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Author has written 4 stories for Vampire: The Masquerade, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

I am Comrade Athelwine.

My name sums up two things about me.

I am a Communist.

And I Like old English... (Athelwine Old English for "Noble friend")

But that does not change the fact that i love to write, and love to read.

I hope I will be able to give, and get some good feedback upon the stories of this page.

Small boring Fact list.

I'm Male

I'm 19 Years old

I'm From Denmark

I'm a Roleplayer

I try to be respectful to all :)

My Real Name is "Andreas Tønnes Hansen" Which makes me kind of feel like a Narcissist for calling one of my Characters for Andreas, but that was mainly due to the owner of "Ashley" that just called my char by the name "Mister Andreas" first XD I just could not let it go :) One has to come up with compromises after all :P

I am on as you can see, But I am Also On Deviantart with some of my original work as well. There i go under the name "andreas55k"

I got Two stories for now, and Several Characters:

A Ventrue and A Gangrel

We have the adventures of Andreas "Andy" Doctor, and Ashley Macmillan throughout the World of Darkness and the streets of Los Angeles in the style of "Vampire the Masquerade bloodlines".
We have the young Politicly active Ventrue who originated from Europe, Thrown into this dark world without knowing anything and all he knew before, must be rethought...
And then we have the Young Hyper active Gangrel who have already been in the World of Darkness for a long time, but just... Does not think about it

I Really Hope all those who like Vampires and the idea of Family, Romance and adventure, will Help me go through with his story and review :)

Loving and Living, or Living to Live

This is a little side project that just kept me up at night, and i had to make it. If only to Cleanse myself of the ideas :)

Its SONAMY but also, we meet a certain new Hedgehog, LL. He was once in my extra characters bundle, but now he got a story, so i have removed him from there :)

Leonardo Linnattan, a Golden Yellow, very flirty Hedgehog arrives in town, meeting up with his old friend Tails. But something catches his eye. A couple to be precise.

But wait a minnute!? How does this Leo Linn know Tails? Why is Tails so secretive about this?

On top of that, a dangerous decease is spreading among the human population, and Eggman Might soon know how to use it!

Message to the Reviewers:

I am So thankful for everyone who reads my stories, this page is truly helping me with enhancing my Writing skills :)

I am actually willing to take requests and suggestions If you have any, So please feel free to send me Private messages

I am also on Twitter in case you would rather make some short messages there,!/andreas55k

I love you all :)

And to My best Friends in writing:

I love you all so much

You are truely helping me to come along when I get depressed and frustrated.

Thank you So much.

Non Fiction Related Stuff!



Religion is Opium for the Masses.

- Karl Marx

"Get a Job!", the modern Edition of "Let them eat Cake"

- Jonathan (Communist Friend of mine).

People have Nothing to loose, and the world to Gain, Come now, you have nothing to loose but your chains. Proletarians of the World Unite!

Living is a strange thing, But why on earth would we shy away from the strange parts of it? Like the meaninglessness of it all?

We have biological reasons to be here, but Humans needs better reasons, however none is handed to us, and thus we panic, and seek towards some sort of meaning. We then find meaning in Illusions and comfort ourselves when pain comes. We say there is a Reason for all this and once its all gone we will be feeling much better.

But why? Why wont we look at the world as it is? Controlled by a Collapsing Capitalistic System, a Corrupt Parliamentary System and a decadent, rotting Religious system...

Is it too hard for us to understand? Is it just a Truth we dont want to admit to? Do we not want to see the cliff edge before we inevitably fall from it?

And What happens when the Status Quo we have gets criticised? You yell at the critiques, and you tell them they are idiots, or "Not following human nature", "heathens", "Stupid", "Blind", "Idealists" and so on.

And yet.

What happens when the System you so full heartedly protect Fails you? You complain yourself... You complain that it does not work right... but You dont want it Replaced.

Often, Those whom the protectors of the system deem "Idiots", are the ones who actually knows the system, and simply realizes the folly, and fragility of it all.

My question is... Why?

Why do you want to wait for your death to Live?

Why do you accept that what you produce is taken away from you?

Why do you accept that our world wants us to hate each other?

Why do you not rid yourself of your illusions like you get rid of imaginary friends?


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