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Author has written 4 stories for Worms, Doctor Who, and Nightside, Simon R. Green.

I apologise for the delays with my stories. Real world distractions, laziness, et cetera.

For those Ambassador of Twilight fans, I have also been tasked with writing about Lobo, simultaneous Switch's mission in the Pokemon world. And by tasked, I mean I volunteered. The Nightside short story has been finished, I decided to forego continuity, since order is never specified. I also have a Dune short story planned for Lobo, though I'm not sure how I'm going to go about it. In the interest of organizing everything, here is a list format:

Lobo: Nightside- Finished, takes place simultaneous to Switch's mission.
Lobo: Arrakis- Planned, still developing plot. Same as above.
There will be a third one I haven't decided on yet.

Aside from those, I have recently gained clearance to write some AoT involving Switch, these stories all take place within my fictional areas of expertise. For those, I have:
Ambassador of Twilight: Time War- Takes place during the Last Great Time War referenced in Doctor Who.
Ambassador of Twilight: Fantasy Realm- Takes place in Gensokyo, the setting of Touhou Project. Arc 1 is finished, Arc 2 is in development.
Ambassador of Twilight: Sauville- Takes place during the events of Gosick. First two chapters are out. Progress temporarily halted whilst I work on Fantasy Realm.

Currently nothing else is decided on.

I am also thinking about writing a Touhou Project story not related to AoT, but might not get around to it. It would star an even more toned-down Somerled Murdoch, whom I use as an OC in a forum.

There is a slight possibility that I may go back and rewrite my Worms stories later. That way they can be less improvised, more well-planned, and overall smoother. My reference guide shall remain, as it can be helpful, though it is no longer a priority. Unless you are a fan of my Worms stories, do no feel obliged to read it. And I am too lazy to change it so it is still more of an improvisation than actual writing. Just a note, Sigurn is pronounce with a J sound, not G. Now for those of you who have read my stories I will give a description of the different personalities for the worms as well as some terms that I have used. It should look like this:

Worm name
Name of team
Rank on team
Personality description
Preferred Weapon
Average Win/Loss percent
Location in series (Original, Middle (does not exist yet), or New)

The Gods
Sigurn is very intelligent and headstrong. He can appear anywhere at anytime and can travel through any dimension. He can also rewrite reality to cause or prevent almost anything, however he rarely does because he refuses to misuse power. He is very random and has a tendency to wear really weird hats. He is also Bilingual, speaking English and Scottish Gaelic.
100% win, 0% loss
Original and New series. (He was dead in the Middle series. Isn't that confusing.)

The Elite Force
Leader (Original) Second in Command (New)
DragonFace is a very analytical and swift worm. Within seconds he can calculate the distance between him and the target as well as the wind speed, direction, and the angle required to launch a bazooka or throw a grenade. He got his name from two different reasons, 1. When he was really young his father, PurpleLite, fell into a blind, drunken rage and turned a flamethrower on him. 2. His hand combat specialty, the Dragonball (or fireball) is 15 times the strength of a normal worm's Dragonball.
83% win 17% loss
Original and New series. (These parenthesis are the same as for Sigurn.)

The Elite Force
Private (6th, Original) Second in command (Original) Leader (Original, New)
Tomb is small and strong. He is slightly larger than Amoeba, but is still the only worm who is capable of facing Sigurn in an arm-wrestling match for more than 5 seconds. He was also the youngest worm ever to be admitted into the Island Academy at only 10 years old versus the average of 20. Do not annoy him under any circumstances, he will turn white, burst into flames, his eyes will turn blue, and he will start shooting flames at you.
94% win 6% loss
Original and New series. (Ditto.)

The Mix (only exists in New series.)
Ceasefire is a very strong and reckless worm, as well as being very absent minded. He is immortal for some strange reason that involved some Greek gods, some Norse gods and a spear. His Achilles heel is the tip his prosthetic tail. (He lost the original in a sword fight with Mango.) He always wears Spartan armour and carries a shield and spear with him everywhere. An example of his absent-mindedness is during a simulation tournament. He was facing a worm named Bone-Breaker who was hiding behind a Sentry-Gun. He approached it with his shield up and was subsequently knocked back by the force of the bullets. He hid behind a tree and threw one of his teammates towards the Sentry Gun. They were killed. For about thirty more minutes that continued, Then Retreat, His daughter and a member of his team squirmed up to him, slapped him in the face and yelled, "You're immortal you idiot!" He is only used in Dark the Sorcerers stories.
92.56% win 7.44% loss
New series.

Joe Bananas:
Evil Team (or Evil Assassins, it depends.)
Joe Bananas, the ultimate evil genius. He is very determined to take over the world, even from the clutches of Psychopath, the current dictator of the Mainland. He is aware, however, that he must remove the worm Gladiators from existence (in other words, kill them). Unfortunately for him his schemes, though very un-hairbrained, are always foiled by some team. Still, he has his moments of stupidity. He is killed very often, but refuses to stay dead for some reason.
Homing Missile
25.45% win 74.55% loss
All series.

Kilburn Del (I may have contradicted the name in one of my stories, but I could not find an example of that.)
Log, the most hyperactive worm ever, capable of downing 76 Red Bulls, 110 coffees, and rows and rows of the greatest Mountain Dews in p seconds. (I put the pi symbol because It won't take 30 digits of pi that I have memorized). His hyperactivity with that much caffeine increases his strength by 12 times. But it comes with several unusual side effects, among those are owls, breaking out into Tom Jones songs, developing crushes on anyone he sees, screaming in terror, and yelling, "I will not be silenced! I will come back from the grave and eat your spagetti! I will tear you action figures limb from limb and set fire to your remains!" et cetera, et cetera.
Baseball bat
Original series. (He disappears after that without actually dieing.)

The Gods
Second in command
Freya, the biggest annoyance. An incredibly low IQ coupled with bad luck makes him Sigurn's worst nightmare. His low intelligence is due to an unknown brother removing half his brain, though over time he gains intelligence. His father is DragonFace so his brothers include Tomb, Tomb Jr., Graveyard, and Egg Trotter. Freya is incredibly fast, faster than Flash. He is capable of outrunning a bullet, and race between the two once resulted in a temporal paradox.
Flash bang
20% Win 80% loss
Original series.

The Narrators:
No Team
No Rank
Their personalities vary from narrator to narrator. Their favorites vary, no two have the same accent.

More Worms Later.

Mainland- The large landmass that consists of almost every continent, similar to but not Pangaea.
Island Chain- exactly what the name suggests it is a large chain of small islands located in the southern hemisphere. It takes up most of that area.

More later.

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