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Hello fellow person,

I'm Wickedlovely01, but I have a lot of names, really. I also answer by Padfoot, Wicked, Hatter, and Weirdo. I have been reading since the day I was born thanks to my mother, who read to me every night until I could independently read. I used to do a lot of writing when I was in 1st and 2nd grade, but I thought nothing of it because I was little and everything I did sucked so bad. I mean, I remember writing basically the whole plot line of Matilda by Ronald Dahl and my teacher pushed me to explain what the chokey was in more detail and at first I was like "WOMAN, EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT THE CHOKEY IS! I DON'T NEED TO EXPLAIN IT TO YOU PEASANTS!" But now I look back at that moment and I realize that every great author needs to put in like a ton of detail. It's still one of my biggest problems today and I'm trying to fix it.

So for the rest of elementary school up until like the final month of 6th grade, I only wrote because I was forced too. But I still read. I read and I read and I read and I read, until finally I had but one friend left, and I don't think she really even liked me all that much. See, I was made fun of because I'm shy in public so I was friends with more boys than girls. Then they all left me by age 8 because girls were yucky. So I turned to none other than Harry Potter to be my friends. I had all these really great plots as a child, going a more "What if" question route. They usually ended up dark and depressing for a 10 year old, and they got more scary as I got older. I still have them, but they are less frequent.

Then I entered Middle School. I was super happy to be away from the bullies and my old life. I met my best friend, Moony, there and we've been Raccoon twins since then. I found a really great site called harrypotterfanfiction.com where I could post all of my ideas there into stories. My most read story, My Soul to Take, is currently still on there where you can read. My pen name there is Wickedlovely01 also, so feel free to read there too! But I wanted to get better at writing, so I read more and decided that I needed to suck it up as an author and just write what I wanted, no matter what people thought of it. Eventually I got really good when I entered the 8th grade. And then you all know that I made an account on this amazing website. I mostly wrote Rumbelle fanfictions for about a year, because I knew nobody read them.

I know that I've grown as an author since I was a child. I hope that you will help grow even more so that I can spread my ideas and plot bunnies to the four corners of the world for everyone to read enjoy.

I'm very much like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, but I look like Tessa from Infernal Devices, but a mixture between Will and Gideon's eyes. I'm a Slytherin and a daughter of Athena. I'm a Erudite or a Candor. I'm a Warlock like Magnus.

So that's me! Welcome to my little piece of Wonderland and I hope you enjoy what you find!



Questions That you may be curious about:

What is your favorite book of all time and why?

Well, it's hard to just pick one because I love so many but I would have to chose The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Charlie and I have a lot in common because we are both Wallflowers in our own way plus we both love To Kill a Mockingbird and we are freshmen in High school. This book just helps me through rough times and I love it because it explains High School and cliques in a way that is just so unique. Even though I know it's fictional, sometimes I feel like I'm really part of that book and I can just ride in the back of Sam's pickup truck with Patrick and Charlie and feel infinite and it just is so amazing.

What are the Fandoms you most write about?

I mostly write stories for which ever book I'm reading at that time and/or currently obsessed with. Last year it was OUAT, this year, TMI and TID so really just fantasy novels in general. Occasionally I will write an orignal story from the confines of my brain, but it dosen't get passed the 3/4th chapter.

When do you plan to have 1940 done?

Good question. I plan to have it done roughly around Halloween, but the latest deadline I have set for myself is Thanksgiving. I really want this to be a good story and in order for it to become amazing I have to plan out the little fluff scenes between Magnus and Alec. Research is also a big part of it as I want this story to be as realistic as it can be, and looking up how the Jews were treated in the camps and ghettos takes a ton of time to do. Currently I will not update the story until I have 20 reviews for the chapters that I have written so far.

If you're absent, what does that mean?

Ok. Seriously if I am your favorite author on this site you will have to read this question. I will have these little sessions in my brain where all I want to do is sit down and write 24/7, I just had one of those this past week and you can tell by all of the Malec fanfics I wrote. Usually this is when I'm most satisfied with myself and I don't feel as if I'm completely cheating you guys out. But those pass quickly as they come and then I don't write anything for months and months and months. Don't get me wrong, I always have an urge to write, but it's hard to transfer my thoughts onto paper at those moments. In short, I procrastinate, and it is one of the reasons why 1940 won't be done until late October/early November. So I'm begging you not to be mad at me if I don't update for a couple more weeks.

What is your writing style?

Dark and depressing. Sometimes if I really like the ship and they are my OTP of the fandom (Rumbelle, Malec.) I'll occasionally write a fluffy one-shot for them that people seem to love.

So... Whats next?

I am glad you asked that, voice in my head! Currently I'm working on 1940 as you all know. But on top of that I've got a pretty big project that I think you'll love. It's very different from my usual writing style and like all my stories, features dark and horror filled plots with twisted demons and stupid Mundanes. Of course I'll write about Malec! Thats all I'm telling you as of now, you'll have to wait for my magnificent story to be ready to read!

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