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I'm 18 now and filled with so many regrets (lmao I am impressed with 13/14-yo me for writing such a big pkmn fic but..lordt...)

anyways, hi my name's hanna and i was a preteen angst ball

my tumblr is mariberru, if you feel so inclined, hmu there

when I finally re-remembered my login info and read my profile I teared up from how cringey it is. I'm keeping it because you don't always get that quality level of middle school cringe phase, so enjoy everything below at my expense.

(ACTIVATE CRINGE) bold is 2016 me

I'm feeling much better now! I've even gotten some work done on my fanfics, so hopefully I should get back into the swing of things soon! Thank you for your patience.

Hey there, my name's Russetwing, some of you may know me as neutralhightops (back when I was an anonymous reviewer), but I reviewed a Warriors fanfic as Russetwing, and decided that I liked that name better. Profile pic is mine, and the full picture can be viewed here.

And, commence the official profile.

Name: Most call me Russet. after the potato, of course

Age: Somewhere between 13 and 100, but seriously, I'm not saying. I'm a teen, if that counts. (four years ago, giving out your information on the internet was not allowed, children. i was 13 when i made this account, and barely 15 at my last login until now)

Gender: Female.

Why I'm Here: Why am I on this site? To get better! I love writing with all of my heart, and I know it's the thing I want to do for the rest of my life, so I need to improve, 'cause I know I'm (definitely) not the best I can be. Oh, the cliche. And what better place to get constructive criticism and unbiased opinion better than here? (no)

Anything of Importance That You Might Possibly Ever Need to Know (about me, I'm not going to tell you the meaning of life), Which is Unlikely:

I like games. Pokemon (X and Y seem... Interesting. I think the starters are getting progressively worse. Too cutesy-wootsy. For their sake I hope the final evolution is something extremely badass. But that doesn't apply to Sylveon because it is the cutest eeveelution yet. Cuter than Glaceon. So cute.), Fire Emblem (10 and 11, never got PoR, and 13. Awakening is amazing!), Phoenix Wright, several Mario games, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (my first Zelda game, I stole it from my friend. Oh, and HOW DO YOU BEAT IT?), Tales of Symphonia 2 and Tales of the Abyss (and soon to be Xillia!) and many others that I'm too lazy to list. Ni No Kuni is also really fun.

I like books. The 'duhs,' Harry Potter, The Hunger Games (pretty good movie, I must say), and others like it. The Warriors series and the Tamora Pierce Tortall books are the only other prominent ones I can think of at the moment. I love billions of other books, there's just way too many to list.

I like TV. Doctor Who, MLP: FIM (you know I'm JUST THAT COOL), Sherlock, Avatar the Last Airbender and its corresponding sequel, The Twelve Kingdoms (best anime I've ever seen - ever. I MUST find those books!) and that's pretty much it. I don't watch a lot of TV, okay? Sue me. I write fanfiction, I don't watch tv!

I like movies. Ghibli, mostly. And Finding Nemo and The Lion King. My favorite movies right there in a nutshell. Nothing scary. I'm a chicken, got it?

I like music. Lots of music.

Now, here is usually where people put those copy-and-paste things, but I don't do that, mostly 'cause I'm lazy. But if it's heartfelt and meaningful, then I'm sure I support it.

My Top 10 Favorite Pokemon:

10. Diglett - Simply because of the sound it makes.

9. Vanillite - Nothing says threatening like a grinning ice cream cone. (i'm pretty sure I just put this here because it was unique and interesting. but fuck the ice cream cone)

8. Dewgong - Have you ever heard the sound it makes? It makes my heart weep at the adorable-ness. Plus, it automatically became one of my favorites after I saw the Orange Islands episode, I believe it is called The Joy of Pokemon (?), where it preyed on my cuteness-loving soul.

7. Chikorita - An adorable yet very tough Pokemon. I love it, and it's evolutions. Besides, seen the Johto Journeys recently? That little gal can take down Ash's Charizard, for cryin' out loud!

6. Altaria - A fluffy dragon bird. Kickin' ass and providing comfortable avian transportation for trainers everywhere.

5. Giratina - Origin Form. Altered is too bulky. I told myself I wouldn't include Legendaries on this list (excluding Mew because Mew is my favorite and it... Well... Deserves it), but then the other day I dug up my little Giratina Origin Form figurine from when I got Platinum and the love was rekindled. Platinum is one of my favorite Pokemon games (tied with SoulSilver) for a reason, after all.

4. Rapidash - A horse on fire. No - a unicorn on fire. I don't know about the next Rapidash-lovin' human, but I was a little girl that liked unicorns and fantasy and fire. So Rapidash is awesome. (Though, admittedly, the fire was usually coupled with either giant mother-lovin' dragons, or with the word Nation following it).

3. Salamence - And this is where I froth at the mouth. (Ever seen the ATLA Kyoshi Island episode? You'll know what I mean.)

2. Dragonite - Adorable, strong, amazing, powerful, and a flying dragon. You'd be insane not to love it! Though, to be totally honest, I might like Dragonair a teensy bit more. It's just more graceful. I'm a girl. What can I say? If only Dragonair could learn Fly...

1. Mew - Wasn't it the creator of the universe before Arceus? Yes? No? I'm going with yes. Arceus, no matter what xe does, xe will never replace Mew in my mindset. Don't try to sway me.

My Fanfics:

Palladium: Dawn Hikari is an average teenage girl from Twinleaf Town. But, when Dawn is sent off on a journey by none other than Professor Rowan himself, causing her to butt heads many times with an ominous new organization, can Dawn really be called average? Follow Dawn as she explores Sinnoh and meets new friends, enemies, rivals, and problematic Pokemon, all the while with the fate of Sinnoh resting on her shoulders. My attempt at a novelization of Pokémon Platinum. My priority fanfic. Beta-read by The Last Dragonite. Chapter 12 in progress as we speak. After I update I'm going to edit all of the previous chapters that I find particularly bad.

The Silver Haired Maiden: Follow Micaiah, Sothe, and the Dawn Brigade as they travel throughout Daein and save their people. Summary may change. Due for an update soon. May go on hiatus (as if it wasn't) for a while because no one reads it (I'm not complaining, it makes it easier for me to do this), and I need to work on The Forgotten Lands, Celestial Collision and Palladium. You have been warned.

The Forgotten Lands: Long after the war with the Dark Forest, unseen forces are rallying once more. Dewpaw is a cat without a prophecy to guide her, and she alone must face the decision to restore the Clans' bond with StarClan, or destroy it forever. Chapter 2 in progress. Due for an update soon.

Celestial Collision: Twins Curtis and Sonja Caelum are visiting their father in the Hoenn region for the summer. Their vacation might be a tad hindered, however. Why? Well, with their father getting kidnapped, their own Pokemon being torn from them and little hope of finding any of them, how can any fun be had? (Summary blatantly copied from The Last Dragonite's profile. I'm allowed to do that, right? It is technically my story too, after all. Right?) Yes, I do technically have a fourth fan fiction, even though so far, I haven't written much for it. It's a collaboration fic with The Last Dragonite, and it can be found and read on his profile. He wrote the prologue, I'm writing the first chapter, and I guess it'll go on like that. Chapter 1 in progress as we speak.

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