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Right now, I’m in the process of gluing together the pieces of my latest fic: “Three Words, Eight Letters” because the scenes, dialogues, adjectives are randomly scattered on my head and chaotically typed all over the screen. Bottom line, I don’t know how I’m gonna sort this out, but I swear I’ll make it work. There’s already a story, just no middle. Hahahaha!

Hiya! As you can see… I’m Parizz! Before, I was Paris, but I had to change my pen name to Parizz cause someone took my name! BOOOO!! The extra two Zs signify my passion for sleeping…ZzzzZZzzZzzzZZz...

Seiftis: I’m no longer an active member, but for the sake of, I loved the times when I did. It’s for Seiftis fans really:

Deviant: Here is where I'll upload some fanart for my fic, as well as some of my original artworks:

Synopsis of “Three Words, Eight Letters”

I wanted to make another Seiftis fic, and I wanted to start fresh, but not from scratch, that was how it came to be the ‘sequel-of-sort’ for Betting on a Fairytale Ending. Here’s the deal, I’ve been formulating this story somewhere along the process of trying to juice out my brain for BoaFE’s ending. It started with my growing fascination of writing in sarcastic tone, and the thought of writing an unconventional story format attracted me to use this story as the guinea pig of testing out my new writing style. But trust me, I tried to grind my brain lobes into making Three Words, Eight Letters into another new fic, but the pieces I wanted simply didn’t fit the concept of writing on a clean slate, and the more I progressed into the chapters, the more I found the scenes suitable for a sequel. So although I’ve changed my writing style for this fic, I made an effort to make this fic familiar to those who read its prequel, as well as worth something in itself as this is most probably my last Seiftis fic...

The story initiates six years after Betting on a Fairytale Ending, wherein their relationship didn’t work out after a year of romance, so they have parted ways, haven’t met since, then suddenly crossed paths in Dollet after five years. So by then they’re already on their mid-twenties, and obviously a lot has happened in those years of separation. Anyway, the whole affair became one expensive mess when they destroy Mr. Dollet’s most valuable treasure worth 2,400,000 Gil. Now, Mr. Dollet is a reasonable but also a very disturbed and bored old man; so instead of sending them off to jail, he devised a way to muse himself by making the two clash into a whirlwind of emotional competitions. In short: he wanted to make fools out of them, and as entertainment, he made them sign into a contract: whoever so makes the other admit his/her feelings coughs up the cash to pay the 2.4M in debt. The idea is, make the other fall madly in love, and urge to him/her to say, “I love you” to get oneself off the hook. And that’s the paradox of this love story: neither of them should fall in love, because this love has a price tag.

The plot may sound shallow and messed up, but the whole idea is to build a bigger story from there, just like its prequel. I’m sure you’re getting a pattern here now. And so, I guarantee that this won’t be a disappointment if you’re still looking for that fairytale romance theme like BoaFE, the only difference is, Three Words, Eight Letters is just a little more mature in terms of content (as you can see it’s Rated M.) You’ll get what I mean as bits of information will come along the succeeding chapters, then you’ll understand that it’s still a fairytale, just the non-linear kind. Just think of it as Disney’s Enchanted. Hahaha!

And so, please do leave me a review, I’d love to hear your opinion.

Synopsis on “Betting on a Fairytale Ending”

After five years of writer’s block, and a year of rewriting it, I finally finished my fic. It is my latest rewritten fanfic for the only couple I work for, Seifer and Quistis. Rewritten, in a sense that it is “I Think I’ve Finally Learned to Love You More” in a whole new, better perspective. It has the same concept, but with a different plot and plot twist. So anyone who liked my first fic would surely LOVE the rewrite because it’s everything-better! At least that’s what I think...

It’s about Selphie and Rinoa plotting the pair-up of Seifer and Quistis with the help of their little friends, Squall, Zell, Irvine,Xu, Edea and Cid, using bribery to make them take the deal. The bet is for 50,000 gil, each person is given a chance to hook up Seifer and Quistis, anyone who makes them fall will get the cash, but the thing is, he/she must do it alone and once. So it’s a one-time deal, in fact, a one-time-big-time scheme to get the two of Balamb Garden’s most stubborn individuals.

I suggest that if you're not sure about reading the whole thing, you start from the last updated chapter...and if my story takes your interest, begin to read the whole thing from my chapter 1!!

A Seiftis fairytale romance. For 50,000 gil, how far are Rinoa, Selphie, Irvine, Squall, Zell, Xu, Edea and Cid willing to go to make two of Balamb Garden’s most stubborn individuals fall for each other?

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