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I'm a huge gilmore girls fan!! here are my top three reasons for loving the show
1) their music. I myself am an audiophile, like Lane. I love the soundtrack. if u don't have it, buy it
2)Jess. I love Jess. I love Rory with Jess... i'd love him more tho if he were with me... (in case this doesn't make it clear, I write strictly Literati. Yeah there's some Lorelai/Luke action in the background. But i will never write a Trory. Or something Narco. I mean come on. what's past is past.by the way, who came up with those names for Rory love combos? I mean Trory? huh?)
3)the humor. this show is the only one that can make me laugh out loud anymore... friends barely even does it for me anymore. but seriously. how can u not love a show where people say things like "Oy with the poodles already"?

and email me anytime at burgundymist6string@hotmail.com (6string= guitar... i'm a guitar player by the way, and a singer)
hmmm... what else about me... well, i guess i'll just put some stuff i like here...

Music:I'm a music freak. I love the Clash,the velvet underground,Television,Operation Ivy,the pixies, pavement, Cornershop, Iggy adn the Stooges, and many, MANY more bands and artists. that's why i can't seem to stop putting lyrics in my stories...

movies:Rebel without a cause, Life is Beautiful, Yellow Submarine (haha) the breakfast club, almost famous, Rock n Roll high school, Donnie Darko (wooohooo) and memento. Yeah, so i'm a little random, but i like to branch out into several genres.

what else... i'm a repressed teenager in a stupid private school that's full of uptight people. i'm in a band... and i waste all of my money on CDs... but maybe that's not really a waste. whatever.

i love anything funny. and i love reviews. they put me in a very happy place. well unless they're mean. but hey, i am an audition pro. i can take constructive criticism.

I want to know more literati fans. There aren't enough of us in the world! plus i'm kinda email happy, so if u write me i can pretty much guarantee i'll write back... unless u write me some kind of creepy stalker email or something, in which case, somebody's getting blocked. oh yeah, or just mean notes that say i suck. that's just not a very nice thing to say, even if it is true. but otherwise, all emails besides stalker and hate mail are welcome. oh yeah and don't send me junk mail. or porn. or computer viruses. i'm gonna shut up now.

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If It Were Up To Me reviews
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