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I have a tumblr and a DeviantArt account. The link's don't work on this site, but I'm 'Gerudo-Spirit' on DA and 'gerudospirit' on tumblr.

Why I ship Yugilda

Please note this is my personal interpretation of the plot of A Link Between Worlds. With that said, I love to debate and clarify things about the pairing. This is my most comprehensive essay on the ship, and can serve as a guide for any questions you might have. I will keep adding to this if I think of anything. (Especially the discourse and other thoughts section.)

Introduction/ Summary

While Hilda languished in her misery over Lorule’s impending doom, Yuga was right by her side. He comforted her and gave her hope. Both Yuga and Hilda shared something in common: They refused to sit by idly as the world ended. They had the common goal of restoring beauty to Lorule.

It isn’t stated, but we can infer that Yuga has worked for Hilda for quite some time as an adviser or maybe even as an attendant, just as Zelda has Impa. It was because of his close relationship to Hilda, he was allowed to visit Lorule’s Sacred Realm and discover the crack in the slate. He went to Hilda with his findings. Through the crack they could sense the existence of Hyrule and it’s Triforce. Hilda placed her faith in Yuga to save Lorule by embarking on a quest to capture Hyrule’s seven sages and Princess Zelda to revive the demon king, Ganon. No easy task! This planning likely took a lot of thought and time spent together. With Yuga’s fixation on Hilda’s beauty and the hope he inspired in her, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility for them to become intimate.

As soon as Yuga sealed his first sage in a painting, he remarks to himself, “I think that Her Grace will be most pleased,” implying that his care for her is genuine.

Then the time came to merge with Ganon and siphon his power, but due to Yuga’s hubris, he didn’t foresee that his original intentions would be skewed from Ganon’s influence and the Triforce of power. Those without a righteous mind have no hope of wielding the Triforce of Power without it corrupting them further. Even so, his concern for Hilda remained, which was why he absorbed her, wanting to preserve and protect her for what was to come in his perfect world.

Hilda somehow survived the fusion with Yuganon. Her surviving simply because she was a painting seems a bit unimaginative if you ask me. I’d like to point out that Zelda remained a painting after Yuganon was defeated, while Hilda was left in physical form, but unconscious. Link had to actually touch the Zelda painting to free her. I believe it had something to do with Yuga wanting Hilda to live - as in- he couldn’t save himself, but he didn’t want her to be destroyed along with him. I think this fits nicely with his desire to preserve beautiful things.

After coming to, Hilda sadly says, “What more can I do?”, before advancing on Link and Zelda angry and at her wits end. And it’s completely understandable considering the one she trusted most not only betrayed her but is dead.


  • I can only imagine that Yuga treated Hilda very well, referring to her as Your Grace, which in Zelda lore references the goddess or goddess incarnate. And he is the only one to address her this way.
  • Hilda trusted Yuga so strongly she went along with his plan fully knowing what it would entail. She even accepts responsibility for it in the end. She never makes an excuse or says she was tricked. It’s also worth noting that the betrayal took her by surprise so much so that she didn’t think to defend herself against getting turned into a painting.
  • Yuga

  • His tunic bears the crest of the Lorulean Royal Family. Given that Yuga is very vain and true to himself, this may infer that he is actually quite proud to be working for Hilda. His eye makeup is similar to OoT Impa’s. Also in ALBW, Impa has a Triforce on her apron and a wrap around her neck similar to Yuga’s. Perhaps the creators wanted there to be visual parallels between the attendants?
  • Yuga hardly needed Hilda for his plan to work, yet he chose to involve her anyways. Yuga did all the work, and Link still would have gone on a quest to save the sages regardless if Hilda was acting as a guide or not. Yuga could have gone to Hyrule on his own accord, without ever telling Hilda his intentions.
  • And that begs the question if he was indeed working for Hilda long before he discovered the crack in the Sacred Ream as I speculate, then what kept him around? This is important since most in Hilda’s service deserted her. Yuga, as vain and arrogant as he is, was the only other person besides Ravio we know of who was working for her at that stage. Others walked out on the Princess to satisfy their own immoral pursuits in any way they could given Lorule’s deplorable state. So what kept Yuga around to serve Hilda?
  • The ‘foolish royal girls’ line seems to be added in by NOA. From other language versions that have been translated to English and from what I can tell from the original Japanese, this line simply doesn’t exist. Instead, Yuga calls Hilda beautiful or makes a reference to her being the crown jewel of his collection.
  • Ravio

