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Author has written 6 stories for Crash Bandicoot, Codename: Kids Next Door, and Gravity Falls.

Hello, my name's Sarah, I'm 16. I live near Paris and was born on the 1st of July 1996. I'm French :3

I love writing and drawing. Seriously. I can't spend a day without writing or drawing.

I love all types of story, even if I don't read Angst or Horror very often. I enjoy shonen-ai and slash though (and Het of course, but not femslash).

I can speak French, English, some Spanish and a bit of Russian.

I'm crazy about Phineas and Ferb, Wreck-it Ralph, Gravity Falls, South Park, Codename Kids Next Door, Axis Powers Hetalia, Professor Layton, Malcolm in the Middle, American McGee's Alice and Crash Bandicoot!

You can find me there :

Youtube :

DeviantArt :

Main Tumblr :

Art Tumblr : :

If you want to lose time / are bored / want to know more about me, you can read the following :

My favorite books

Tara Duncan series (Sophie Audoin - 1 to 6, gets pretty bad in my opinion after), Peggy Sue series (Serge Brussolo - 1 to 8, same than previously), If You Could See Me Now (Cecilia Ahern - I cried so much towards the end), The Catcher In The Rye (J.D.Salinger), The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows), Matilda, The Way Up To Heaven and pretty much anything by Roald Dahl, Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)

I am crazy about South Park

My fave characters are Butters, Clyde, Shelley, Christophe and Wendy

OTP : Clytters / Clutters, however you spell it.

My favorite South Park pairings are Style, Bunny, Dip, Cryde, Chory and Cartman x Bebe (what ? XD).

I also like Stendy, Kenny x Wendy, Tweek x Butters.

I don’t like Creek , Crenny, K2, Cartters and Kyman

I madly love Codename Kids Next Door !!

I even made my OC, Numbuh 96 (you can finds pics of her on my dA account :3).

My favorite characters are Numbuh 274, Numbuh 86, Numbuh 362, Tommy and Numbuh 2

OTP : 86 x 60

My fave pairings are : 1 x 362, 2 x 5, 3 x 4, 83 x Tommy, 274 x 96 (my OC XD), Ashley x Bruce, David x Ogie, Cree x Maurice, Mushi x Sandy, 274 x 60 (crack I know XD), 2 x 35 and Toiletnator x Margaret (other OC).

I’m okay with 83 x 84.

But I don’t like 2 x 86, 1 x 5, 362 x 60 or Cree x Chad.

Crash Bandicoot is the best videogame ever, along with Professor Layton

I especially like Coco Bandicoot and N. Gin, my favorites couples being Coco x Gin (OTP) and Crunch x Pasadena Oh and Crash x Nina too !

For Professor Layton, my faves are Luke and Legal. I love the love triangle of Luke x Flora x Legal :3 and of course Layton x Claire

I also love Axis Powers Hetalia !!

Favorite characters being Canada, Spain, South Italy and Hungary.

OTP : UkrEst, SuFin, AusHun. Can't choose between those 3 !

My fave pairings are : Spamano, USUK, BelaRus, SeaLat, SwissLiecht, FrPru, GerIta, LietPol

I also like RusLat, RusEst, USCan.

But I don't like FrUK (except in FACE family fics, it's cute).

And recently, I fell for Malcolm in the Middle

My faves are Dewey (so cute !) and Francis !

I don't really ship the characters, but I kinda like Malcolm/Cynthia. And Lois/Hal of course !

American McGee's Alice is nice too !

Especially Alice and the Queen of Hearts (AMR Version haha)

One of the few fandoms - maybe the only one - where I'm not interested in pairings.

New fandom ! Gravity Falls

Dipper, Stan and Mabel being my faves in that order :D

My favorite couples are Pacifica x Gideon (I just... I love crack pairings okay and I'm fully aware Gideon loves Mabel and Pacifica hates her so it couldn't work but STILL). I like Robbie x Mabel and Dipper x Wendy pretty much too. I also shamefully admit I have a growing feeling for Dippercest (Tyrone x Dipper) and Muffin Explosion... (Robbie x Dipper). I kinda like Bill x Mabel and Bill x Dipper I guess.
Still, my OTPs might be Robbie x Wendy and Tyrone x Paper Jam Dipper.

