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Author has written 15 stories for Ghost Hunt, Corpse Bride, Labyrinth, Superjail!, and Harry Potter.

Been a while since I actually wrote on this thing so... let the interrogation begin.

name: like I'm dumb enough to post that on the web.

gender: female

location: new england is as specific as i'll get

birthday: third day of the sapphire month

age: age is just a number; what does it matter how old i am?

nationality: 3/4 irish, 1/8 scottish, 1/8 native american. i'm pretty sure there's alot more to my heritage but i feel like enough of a cultural tramp already

likes: manga, anime, music, lollies (lolitas), singing, drawing, reading (especially manga), writing, daydreaming, telling ghost stories, playing video games, playing pretend (only when i'm by myself though :P), acting, slapstick humor, and brushing my hair

dislikes: math, justin beiber (i just think he's too much of a diva), twilight (never got the whole vampire, werewolf, human love trinagle thing and i just don't see the appeal), snobs (i.e anyone who thinks they're better for something stupid), homework, school in general, i'll stop here because the list could go on forever if i keep going

I hate it when:

-you come to someone with a problem and they ask you "and you want my opinion?" no, I just came and told you my problem because I couldn't find my teddy bear

-when you're clearly busy doing something and then someone comes in and asks "are you busy?" no, I'm just doing whatever it is I'm doing because it's good for my health

-when people ask you "can I ask you a question?" or something to that degree. didn't really give me much of a choice did you?

-when people ask me why I'm watching Japanese cartoons or reading backwards books. I watch anime and read manga you moron.

-when you're watching anything and somebody asks "did you see that?" no, i'm here to stare at the wall for the duration of my time.

favorite pairings in general

shugo chara: amu and ikuto (i honestly can't stand tadase for some odd and unknown reason)

maid sama: usui and misaki (like there's any other pairing i could stand in the series except for you-kun and suzuna, but tha's only just beginning in the manga)

ghost hunt: mai and naru (as i have said before, the author always intended for these two to be a couple, but skipped it because they prefer writing horror to romance apparently. ah well, more fun fo us i guess), masako and john ( i just think they're completely adorable together), ayako and monk (come on, with the way they fight? it's pretty obvious to pretty much anyone who watches the series), lin and madoka

yu-gi-oh gx: jaden and alexis, syrus and blair

pokemon: pearlshipping

fruits basket: tohru and yuki (odd, i can't stand the prince character in shugo chara, but he's my favorite here. it might just be because i absolutely adore his voice in the english version, yeah, pretty sure that's it), kyo and uo (i just think it would be funny to see how they interact with one another in that kind of setting), hanajima and shigure (i figured that since everyone else is paired up, might as well pair them up too)

bleach: ichigo and rukia

toradora: taiga and riyuuji

ohshc: tamaki and haruhi

tmohs: haruhi and kyon

paradise kiss: yukari and george (fyi i liked the live action ending better than the anime, even if it was super cheesy and those who've seen it know what i'm talking about)

tokyo mew mew: ichigo and kisshu (i don't get why ichigo likes aoyama-kun so much, he seems like an idiot to me. i don't think i'll ever finish watching the series since i already know ichigo won't end up with kish, how sad)

Corpse Bride: Victor and Emily; i hate it when people say they only ship victor and victoria because they don't want victor to seem like a necrophiliac, the definition of necrophila involves one of the two persons being alive and those who've seen the movie know that in order for Victor to be with emily legally he had to die, therefore making it not necrophilia

Alice in Wonderland (2010): Hatter and Alice

Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack and Sally

Labyrinth: Sarah and Jareth ( I felt so bad for him towards the end :' )

so far that's all i've seen, i hope to see alot more though

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