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Author has written 12 stories for Inception, and Avengers.

I've hit my 30th year. I am the proudest member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of '08. I've just married my very best friend in the whole world.

My screen name is an nod to Summer Glau in the Terminator TV show. That's when I decided that I wanted to grow up to be a ballerina terminator. I've got the terminator qualifications down, as I've been 15 years in martial arts, but I should have listened to my mother when she told me that I didn't have to give up ballet for the martial arts. I thought at the time that ballet was too girly (going through my high school tom-boy faze), but now I realize that getting to be very good at ballet is infinitely more hardcore. No, really, it is. Also, I was in college before I embraced the whole "My being able to do a pirouette doesn't reduce my ability to perform a good roundhouse kick" philosophy. (Not that I would do something as inefficient as a roundhouse kick in an actual fight.)

And in recent news: I have a kid! (No one stopped us... ) ;-)

A few random insights into me:

I love color in my jewelry: gold, rubies, sapphires, emeralds. Silver, platinum, and diamonds I find a bit boring.

It is hard to make me really, very angry, but once I am, I find it difficult to forgive.

I enjoy it when people notice that I smile all of the time.

I have danced on broken, bleeding, blistered, cramping, and swollen feet. I always, always want to dance, even when I am no good.

I love the smell of rain.

Terry Pratchett writes as though he has a direct line into my soul.

I didn’t know that I liked pumpkin flavoring until I was 24.

I want to get into a proper fight to prove to myself that I am as good a fighter as I hope I am.

I love babies, even grumpy, crying babies.

I like really good murder mystery stories. I love it when I am genuinely terrified by a good book.

I don't like romance for the sake of romance, but when it is really well done in the subplot, I love it.

I could be good at math if I cared about it more.

Desmond Tutu is to me what I would like to be for others: what the love of Jesus must be.

I love words and how two words that mean basically the same thing can have wildly different connotations and how the right words used together can change nearly anything.

I get very cold very easily. I can wear sweaters in the middle of Texas summers. (Not for Summer 2011. It is one of the hottest summers on record.)

I am an unabashed Brony! I feel a deep connection to Pinkie Pie.

If you care to see my preferences in ships, they are as follows:

*Harry Potter

Ron/Hermione - If you can't tell that it's COMPLETELY obvious, then we simply aren't reading the same Harry Potter series

Harry/Ginny - Far less obvious than R/H, but it's the one I'm hoping for. I see the subtle hints.

Note Added 8/05: God, it's good to be right.

*Teen Titans

Beast Boy/Raven - My favorite Teen Titans pairing, period. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

Robin/Starfire - Peticularly hard to miss. Kinda cute, actually.

Cyborg/Jinx - This would just be cool, in my humble opinion. No actual canon basis.


Shawn/Juliet -I've seen this coming for a long time. I'm glad they're developing the relationship.

*Doctor Who

Doctor/Rose- I love Rose. I love the Doctor. I love the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when they love each other.

Note added 08/08: I told you Rose was coming back! I told you all! They said I was crazy! They said I was stuck in the denial phase of grief! To all of you who shook your heads sadly when I stubbornly refused to believe that Rose was gone: HA! I told you!! Mwahahaha!

*Star Trek: All of them

Worf/ Jadzia Dax - He's so serious, and she nearly always looks as though she's on the verge of a laugh. I love it.

Tom/ B'Elanna -They're really sweet, but they act like a real couple. Yes, I liked Voyager.

Spock/Uhura - Took me rather by surprise in the new movie, but on reflection, I like it more and more all the time


Ariadne/Arthur - All started by the most cleverly stolen kiss of all time. Ever.


Tony/Ziva - I just knocked out seasons 1-8 in a couple of months, and I got to say, just kiss already. Srsly, screw rule 12.


Natasha/Clint - So, one of my top ten all time favorite movies before the credits even rolled, and it has a lot to do with these two. Their relationship wasn't even a sub-plot, or a sub-sub-plot, but all of the very subtle interactions between the two spoke such VOLUMES to me, I have neglected my current story a bit to really enjoy the shipping-high that I'm getting off of these two.

5/1/15- oh, God, that hurt. So, so bad...

Characters I love to hate:

Terra of Teen Titans- I have a few choice words about her that cause my profile to require a rather high rating. Besides that whole traitor thing, a friend of mine and I came to the realization that she's actually a Mary Sue. We had been talking about Mary Sues and then we branched off into Teen Titans, then suddenly it dawned on me that Terra is just a Sue. If you don't believe me, go check a Mary Sue Litmus Test. There are tons all over the internet.

Professor Umbridge - This woman is just fun to hate. Actually, I think that was the point of her to a certain extent. Bureaucratic and paranoid in the extreme. McCarthian-like people are the kind that you just feel would benefit from being slapped around.

Twilight. All of it. - To the teenager girls of the world, repeat after me: "Codependency does NOT make for a healthy relationship. It is to be idolized." Also, "Emotional blackmail does not make for a healthy friendship." Also, "Female characters lacking in self-respect are not healthy role-models."

A quote to leave you with:

"A woman who is not a fool is dangerous." -Nero Wolfe The Silent Speaker, by: Rex Stout

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