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Yukina & jap_girl: Ohayo minna-san!!! Yokoso (Welcome) on our very first fanpage!
Jap_girl: First of all, I am one of the fans of Sess/Kag fanfics! If you look at the fave stories they're mostly Sess/Kag so that would only mean I entered it.
Yukina: On my point of view I reeeeaaaallllyyyy adore Inu/Kag fics!
Jap_girl: We argue about the subject “Who is Kagome really suppose to be paired to?”…
Yukina: But we still remain best friends all through out this argument.
Jap_girl: mind you but we’ve been best friends for 7 years.
Yukina: Why are we focusing on Inuyasha… Change the subject!… All I know is... I’m dead drop gorgeous (JOKE!) I‘m Dead drop in love with Anime!
Jap_girl: yeah me too! Every time I see a Kawaii Anime I go berserk!
Yukina: Me three! ^_~
Jap_girl: We have lots of tomodachi(s) who loves Anime too.
Yukina: Daikirai Fushigi Yuugi but Watashi wa anata no Aishiteru, Tasuki, Shun Ukiya, Hibiki, Hotohori, Kenshin, Soujiro, Enishi, Ray, Inuyasha, Miroku, Syaoran, Eriol, Tooya, Kanata, Killua, Kurama, Hiei, Yosoke, Mitchi, Heero, Kwatro, Duo, Trowa, Lantis, Ferio, Kenji, Kamatori, Nuriko, Recca, Tokiya, Raiha, Riiya. Shiine, Clef, Seravi, Ranma, Ryoga, Asuka Jr., Kamui, Aya, Omi, Ken, Carrot, Arima, Keiichi, Asapin, Gourri, Blah,blah, blah…
Jap_girl: Yeah, yeah whatever like duh! You like Bishounen too much!!! You’re stealing them from me uhh I mean from us!
Yukina: Hehehe… Like you don’t… At least you get my point.
Jap_girl: Let’s see, With my calculations, Lots of people are starting to review by now just because your stealing their guys and this is only our Bio!!!
Yukina: And I thought you got the point! Can’t you see, I’m trying to make them review to write to us!
Jap_girl: Ok! fine whatever! Just get to the point!
Yukina: We were really impressed by you works that’s why we decided to open an account and...
Jap_girl: We dedicate all this hard work stuff to you guys!!! So please review! Tnx!
Yukina & Jap_girl: Tanoshimu!:)
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