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Author has written 2 stories for Pokémon, and Gears of War.

My stories take a while to come out

So here i am I’m a 17 year old college student on the A level course doing Maths, Business Studies and Critical Thinking.

i have a fiery personality as you can tell by my name


computer games like CoD or Final Fantasy or fable or ratchet and clank
Witch and Wizard series by James Patterson
ALL Harry Potter Books and films
The Spooks Chronicles books
Music With a good Strong Electric Guitar (preferably Metal)
any food my mum cooks from scratch


people who do stupid stories which make no sense and are just there to make the category they are righting about look bad
people who bully other people because they think their weird because they have a disability (happened to me)
people who pick fights because they know that the person they are fighting is alot weaker than them and only because their friends are around and they want to look hard(happened to me)
people who dont respect other peoples veiws ( i respect people even if they liked justin beiber i wouldn't hate them i would just hate JUSTIN BEIBER MORE FOR BRAINWASHING ANOTHER PERSON TO BE HIS STUPID PATHETIC FANS) anyway where was i?...oh yes
people who make fun and bully people in any way shape or form (including saying silly things when i am talking to a know what i am talking about...dont pretend it didnt happen to you)
genaraly all sauces
did i mention i hate JUSTIN FUCKIN' BEIBER

I love Pokémon fics and that is what most of my storeys are going to be about

My stories are quite dark but i try to put a joke in here and there to lighten the mood

My stories may take a while to get up as i have a lot of college work to do but i will try my hardest to keep up with any demands or requests you make if you make any

just make sure you review as i will not be continuing unless i get enough reviews on my stories if two chapter doesn't get any reviews in a row then the story will stop their and then as there is no point in writing a story if no one is reading it so i need you all to review so i know you are reading them.



Hopefully this will help fix the problems with the spelling mistakes

anyway i now have an intern job as an IT technician so sorry guys but updates will probably only be on the weekends but i may be able to do some on Wednesday as well so don’t worry if you think that i have forgotten about this or have died from laughing so hard watching Russell Howard’s good news (which i nearly did once as i fell of my friends bunk bed while watching it as i was laughing too hard)

Anyway any updates will be on a Fri, Sat or Sun so be patient and sorry for delay.

One last thing, i have had lots of reviews about how my stories could be good but my writings a bit off well i am sorry about that as English was never my strong point.

Was it talking cat?

CAT: no no no no no no no no no no

Who’s that next to you talking cat...

Oh! Its quacking dog

DOG :( hand grabs dogs chest) QUACK

-That’s for you Russell Howard’s good news fans-

Anyway i also have Asperger’s or ASS-BURGERS as some people call it (from Glee) so i do struggle with this type of thing so cut me a bit of slack

Don’t get me wrong though i like the constructive criticism

I really REALLY like it but i just don’t want you guys to think i am dumb shit for going on this site and trying to be good when i am crap or whatever.

so yes leave bad (or good if the case may be) as it will help me improve my skills but please don’t think I’m stupid or an idiot because i can’t write it will take some time but i will try very hard to get better at this as i am very determined to finish and continue with something once i have started.

So please help me get better at this.

Plus sometimes a bit or all of a chapter may look rushed but don’t worry i will go back over it.

It’s just that i have ADHD so i am very, VERY !V!E!R!Y! Crazy and i do not intend to rush things but sometimes i just do and i look back at my work and think


Trust me i do but sometimes i can’t help it that’s just me

Anyway I’ve gone on for long enough now so if you have any questions you want to ask just PM me or you can use my Email at the bottom of this bio

i am aloso asking any and all fans of my stories to recomend me to fellow readers any reviews i get sayig they read my story because it was recomonded by INSERT NAME HERE then i will glady add you to my fav outhors list and give you a shout out so you too can become more renown

so my shout outs go to all people who are reveiwing my stories:

Menace13: cool u like start but what about the rest

Le Roach: thanks dude i am a new auther and i am not letting it go to my head as i know ive got a long way to go before i get anywhere as good as some of the other writers on this site

lil abarai: good to know ive caught your interest thanks man

Awsome Matt Man: thanks for your reviews dude good to know people like my stories

Emo Soul Eater Forever Strong: BIRD, BIRD, BIRD, BIRD IS DA WORD. and also must say you are only one to review my other story upsetting bu i guess thats the way the cookie crumbles

zombicidal-maniac: without your reviews my stories would still be written like a dyslexic 5 year old.

remember keep reveiwing or your name will be removed from the shout outs

and i dont like to remove people :(

also if you look at a writers story through any of my mentions then please review their stories and tell them i told you about them.

because remember recomend and be recomended

lastly i am recomending my good pal MewLover54 his stories are really really good and have been my insparation to write these stories without him my stories would not EXIST! imagine that.

anyway check out his stories they are really good just go down to my fav authers tab an hes right there cant miss him.

soz guys i know ive been inactive fpr a while now but the college work is catching up again and i am struggling for ideas anyway in your revies give me ideas as it will really help my writers block which is active recently.





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