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Poll: Until I find time to start "Cinder's Exploits," which one of these characters from "Light's Adventures" is your favorite? If yours isn't on the list, PM me, and I'll add it. This might affect the story, so be honest with your vote. Vote Now!
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Author has written 6 stories for Pokémon, and Legend of Zelda.

Important Notice About This Author: I regret to inform you that my family is once again moving. While this normally would only involve a short pause in my writing, this is not the cause this time. With no internet at home, I relied on the library's connection to update and put my stories online. However, while this new town has a library, it has no internet access, at least for the public. So, I will not be able to update or place things online for the forseeable future unless we move again, which is honestly a highly likely possiblity (12 times in 15 years so far). Anyway, maybe we'll even get internet at our house, solving the problem, but until such a solution reveals itself, this account is on complete hold. Notice that my writing will still be staying up, though, for all those who are interested. Sorry for all of you who were waiting for more.


Information About Me

Pretty much any personal information about me is personal, so I won't be giving that out to just completely random strangers. My Profile, my rules. Things that aren't too personal is that I'm a avid fan, dedicated writer, inspired drawer, perfecting typer, and exhuastive guider to all that is Eevee, hence the name and the Profile picture. I will defend Eevee's awesomeness to any and all challengers and can give out any needed information pertaining to anything Eevee that you need; just PM me.

I started writing because my teachers and family said that I'm really good and because I have an over active imagination that needed some kind of release. Just to let all know, I will only write Pokemon or Pokemon parodies and most, if not all, my stories will contain an Eevee as the main character and usually center around them. Also, most if not all of my stories, will contain some, if not a ton, of fluff and romance. Even my newest series "The Legend of Vulpix" will contain some fluff. Be ye all warned.

I mostly write for the fun of it, but I also write for reviews, entertaining others, satisfying my imagination, practicing my writing, and improving the namesake of Eevee writing by putting out half decent, but finished, stories to push away the half started stories that undedicated writers have put onto this site. Eevee are awesome and I will prove it through my writing, so read and grow your admiration of Eevee. As for reviews, I love them and they usually motivate me greatly, so I will appreciate any and all honest comments, answer any questions, and use any information given to improve my story. Reviews matter!

I also read, avidly. In fact, I've read all of my personally bought books at least twice each, with the Warrior series having the most with five times. I also read fan fictions, though only Pokemon. I will read a Pokemon crossover, such as "The Legend of Eevee: Pokeflute of Time", as long as it keeps to Pokemon and doesn't mix up two stories. My crossovers stick strictly to Pokemon, only using the theme or plot of the other part. If you have any stories you would like to point me to, feel free to PM me about it. I will answer any and all messages, not including incoherent stuff. Check out my favorite list. Each story has a large reason for reaching my list and I would recommend reading them if you have the time. If you're looking for just one, my top favorite is, and will most likely always be, "A Sapphire Shines in Sinnoh". The complete sequel for it can be found on Eeveexpert's account. A second sequl is also being planned.

Finally, I am a drawer, though I don't boost a lot about it. I don't have an active account at the moment, though I used to. I plan to make a new one as I make things that I actually think is good enough to post. I'm my own biggest critic when it comes to my drawings. Other than that, there isn't much I am willing to say about myself, so on to the next section of my Profile.


Favorite Shippings

VulpeShipping (Eevee X Zorua)
VixenShipping (Eevee X Vulpix)
LittleClawsShipping (Zorua X Vulpix)
FireFoxShipping (Vulpix X Flareon)
BeachShipping (PMD Hero X PMD Partner)
Any two of the eeveelutions, including Eevee, together. Favorite of these is MoonRayShipping (Eevee X Umbreon).

However, Eevee X Eevee (no actual shipping name for it) still tops all.



Recommended Story: Silver

A Glass of Lemonade: Complete for Now. A series of lemons done when I am in the mood. I most likely will not do requests unless they highly intrigue me, and only by PM, not review. However, for the forseeable future, I will not be able to put my writings online, so do not expect any updates for now. Full updated list, though, is as follows. Chapter 1: The Silver Flower - A Male Vulpix and Female Eevee pairing. Chapter 2: Domestic Mate - A Male Eevee and Female Human pairing. Chapter 3: Eevee's Path, Part 1 - a) A Male Eevee and Female Eevee pairing. b) A Male Eevee and Female Espeon pairing with incest. c) A Male Eevee and Female Leafeon pairing with incest. d) A Male Eevee and Female Vulpix. Chapter 4: Eevee's Path, Part 2 - A Male Eevee and Female Eevee pairing.

An Eevee's Life: Complete. Reuploaded. Follow an Eevee as he learns the pains and joys of life. A short romance and lemon story. Rated M for the lemon and some themes.

Light's Adventures: Complete. An Eevee is born into under the underownship of an eccentric trainer, Nick. As he starts to battle and help Nick obtain the needed badges, he finds that not everyhing can be solved by battling and has to make life alternating decisions, whether he thinks he's ready or not. And at the end, he has to choose what's most important to him and how far he will have to go to keep it. Rated M for mature content, or lemons, in chapters 21 and 40. Contains MoonRayShipping, HeatwaveShipping, and PhotosynthesisShipping.

