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Author has written 1 story for Star Wars.

Bio Updated: 1/8/09

Although the little note above says "Author has written one Star Wars story", I have in fact written EIGHT completed stories, and have two in progress. FF.Net just isn't a site that hosts any of them.

No, my stories weren't deleted by The Powers That Be at FF.Net. The decision was mine. Only 'Succumb' remains for sentimental reasons. As always I can be contacted directly by email with feedback or questions. All my stories can be found in their entirety at other sites. Usually I have those sites listed but it seems that gets jealous and likes to delete them from time to time. Since I don't come around to check that often, if they ARE missing, you can always email me. That gets my attention and a response faster than a PM. However, the FASTEST way to find my stories is to just google the titles or my author name.

To test the whole google thing I tried it and it worked. I mean, sure you're going to end up with some things that are definitely NOT SW fan fiction, but you guys are internet savvy, you'll figure it out lol.

Just google Kellyb and the name of the story. Or my author name (again Kellyb) and Star Wars fan fiction. I've put all the names of my fan fiction below. Hopefully the fic names are NOT something FF.Net will delete, should they go on one of their erasing kicks.

Succumb - darker take on AOTC from Padme's POV

The End Justifies the Means - basically Succumb from Anakin's POV but with added story.

Lessons Applied - (A Succumb vignette, Padme's POV - fits in with The End Justifies the Means as well)

An Encounter - (prequel to The End Justifies the Means - Anakin's POV)

The Green Stuff (follows An Encounter - also a prequel - Anakin's POV)

Wicked Game (alternative first time for Anakin and Padme, than the one that occurs in Succumb/The End Justifies the Means)

Drowning Dreams - encompasses all three prequels - TPM/AOTC/ROTS and a little beyond - from Anakin/Vader's POV with a bit of Padme's. Dark and angst ridden.

They Wrote What?! - humor, parody-ish, prequel characters, tongue in cheek

One Coruscant Night - still a WIP. One chapter up. Second chapter pending. Currently on hiatus. Experiencing writers block.

So Beautifully Shattered - post-ROTS multi-chapter AU - WIP. Currently on hiatus. Experiencing writers block.

All my stories can be found at

They are also at (That's Freedom Of Speech Fan Fiction) You can google that as well, not sure off the top of my head if that's net or com. But if you're googling the stories I'm sure you'll find that some of them come up there anyway.

If you do venture out to find them and you like them, I would appreciate it if you'd leave a review. Or if you'd email me with your thoughts. Feed the author. Who knows it might help with the writers block.

I've been asked about the status of Acaciah's Realm. I spoke with the owner and she isn't sure if she's going to continue with it. The old url has lapsed but you can still access the site at:

As you may see by the stories found in My Favorite Stories, I have fallen under the spell of Twilight recently. The fact there are no Star Wars stories means nothing. I rarely visited here during the heyday of SW prequels due to the problems I had with the site and therefore read and gathered my favorites elsewhere.

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This is a darker take on Anakin's courtship of Padmé. In this story he is much more active in his pursuit and not as innocently boyish in his actions and methods. There's a bit of mental coercion, obsession, and dark romance.
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