And I also like Phineas and Ferb pretty much

Doofenshmirtz power!! XD Phineas is a cutie too.

For the pairings, I love Phineas x Isabella, Ferb x Vanessa and Jeremy x Candace (which is pretty much my OTP). Phineas x Ferb is also pretty interesting, as brotherly fluff. And recently I've been liking the idea of young!Doof x Phineas.

Also a fan of Doctor Who

My fave era being Five's, and I have a fondness for all his companions (except Peri), as for Ace, Donna and Jamie.
Pairings : Adric x Nyssa (OTP), Five x Turlough, Two x Jamie, Seven x Ace, Nine x Rose, Amy x Rory, Donna x Lee, 10 x 11, 5 x 10, Mickey x Martha

And recently I fell in love with Pacific Rim

And I'm a total fangirl of everyone's fave scientists, I named Drs Geiszler & Gottlieb.
They're also a pairing I love, along with Mako x Raleigh and, for weird reasons I can't bring myself to explain, Chuck x Yancy.

More about me…

I’d qualify myself as the girl nobody likes and nobody hates. You know, the girl at school whom you talk to only when you didn’t understand the last maths class, when you need a tissue or when you want to know the grade she got. You don’t like her. You don’t hate her. But you don’t try to get to knowher neither…

Because I’m smart, people think I’m a freak. Plus I love manga, anime and video games and I’m not afraid to show it. So they try to avoid me. But that’s okay because most of the time, when I’m alone, I escape in the fantastic world of imaginatiooooon.

I listen to music all the time :D Mostly OST (Catherine, American McGee's Alice, Alice:Madness Returns, Crash Bandicoot OSTs, Hetalia, Professor Layton, Doctor Who, Pacific Rim, Kingdom Hearts), Vocaloid (Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka, Kaai Yuki, IA, Meiko, Kaito), The Birthday Massacre, Good Charlotte, Tegan and Sara, Marina and the Diamonds, a lot of stuff from the 80s (especially French songs), Characters songs from APH, songs from PnF (so damn catchy D:)...

My stories so far:

L'histoire de la Princesse Coco (Français) : Crash Bandicoot - un conte de fées complètement barré que j'avais écrit il y a un paquet de temps et posté sur le forum Génération Mutant de jeuxvidé J'ai décidé d'en faire profiter tout le monde haha. Français, achevée, K

Trapped : Codename : KND - A short take on what could be Ashley's feeling towards her Delightful self. English, complete, K

Letter to a dear friend : Codename : KND - Two-shot about Tommy and Sonya, and their untold feelings towards each other. Romance and Tragedy, consists in two letters. T for character death. English, complete, T

Crash Bandicoot : Ténèbres et Lumière : Crash Bandicoot - Story about a gifted child, Michiko Rosat, that can"t take being bullied anymore... until that fateful day when she mets her favorite video games characters ! For the best... and the worst. Also published on . My first fanfiction ever ! Features several OCs. French, currently re-writing it, T, 13 chapters.

Partners in Crime : Gravity Falls - My first Gravity Falls fanfiction ! Revolves around Pacifica and Gideon, and their scheme to get their revenge on Mabel for the former and Dipper for the later. Will probably be 3 or 4 chapters long. French, in progress, K. Indefinite hiatus.

Le Pull Favori de Mabel : Gravity Falls - translation from English to French of mumbling mice's one shot, "Mabel's Favorite Sweater" 'can be found here : French, complete, T

Projects :

Pacific Rim : a series of 4 oneshots focusing on Newt and Hermann, with their gender different on each one (so 1 M/M, 2 F/M and one F/F)

South Park : 2 Clutters fic, a psychology/tragedy/supernatural driven one, and a happier one (involving the mighty Mosquito)

/!\ I'm in my first year of medical studies at the moment, and as I work up to 10 hours a day on various stuff from anatomy to chemistry, from psychology to physiology, from biophysics to fricking law and public health, I don't really have the time to update./!\

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