  • Ravio’s diary suggests that Yuga was manipulative towards Hilda calling him a leech. You really have to wonder at who is the dominant one in the relationship. Certainly, Hilda is Yuga’s boss, but Yuga still has sway over her. Even so, Yuga and Hilda are both powerful magic users, and despite Ravio’s belief that Hilda was being tricked, that doesn’t change the fact that she is shady and deceptive herself.
  • His journal entries are very vague and he never states why he believes Hilda is ‘being duped’. Did he have a prophetic dream? Did he spy on Yuga? We’ll never know.
  • Given Yuga’s obsession with beauty, selfishness, and lack of humility. It would only be natural for Ravio to suspect the worst of him. However, Ravio was just a bystander to Yuga and Hilda’s plan. That doesn’t make him the authority on Yuga’s intentions, especially when Yuga himself spoke so highly of Hilda prior to the merge.
  • It is unknown if Ravio expressed his reservations about Yuga to Hilda in the first place, but if he did Hilda didn’t heed his warnings - again - demonstrating her trust in Yuga. It is only after Yuga is out of the picture that Hilda is swayed by Ravio’s reason.
  • Conclusion

    Yuga didn’t need her for the plan to work, but Hilda most certainly needed him. Even if he planned to betray her the whole time, there’s no denying that she was important to him. And in my opinion, given this context to his betrayal, it doesn’t 'sink the ship’ so to speak. After all, Ravio also betrayed Hilda by siding with Link, and she forgave him. (Despite that Ravio had no solution to Lorule’s problems, no matter how noble his intentions.)

    Without Yuga’s actions, Lorule may very well have been doomed forever. It wasn’t as simple as going to Zelda and asking her to make a wish to fix Lorule, because the Hylian Triforce was split apart. It took a nefarious plan to bring it back together (reviving Ganon and creating a problem so a new hero could rise up and claim the Triforce of Courage). Whether Hilda makes this heartbreaking realization at the end remains unknown.

    Discourse and other thoughts

    A lot of people don’t see Hilda as the villain, since 'Yuga tricked her and her intentions were good, while his were evil’. But some of the best villains have good intentions. That’s what makes them sympathetic. And who’s to say that desire for perfection and beauty are not also 'good’ intentions?

    I’d also like to point out that Hilda lived and got redeemed, while Yuga DIED. He died. He never got a chance to be redeemed as HIlda did. And no one questions this, since Hilda is young, and pretty, and a princess, and Yuga is…. well… a creepy man. :/

    Why I ship Ghirazel

    Throughout the game Ghirahim makes comments about Zelda, calling her "adorable", "Her Majesty", "darling young girl".

    There's also the small chance he was created for the sole purpose of finding her. When he is performing the ritual he says something to the effect of "I've waited my whole existence for this. This is my moment."

    He works tirelessly to find her. He had his hopes raised and dashed so many times over the course of the game. He probably thought about her the entire time. Probably fantasized about how he could capture her. Because of this I think he'd have an odd sort of reverence for her since her soul is required to resurrect his master, maybe even bordering on desiring her for himself

    I like to think about what could have been if he had managed to capture her earlier. What kind of interaction there could have been if she were conscious to talk to him. Most likely she'd be taken to be sacrificed right away, but I still like to imagine that he'd hold her captive for some time, being forced to care for her. I could imagine him flaunting his physique in front of her and her laughing at him. Because she is so important in fulfilling his goals, it would be rather short sighted of him to harm her in any way (aside from the ritual of course). If she were to die prior to the ritual, Ghirahim would be SOL, and he knows it. His happiness kind of hinges on her.

    I have a headcanon that it was Ghirahim who was calling out to Zelda during the early parts of the game.

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    On the day of the Wing Ceremony, Zelda hears the voice of a Demon Lord calling her from the surface below. An unlikely romance develops when Zelda is captured. To what lengths will they go to be together? Ghirahim X Zelda. Rated M for content in chapter 17.
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 23 - Words: 29,938 - Reviews: 43 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 28 - Updated: 10/28/2013 - Published: 7/30/2012 - [Zelda, Ghirahim] - Complete
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    The goddess, Hylia has succeeded in sealing away Demise, but she has a deep, dark secret. Hylia x Ghirahim and Hylia x chosen hero. Warning for brief violence. Oneshot.
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 989 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/10/2012 - Ghirahim, Hylia/Her Grace - Complete
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