Patch's Confession: One-Shot. When Patch's feelings become to much to hold in any longer, he seeks out Rose to finally tell her. A side story of "Light's Adventures" and requires reading up to chapter 30 to fully comprehend it. Rated K for a kiss and some clean fluff. This is not a lemon.

Silver: Complete. Reuploaded. An Eevee named Silver is snatched away from his home, family, and easygoing life right before winter. Now, he finds himself maturing rapidly as he learns what life is really like while he helps his new friends find their homes again. Along the way, he meets a distrustful Eevee who was thrown into the same situation. After much help and convincing, he manages to befriend her. However, he soon begins to fall in love with the Eevee. Will their relationship go past just friendship? And will others prevent them from being together? Rated T for some violence, themes, and also just to be safe.

The Legend of Vulpix: On hold for forseeable future, sorry. Until I find a way to connect again, this story will not be updated. Sorry once again. The whole series is listed below in its own section.


The Legend of Vulpix Series

Information - A series of Pokemon parodies of The Legend of Zelda manga. I do plan to eventually do four, all joint connected by my own constructed plot. Each story has mainly follows the manga, but all will have various plot differences and with several unexpected twists. No previous knowledge is needed except for a basic knowledge of Pokemon. In fact, if one has not yet read the manga, it will be more interesting with more surprises in store for you than others who have read them. All of the series is rated T for violence, some blood, some themes, minor deaths, and also just to be safe. Contains universal VixenShipping.

Leaf of Time: On Hold. A Pokemon parody of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time manga. Follow a young Eevee as he is thrown out into the world and forced to save it from the clutches of a mysterious evil Pokemon trying to take over the land, taking the assistance of several companions along the way. However, he runs out of time in the present when he gathers the Eternal Stones and is sent into the future to save the country as the Hero of Time . . . or is it the Hero of Sky? Will he be able to defeat the tyrant and free the princess and the land, or will the land ultimately succumb to the Hero of Darkness?

Mentai's Mask: Planned. A Pokemon parody of the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask manga. A young Eevee, known to all around him as a hero, goes on a quest to search for a beloved, lost friend that he last saw being killed. However, as he searches, he comes upon a land about to be blasted apart by someone somehow extremely familiar to him using a cursed, evil mask. As he valiantly searches for Pokemon to help stop the tragedy that is coming in just a short time, he must learn how to work as a completely different creature, with little help from his newest, unwilling ally. One question still stands: will he ever become an Eevee again?

Four Paws: Planned. A Pokemon parody of the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords manga. A young Eevee yearns for his lost friend as he plans out his next search party to find her. However, a long present seal breaks on an ancient artifact and he is thrown into yet another dangerous, wild adventure. Using the power of the powerful artifact to get help, he fights the new, and yet strangely familiar, evil to rescue the princess and the sages once again. But, he now must learn how to utilize the help of his three new companions that came from the artifact: him, himself, and he.

Dreams and Nightmares: Planned. A Pokemon parody of the Link's Awakening manga. The young Eevee hero of the land goes on a trip with the princess. However, when disaster strikes their trip, he is stranded on an unknown, uncharted island with several familiar looking Pokemon. When he tries to leave to find the missing princess, he finds that he is now trapped. In order to leave, he must find what the ominous prophecy that seems to be centered around him means. And when he does, he finds out that dreams truly become reality sometimes. Will his new friendships and his desire to get back to the princess split him apart?


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... ... ... ... ... ... ..RHHR ... ...RHR.;.R . .H
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .R.RHHHR

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Hi! My name is Eclipse, I love snow and water, and lastly, I'm a little Eevee stuck in a huge problem. I have to deal with homicidal pokemon at my back with a prophecy that I can't escape. First-person, blood/gore, adult themes, and language.
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An Eevee named Silver is taken away from his family and home right before winter. Now, he learns what life is really like as he helps his new friends find their homes again. Along the way, he manages to gain the trust of another Eevee who was thrown into the same situation. However, he soon begins fall in love with the Eevee. Will their relationship ever go past friendship?
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A short side story from "Light's Adventures". Patch decides that he can't hold in his feelings any longer and seeks out Rose to tell her. A heavily requested bonus chapter on how Patch and Rose became mates. Reading of "Light's Adventures" up to chapter 30 is required for complete understanding.
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Light's Adventures reviews
Light, an Eevee, is born under the ownership of a trainer named Nick. As he starts to battle and train, he quickly learns the secrets of fighting, leading him to success. As he travels, though, he finds that there is more to life, and ultimately must make several life changing decisions whether he thinks he's ready or not. Rated M for lemons in chapters 21 and 40. MoonRayShipping.
Pokémon - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 40 - Words: 133,633 - Reviews: 180 - Favs: 169 - Follows: 94 - Updated: 3/23/2012 - Published: 3/2/2012 - Eevee/Eievui, Umbreon/Blacky - Complete
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