongebob Squarepants.
6. Marry Rico Romero as soon as I turn eighteen and live in the house that I inherit from my grandparents and adopt a whole bunch of kids from other countries (and I'm talking like fifteen or twenty kids. I LOVE kids).
7. Play professional poker and tour the world showing off my skill.
8. Hitchhike from Maine to Florida.
9. Go into outer space and meet a martian creature.
10. Read another Redwall fanfiction with a scene in which mice have sex.
Okay, actually, only one of these is true. See if you can guess what it is. The answer is at the bottom, and I can guarantee you, it's not number ten (that actually happened once. I was reading this cute little story about these two mice falling in love, and then they started to do some STUFF if you know what I mean, and I close the window as quickly as I could. I REALLY didn't need to read that).
Things that I Like: Michael Jackson, opera, strawberries and bananas in fat free whipped cream, BABYSITTING, fanfiction, Orlando Bloom.

Things that I don't like: Paris Hilton (sorry), instrumental jazz, too much junk food, languages I can't understand, lemons between two animals (will be explained later).

Favorite singers/music: MICHAEL JACKSON, SARAH BRIGHTMAN, JOSH GROBAN, JOSE CURA, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Shania Twain, Matchbox Twenty...yeah, I like pretty much all music. I LOVE opera, but I watch Vh1 and like almost every song I hear on there so yeah...deal with it.

Favorite foods: I am trying hard to be healthy which means I'm telling myself that I DON'T like junk food (and it's working too! I'm on a healthy diet and I'm so excited! I actually do enjoy going on diets. I feel a sense of accomplishment!) but I really like fruit and raw veggies. I don't really like meat very much but I eat it occasionally for the protien (I also can't spell).

Family: Okay, three brothers named Jason, Jacob, and Josh, and a sister named Jennie. I'm the second youngest, Jason is younger than me. I have a mom and a dad, two sisters-in-law (my older brothers are married), two nieces, a nephew, and another one on the way. Oh, and I have a cat but he doesn't really count.

Um...let's see, I really like Orlando Bloom...and Adam Sandler cuz he's funny. But Orlando Bloom is hot. And that was a random thought I had to throw in there.

Favorite Subject: Spanish. I like learning other languages, but ONE AT A TIME...I'm having some trouble learning legrada though (only Gari can sympathize with me).

Favorite Color: PINK!!!!!

Favorite Pastimes: Singing, dancing, playing the piano, watching tv, BABYSITTING, shopping, putting on makeup, hanging out with Gari or Taylor or Soberhumano Chabu, reading fanfiction.

Favorite age of kids to babysit: Hmm...well, babies and toddlers (like, ages zero to two) I absolutely adore, ages three to five I am completely in love with, ages six to eight are complete sweethearts, ages nine and ten are getting a little old to need a babysitter but I still love them, ages eleven to twelve REALLY shouldn't need a babysitter but if they do I will jump at the chance, thirteen and up...I really hope they don't need a babysitter...but I love all ages of children! I babysit waaaaaaay too much too. Especially at church. I take care of the one and a half to two year olds every sunday for three hours straight and I love it!

Okay, um, what else do I like...I like Michael Jackson. I've said that so many times already. I know he's weird looking, but I don't think he's a bad guy, and either way he's an awesome dancer and his music is incredible. My daddy thinks so too, so there! Sarah Brightman is my all time favorite singer. She has an incredible voice and if I could sing like her I would be really cool (I've been taking voice lessons for three years but it's not working). I really liked her in the Phantom of the Opera.

Alrighty, let me tell you about my policies on ff.net: Right now, I'm only reading LotR. Most of what I read is humor. I don't really like to read heavy stuff, but I will every once in a while. I usually don't read romance stories if they have original characters. In fact, the only time I'll read a story with an original character is if it's humor. I'm just sick and tired of Mary-Sues. I do like it if the humor stories I read have actual plots though.

Also, I write all of my stories completely before I post them (for the most part) so if you have a suggestion for my story, don't get offended if I don't take it. It's just because I don't feel like re-writing the whole thing. Right now the only good story I have up is "Overpopulation." The other LotR one that I wrote with Gari really sucks. There do need to be more stories about Gamling though. And more Arwen/Eowyn romance fics. Last time I looked, there were only five. I would write one if I was halfway decent at writing romance, but I'm not.

Okay, that's all I can think of right now. In case you couldn't guess, the answer to the Ten Things that I Hope to Accomplish Before I Die was number 6.

Okay, so bye!

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