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Okay... ummmm... err... HI!!!!

Well if you have got this far you might as well read on, although I'm not sure how you got here. * PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME STUFF IS OUTDATED, AND I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF EXAMS AND I CANNOT CHANGE IT AT THE MOMENT, GIVE ME ANOTHER WEEK THEN I WILL SORT MY PROFILE OUT, cough thank you*

First off, Harry Potter

Next Gen all the way for me. I LOVE James Sirius Potter and everything about him. So my fav pairing is James/OC closely followed by Rose/Scorp, and then Teddy/Vic, but do like those few select stories, where they are so well written that they include the whole Wotter tribe and do it so brilliant, that even though most of them are secondary characters they have their own story.

Can't stand incest, Time-travelcest, cousincest, etc... Pretty much Cannon pairing only, which is what I like about the next gen, Joanne Rowling gave us a clean slate to start on, she didn't shape them, she has let us do that.

Okay Doctor Who

10 AND ROSE FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personally, 10 will for ever be MY doctor, even though 9 was my first...all I am saying is that David Tennant is a sexy as hell, but his portrayal of the doctor was amazing because of the depth that he brought to the character. He was a friend,a lover ( I don't care what you say, everything about the episode Tooth and Claw screams we just had sex) a father, even though it was for such a short time, he was humble and he was Tome Lord Victorious

I also thought that the 11th doctor really didn't show enough sadness for his past companions, I mean, the first time we see him, he has just regenerated and the 10th doctor has just seen Rose for the last time (wellllll in that body at least, I'm hoping for a comeback... :)) before she even knew him when he went to get his reward and her on New Year’s 2005 and he said that she would have a fantastic year... and then he’s like I don't want to go, rose ... sob sob sob... REGENERATE! OH I am girl, I have legs and arms poor me, I am girl blah blah blah, I have completely forgotten about rose already because I am an idiot that nobody likes...and then in Let’s Kill Hitler, and he asks for a projection that he likes and show guilt, first shows Martha, and I thought A PAST COMPANION! YES! and then he asks for more guilt and Donna showed up, and I was half dancing around the room, and half crying, because it was a mixture of sad and happy... and then rose showed up and I was just like ROOOOOSSSSSSEEEEEEEE NOOOOO DON'T GO ROSE WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH... AND THEN HE SAYS MORE GUILT AND I WAS LIKE NOOOO THAT IMPOSSIBLE... I mean we all know that of all the things he feels guilty for, Rose and Gallifrey would pretty much be up there... and then stupid little Amelia Pond, the girl who waited shows up and is like fish fingers and custard and he feels guilty... I mean WTF... Rose would have had to wait for more than a year, at the very least I think, because her brother Tony was already born by that stage, plus she said that she was working for Torchwood which indicates permanent settlement... AND time passes quicker in the parallel universe that it does in ours, in the parallel universe, and she wasn't just waiting, she was fighting, so was finding a way back to him, also while saving the universe and the doctor and Donna at the same time... Now that is something impressive, not just waiting for a dozen odd years. SHE FOUGHT FOR HIM AND SHE LOVED HIM AND HE LOVED HER AND NOT EVEN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE COULD STOP THAT and he didn't feel guilty enough about that, and instead felt guilty about Fish fingers and custard... WTF...

Okay, maybe its not so much a problem with the 11th doctor or Matt Smith, its more Steven Moffat. I just really don't like him writing for Doctor Who on a permanent basis, for a few episodes a season, because even I can admit that Blink and The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances were brilliant episodes. However I think he has butchered Doctor Who for the time being, and I am worried about its future.


Okay, while I may not like him for Doctor Who, Sherlock is GREAT! I am very proudly part of the Cumber Collective, but admire Benedict for much more than his looks. he is a caring, compassionate, TALENTED man. People were asking me if I was going to see The Fifth Estate (when It comes out) because I was so devoted to Ben that I would go see a movie with him in it when he looked 'fugly as hell' (their words). I responded that A) I didn't just watch movies for hot actors, yes that is a bonus, but I can watch a movie that has *gasp* talented people in it B)I happened to be interested in this particular movie, even if had someone else playing Julian Assange and C) yes I agree, he doesn't look the best with that manky blonde hair, but that is because he doesn't look like him self, he is portraying a real person, one that most people, including myself, are not attracted to.

But yeah, Sherlock is great, although i would love to see a woman that isn't portrayed as either a 'slut', a motherly figure, or a innocent love interest, although I do love Molly, she is awesome. I do ship Johnlock, but I can also handle a OC, for either of them, I find threesomes a little bizarre, but I also just enjoy reading about an original case, some of you guys have an amazing mystery and crime genre that you write amazingly for.

Marvel -

What can I say, all their movies are great, and so are the comics and the Agents of Shield TV show.

John Green-

You would honesty think that I like pain from fictional characters, I really don't. But John Greens novels are well crafted that open a world of humour, hurt and thought.


Okay, the plot can be a little hard to understand at times, and some of the shit that happens will break your heart and toss it to the floor, stamp on it, season it, fry it, and eat it. With tomato sauce. Watch it, I strongly encourage you to, but watch all of it otherwise you will miss vital plot lines and not understand half of it. Dean and Cas all the way, its almost cannon anyway

Briefly- Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit, Elizabeth Honey, Gallagher Girls, Ally Condie, Phillip Pullman, Cayla Kluver, The Septimus Heap Series, Star Trek, both old and new, Disney, Dreamworks, Welcome To Night Vale (Cecil and Carlos all the way those cuties) Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, Parks and Rec, Star Wars, Starkid, Studio Ghilbi, Misha Collins and every other cast member every, in history

Thanks guys!


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