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.:.FAVE QUOTES FROM MY OWN STUFF (Or is that too pompous? Eh, whatever).:.

((Kingdom Hearts))

Riku: Hey, Sora, wanna go beat the crap out of each other?

Sora: SURE! .


Kairi: You like yourself don't you, Riku?

Riku: Who wouldn't?


Kairi: I smell something fishy...

Sora: Well, duh, Kairi. We only live on an ISLAND.


Haku: Now, I finally have enough money to live my dream... as a woman!

Zabuza: Ho. ly. Shit.


Itachi: I bought about thirty-five thousand acres, and uh, for, you know, sixty cents an acre, and in about twelve minutes, And my baby brother is still not as RICH as me.

Sasuke: ... Nyuh... (Eye twitches) ...EYYAAAAAAGHHH! (Chases Itachi with a bass guitar)


Sakura: Mmm hmm. (nods)



Sasuke: (grumbles) I hate snow.

Naruto: Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! ... (etc.)

Kakashi: Calm down, my little X-mas goose! Come under the mistletoe and give me a smooch.

Naruto: (stops, stares at Kakashi) …………………… Snow! Snow!


Kakashi: (sniff sniff) What's that smell?

Sakura: It's your butt roasting over an open fire.

Kakashi: Oh. Watch the show, I've got a goose to cook. Ow, ow, ow!

(He runs off, his ass ablaze… leaving the kids with their enemies.) (Silence)

Itachi: Y'know, X-mas just wouldn't be X-mas without Sasuke doing the Dance of the Candy Canes for us.


Itachi: Come on Sasuke, it's Auntie Mei's favorite.

Sasuke: Uggghhhhuuuccck…

Itachi: Well, how about Jingle Bells?

Sasuke: No way in hell.



Fluffy: (chews on Sasuke's leg instead) Grr...

Itachi: Well... at least he obeyed me. For once.

Sasuke: I hate you.


Zabuza: I'm 21.

Haku: (cough) 28. (Zabuza glares) ...What?

Sakura: As I was saying, I've had enough. Sasuke, I am sorry, but Ino can have you for I care. As for me, I am going to go and call Rock Lee! skips off

Sasuke: But... But... But...

Naruto: Ouch.

Kakashi: Ah, spring. The time of year when a young man's fancy turns to love.

Sasuke: Shut up.


Haku: (Burp) ... (burp.)

Zabuza: okay kid, this is getting out of hand… stop it.

Haku: (Burp) Wait, wait there’s a long one coming up… (long burp)

Zabuza: Oh dead god.

Haku: (Burp) … hotdog! Herr… when’s the last time I had a fucking hot dog… oooh, vintage...

Zabuza: Awww, that's f#cking disgusting!

Haku: Admit it, I am the woman of your dreams.

Zabuza: Freak.

Haku: I think I'll go do that with the things and the pil-poping-popity-popity-popity-pop pop pop!

Zabuza: yeah, okay.. see, now I remember why I stopped letting you go out in public the first time…

Haku: …pop pop pop pop pop poppity poppoppoppopoppop…


//\//\//\//\//~~MIST NINJAS~COAST TO COAST~~\//\//\//\//\

Zabuza: Kisame is dead! Murdered! (more crashing, mayhem) Haku, serve the first course!

Haku: Aye-aye, Cap'n. Pudding, comin' up.


Haku: Walt Disney is deaaaaad.

Zabuza: I know! Goddamnit, how many times do I have to tell you that? Hey, wood! We should build something...

(SEVEN HOURS LATER: Two boards are nailed together in an upside-down "v" shape. An extension cord is taped to one board.)

Haku: Wow. What's it do?

Zabuza: It's symbolic, Haku. Things don't always have to do things. Now, help me plug it into the wall.

Zabuza: Let me just break your arms.


Zabuza: Come over here... I'm gonna bite your head off.

Zabuza: Haku! Release the Taco!

Haku: Okee. (pushes button; growling noise from basement)


Gaara: Haku? Do you eat your young?

Haku: (surprised) Uh, um...

Zabuza: Haku eats anything, young, old, and then some!

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2. Monkey just bit me!

3. You remind me nothing of Paris Hilton.

4. I didn't realize I was in the line of fire.

5. These are small but functional.

6. Are you laughing at my pumpkins?

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